Say "no" to "orange peel"!
 Now, when it became fashionable to put his body on display, together with cellulite obesity has become a problem №1.

Cellulite - is specific to women change adipose tissue, part of the skin, which manifests the appearance of hummocky surface of the skin. Cellulite is often defined as the fat. In this connection it should be noted that despite the fact that cellulite is often accompanied by excess weight, it is not a major cause of illness. Cellulite is not just a cosmetic flaw. It is a disease that must be treated.

In the first place, for the treatment of cellulite is necessary to understand all the factors that contribute to its development from the initial stage to the most severe cases. If you have already found "problems" that are already on the way to resolve the issue. It is important to understand that cellulite is the result of a combination of several factors of influence, which ultimately lead to the formation of hillocks and dimples on the upper thighs, buttocks, abdomen, arms. So to eliminate these deviations requires a systematic approach and evaluation of the functioning of the whole organism.

The reasons for the formation of "orange peel"

The close relationship between the formation of cellulite and slagging of the body has been proven European physiologists. Of great importance in contamination by toxic wastes in our body plays a disruption of the normal functioning of the intestine.

Lack of muscle tone is also one of the main factors contributing its mite to the formation of cellulite substance. Basically cellulite develops in those areas of the body where muscles are flabby and undeveloped.

Wrong selection of food, summed every day, leading to a serious deficiency of certain nutrients. The lack of the essential components of food, whether as a result of poor food choices, bad education, or neglect to feed, after a certain time to affect the imbalance at the cellular level, which in turn will lead to a chain reaction, eventually creating the problem of cellulite.

Proper functioning of the healthy organism is based on the effectiveness of the main physiological functions: blood circulation, digestion, respiration and excretion. Stress may be more or less negative impact on all of the aforementioned physiological processes. In addition, it stresses negatively affect the endocrine glands, especially the adrenal glands, hormones which regulate water balance in the body.

Wearing improper shoes for a long time deforms the calf muscle and disrupts the normal circulation of the lower limbs. In addition, the artificial raising of the heel alters posture with all the ensuing consequences.

A sedentary lifestyle is characterized by improper blood circulation, shallow breathing, a weak current of lymph stagnation in the intestine, subsequently leading to serious health problems.

Fighting cellulite

The main condition for the treatment of cellulite is a complex approach. Fight cellulite you have to combine massage, physiotherapy, gymnastics, anti-cellulite creams and proper nutrition. In some cases, it does not hurt to clean the intestines and lead a healthy lifestyle.

Council.   The most effective combination - a physiotherapy cellulite complex with anti-cellulite creams + intestines clarification + a diet.

What can be done at home

- Whenever taking a shower, it is desirable vigorous circular motion traversed massage brush or a stiff glove on the thighs, abdomen, buttocks, knees and back. If you do not be lazy and every day go all the support complex long held their cellulite.

- In the fight against cellulite are very useful exercise. Especially useful for jogging, swimming and various exercises in the water, as well as bicycle. Every day, be sure to do special exercises, but if cellulite is already visible to the naked eye, it is best to consult a specialist for advice.

- In your diet should be sufficient vitamins and minerals, particularly vitamin E. It affects blood flow to the skin, contained in vegetable oils and eggs. In addition, food must be a lot of vitamin C. It strengthens the fibers in the connective tissues. Take your vitamins containing seaweed.

- Eat sea kale and sea fish. These products also strengthens connective tissue fibers, preventing the appearance of cellulite or slows down its development. Include in your diet more vegetables, bread from wheat bran or whole grains, fresh herbs.
- And be sure to limit your consumption of alcohol and smoking.

Anti-Cellulite means

Use lotions, gels and lotions, must be in accordance with the recommendations given on the package. The general principle is that a cream or gel is applied to clean skin and carefully rubbed.

 Say "no" to "orange peel"!
 Anti-cellulite cream "Sculptor of the body" Anti-cellulite Body-Sculpting Treatment by Avon.   Update cream formula based on technology BURN & BLOCK and enriched extract of hawthorn, extracts of Chinese herbs Chayhu, Suji and caffeine. The cream enhances the burning of excess fat and prevents the further development of cellulite and reduce hips.

 Say "no" to "orange peel"!
 Anti-cellulite triple action "Laser Effect» Anew Clinical Trilaser Cellulite Corrector Triple action on Avon.   The first of its kind alternative to the professional improvement of cellulite, which allows the home to achieve the effect, comparable to professional laser correction, and reduces the severity of cellulite. The patented technology LipoSonic3, means acts on cellulite in three directions: destroy the existing excess body fat and prevents the formation of new ones; improves lymphatic drainage, resulting in a visually reduces the appearance of cellulite; It stimulates the production of collagen and elastin, restoring skin firmness and elasticity.

 Say "no" to "orange peel"!
 Anti-cellulite body gel Anti-Cellulite Gel by Oriflame.   Gel liposkulpturnym complex based on plant extracts of green tea and peas helps reduce the volume of the body 2 cm in just 4 weeks, improves skin elasticity. Its constituent caffeine activates the process of blood circulation and has a draining effect, thereby reducing the appearance of cellulite, and skin surface is leveled.

 Say "no" to "orange peel"!
 Active anti-cellulite serum night action in vials Perfect Body - Ultra Shape Up Anti-Cellulite Night Action Ampoules from Oriflame. Intensive anti-cellulite serum with a unique set of markedly reduces effect of "orange peel" skin in just 14 nights.

 Say "no" to "orange peel"!
 Slimming course of 14 days and nights LIPOPHÉNOL VÉGÉTAL by Yves Rocher.   The course provides special care to your body, depending on the time of day. In the morning activates lipolysis (the process responsible for the breakdown of fat). Daily formula combines two active vegetable components: Lipofenol Cola and promoting fat burning. In the evening starts Lipogenesis process prevents the increase in the number of fat cells. The night formula, which includes Vegetable Lipofenol and Escin that contribute to limiting the increase in the number of fat cells. Dual action provides special care, depending on the time of day.

 Say "no" to "orange peel"!
 Cellulite gel-cream "Good-Bye Cellulite" from NIVEA Body.   Its innovative formula developed by Beiersdorf, contains the active ingredient - L-carnitine to burn fat. It smoothes the skin and has a moisturizing and nourishing effect. Within two weeks after the beginning of use the skin becomes smoother and more elastic, and after four weeks of cellulite will start to take positions.


Massage - a method of mechanical and reflex effects on tissues and organs. The healing properties of massage can not be overestimated. As part of the manual therapy, this procedure is shown as a treatment for various diseases and as a preventive measure. After all, even a fifteen-minute hygienic massage improves blood circulation, lymph flow, stimulates the secretory activity of glands, calms the nervous system, prevents the rapid aging of the skin, increasing its temperature and heat radiation.

Vacuum method

One of the modern methods of treatment of cellulite - the use of a vacuum unit. Between the two roller nozzles using a powerful vacuum is drawn in the skin problem areas. And it is drawn so tightly that the connective tissue (capsule) in which the solid fat is broken. And since cellulite is bursting with fat capsule tightens the skin, making it rough, after breaking the tension weakens, the skin is leveled. Broken vacuum the fat becomes soft and displays the same device through the lymphatic system.
Author: Inna Sedykh