How to stop being a follower Shmotkin and get rid of unnecessary things
 - Tanya! Why do you need all these souvenirs on the table?
- It's a pity to throw away ...
- And the old keyboard for your computer? Maybe throw?
- What for? I like her!
- Since it has already outlived his own!
- So what! I am sorry!

What? Sound familiar? In your home, too, there is a couple dozen unnecessary things, to tell the truth, have not used, and generally prevent you live? A throw their hand does not rise? Believe me, to part with these "unnecessary" is not only necessary, but also extremely important! After all these things, in fact, steal your time. Because of them you are more than usually spend on cleaning power, and a long search in the pile of rubbish zachetke lost itself in 10 minutes before the start of the exam does not add positive emotions to you, is not it? Go ahead! Pull yourself together! All these things are just cluttering up the apartment and had long ceased to be an element of comfort. Everything is good in moderation. Now it's just trash, do you hear? And we should get rid of him. So please be a deep breath and get started!

Point one. Calm, but calm. Do not pour curses and blame me that you just throw away their favorite things. And do not try to remember those touching moments that are associated with them! Otherwise, you simply will not be able to throw all this stuff. Tell yourself that you definitely need to do to become your home more comfortable. Mentally thank every thing for the service: shabby and faded elephant of chocolate eggs for what he pleased you; favorite, but a torn bag of what she served you faithfully for three years; and the old university lectures - for the knowledge that you have gained. To thank them? Now, say goodbye, and with a pure heart discard. No need to conjure himself and remorse - things already served his own.

The second point. For those who are unable to perform first.   If you throw in the trash this stuff was unable to disassemble the items to those that are still wearable, toys and the rest of the unnecessary junk. To understand? The latter can be safely throw. What, you still can not cope with them? Then here's my advice: go to the nearest pawn shop and get for their stuff a little money. The fact that it was not possible to foist junk dealers, you can throw away with no regrets!

Now you still have only two piles: with things and toys. They need to gather and give, for example, to an orphanage. You these things, in fact, do not need, so why not share them with those to whom they are really needed. Remember that it's something new, the old must go!   Many things you can give to friends, relatives, acquaintances. And they are nice, and you benefit. Again Well, remember the effect of "boomerang": the good done by you, certainly you will return! Do not believe? Check!

The third point. Getting rid of things - a detailed inspection.   Decided? They collected a bag of unnecessary things and you are ready to give it away right and left? Wait a minute, let's make a detailed inspection. Whether all put you in this wonderful bag will be necessary for someone? Zatёrtoe holes to mirror or a faded scarf? Answer honestly. Suppose you have connected with this a lot of memories, the other person may be distasteful this "Present." Do not forget also that all these things should be clean!

Books, newspapers and magazines.   Share them on torn and useless. They can pass on the trash, or all in the same pawnshop. Imagine being dumped on the floor among the junk can be really valuable collector's edition, and it will speed up the sorting process. The good book safely put on the shelf and, in any case, make a list, which contains every book and its location.

Shoes.   If it is more wearable - to submit it to the country or to the country - where it is always handy. It has long been torn and worn - in the trash.

You do not need shoes and clothes   in good condition - in low-income families. Those in Russia, unfortunately, a lot.

Paragraph Four. Well, the apartment is empty.   Hurrah! Hooray! A little bit of time, patience and effort, and we have to clean your apartment on useless things. You'll see in a week, you do not even remember what "unnecessary" at this point, standing or lying down. And that in its place came a new not making another purchase in the store, ask yourself the following questions:

- Is this thing I need?
- How often will I use it?
- If I have something like this already?
- Whether this thing to make my life more comfortable?

Answering himself honestly to these questions, chances are you will not want to buy here the figure PENGUIN that you liked. But here, too, do not overdo it: remember - everything is good in moderation . So, after reading this material, you should not throw up everything: maybe some of the things you will still come in handy?
Author: Larisa Trishkina