Tan is beautiful, ... or how to even tan without risk to health
 Despite all the warnings of dermatologists about the dangers of overuse of sun tanned skin remains in the perception of many factors of sexual attractiveness, success, a sign of physical health. And there is a reason, because the sun's rays, we really needed for a healthy life, the lack of them leads to various violations.

Under the influence of solar radiation is the assimilation and further processing of vitamins D, E, ascorbic acid, fats, proteins, minerals.

Moderate sunbathing useful, they prolong our lives. It is known that vitamin D, which is actively produced by the body when exposed to sunlight and protects against metabolic disorders which develop as a result of various heart diseases, diabetes, osteoporosis and some other diseases. Of course, vitamin D can be administered in the form of tablets, but the easiest and most natural way, and without danger of overdosing - is sunlight. If the level of the vitamin in the blood is sufficient, its production is stopped, no matter how much you do not sunbathe. It is believed, to obtain the desired dose of vitamin D, is enough only twice during the 15 minute hold outside with an open face and hands. So, if you take a sun bath exclusively for health, while sun exposure can be minimized.

But if in the first place is the beauty, do not forget the simple rules, implementation of which will achieve the desired effect, without undue risk to health. After all, despite their usefulness and necessity, the sun's rays bring with them a significant threat. It was defending himself from their influence, healthy skin generates a special pigment melanin darkens, that is covered with a tan.

 Tan is beautiful, ... or how to even tan without risk to health

Rules beautiful tan

To start, determine your phototype .
If you have milky white skin, freckles, light eyes and hair, then most likely your first photo type, so-called "Celtic", and sunbathe in the open sun you should not. Your skin produces almost no melanin and burns are inevitable. If you have very dark hair and black eyes, we see the issue of tan disappears by itself! Why You? Well, if your photo type - 2, 3, 4 (out of five), you can sunbathe, but you must follow some simple rules:

• At first, tan gradually . If you strive to attain chocolate color for a couple of days, nothing good will come of it, tan in this case arises from the damaging molecules with melanin on the surface of the skin, the risk of not get a tan, and skin burns great and keep a quick tan It will be short-lived. Let the first sunbathing is 5-10 minutes in an hour, maybe a little longer, if you have dark skin. After a day you can increase the time to 15-20 minutes of sun per hour.

• Secondly, Try to sunbathe in the early morning hours , At least until 11-00 or after 16-00. It was during those hours when the sun's rays fall on the ground at an angle and get a tan - a strong, beautiful and durable.

• Third, use protective equipment   (day creams, gels, lotions) with sufficient effect, moreover desirable that protection index was not only SPF (anti-B rays) and UVA (anti-A-rays). Just A rays are responsible for the effect of "photo-aging", they penetrate deeper than in the rays and damage the "skeleton" of the skin, its collagen fibers. It was under their influence, the skin becomes loose, wrinkled, loses its elasticity. In addition, the rays of the spectrum A kill white blood cells - a vital part of the human immune system, as well as change the structure of skin cells, causing various allergic reaction to sunlight. But burns, redness of the skin - this is a work-in-rays, in addition, they affect the human DNA, which can lead to serious disease.

• Do not forget to use every day means "after sun" Moisturizing nourishing agents.

Protect your lips!   Lipstick with a protective effect (can be hygienic) or sun-pencil, a necessary component of the summer beauticians, because the skin of the lips do not form melanin, and completely exposed to ultraviolet light.

• If you are sunbathing near the reservoir, the after bathing will help wipe with a towel Otherwise drop of water on the body can play the role of mini-lenses, increasing the exposure, causing burns to the skin and causing an uneven tan. Note also that the sand and water table, increase the intensity of the sunlight, which also provokes burns for a short time sunbathing.

Protect eyes and skin age! Hat with a brim and sunglasses - the bright sun, at rest on the beach is absolutely essential items of equipment. Points will not only protect the eyelid skin which is very thin and delicate, but also will save from a variety of vision problems that arise in the eye burns, such as photokeratitis, fotokonyunktivita and degenerative changes in the cornea. Points must be of good quality, so carefully study the inscription on the rim, and the label before you purchase them. Ideally, all sunglasses should have a label with the graph of the spectral transmittance. Well, and a hat with large fields will protect not only the eyes, eyelids, face, and hair.

Diet for a beautiful tan

It turns out, more durable and beautiful tan can be achieved not only through prolonged sun exposure, but also the simple diet. It is well known, some of the products when included in the diet may reduce the sensitivity of the skin to sunlight, mainly fruits and vegetables, contain large amounts of vitamins C, E and PP, lutein.

Recently in the UK, scientists from Bristol University conducted a large-scale study, figuring out what kind of fruit and vegetables to a greater extent contribute to perfect tan. The result of the study - the secret of a perfect tan and smooth skin tone is a natural substance carotenoids. This group is made up of 600 organic pigments, which are found in many plants.

The most effective products of the British called: of fruits - cantaloupe and apricots, vegetables - peppers, carrots and spinach. They all affect the color of the skin and help people look more attractive.

 Tan is beautiful, ... or how to even tan without risk to health
   AT apricots   the concentration of beta-carotene is especially high and enough 200 grams a day to tan tone became more intense (for comparison, the carrots need 1, 5 kg). According to the author of research of Dr. Ian Stevens, just five days after the vegetable-fruit diet the people who participated in the experiment looked much more bronzed.

 Tan is beautiful, ... or how to even tan without risk to health
 Very important product in the "solar diet" - tomato . Tomatoes are rich in carotenoid lycopene, which stimulates the body's production of melanin, and therefore - to improve the quality of sunburn. Importantly, the better its protective properties are shown after heat treatment. For example, daily consumption of 60 grams of tomato paste is equivalent to a sunscreen with a 3 degree of protection from UV radiation.

For better assimilation by the body of carotenoids should be used in combination with a fat-containing products. Ideal - olive oil, which is in itself a powerful antioxidant, but is perfect and sunflower.

From drinks is extremely useful when receiving solar procedures green tea Due to the polyphenols contained therein. Its protective properties against sunburn scientifically proven, and can be consumed green tea and as an external agent. Lotions of green tea will remove burning and redness, if you are a bit overdone with "dosage tan."

Of course, a tanned body color - it's beautiful and sexy, but we should not forget that the summer sun can be not only gentle, but also ruthless. Caution and care will fully enjoy the beneficial effect of sunbathing, buy a nice tan without any unpleasant surprises and disappointments.

Let the sun will do you good!
Author: Olga Travleeva