How do you feel about plastic surgery?
 Aesthetic plastic surgery - a quick way to beauty. However, the positive rzultat depends largely on the psychological and physiological readiness of the patient for surgery.

Are you willing to go under the knife?

Whether it is breast augmentation, rhinoplasty, liposuction of the abdomen or, more and more women are resorting to the help of plastic surgeons. If you are thinking about to go under the knife, then carefully study all details and make sure you are in all respects ready for plastic surgery.

As soon as our society becomes more and more obsessed with beauty, not only classical plastic surgery at the peak of popularity - a growing number of unique beauty treatments. Name any part of the body - and you will surely find the procedure for its reduction, correction or tightening.

Plastic surgery should not be an attempt to change their lives. If you decide to resort to cosmetic procedures, you should really be aware of the need for it for you personally.
Do you really want this? Do you really need it?

Go under the knife just because your boyfriend wants to change - not an option. Do not let anyone force you into surgery. If you go on about, it is likely to regret it. Instead, make a list of reasons for which you want to refer to a plastic surgeon.
Take into account the physiological and psychological risks of surgery. Understand that surgery will not solve all your problems. You must assess the impact of all factors before you go under the surgeon's knife.

Does your health to do the surgery?

In principle, every person has the opportunity to make a plastic correction. However, if you have health problems, surgery, even if it is "cosmetic repairs" could endanger your life.

If you are overweight or abuse alcohol, you should think twice before you go on the operating table. Also contraindications for plastic surgery are diseases such as depression, diabetes, high blood pressure and heart failure.

Are you ready financially?

Objectively evaluate the cost of plastic manipulations. If plastic surgery is not an urgent need, your insurance company may not cover all expenses. Cosmetic procedures can cost anywhere from $ 5, 000 to ten or even hundreds of thousands of dollars. Do not go into debt! If your financial situation does not allow the desired cosmetic surgery, put this idea. Also do not forget that during the recovery period will have to forget about work. Most operations will make you stay at home for weeks.

Find a good doctor

Once you do decide for surgery, the next important step is to choose highly skilled professionals.
What qualities should a doctor you trust your body and health? At least three years of experience - is the starting point of the search. Also, do not be amiss to make sure that the doctor has all the necessary certificates. Ask the doctor about the operation, if it is possible to discuss it with the doctor.

Do not be afraid to ask questions. If the doctor - a professional and credible, for it will not be a problem to answer all your questions. Ask about preparation for surgery, recovery time, risk, and others of concern to you, moments. Be sure to ask where the operation will take place. You may find it easier if it is carried out in a hospital, not in his office, where there are no additional medical capabilities.

Prepare for operation

Once you have chosen your doctor, follow these tips. Again, make sure you inform your doctor about taking pills, vitamins and supplements - even such minor, such as aspirin. Your doctor will tell you how safe the further administration of drugs, or that you need to limit the use of medical devices.

If you smoke or drink alcohol, you should give up these bad habits for a month before and a month after the surgery. It would be nice to limit the intake of caffeine as it can affect blood pressure and increase the risk of bleeding.

Preparedness plastic surgery will make the whole process easier. To achieve the expected results, do not forget about the performance of all of the rules and precautions.