Search and Destroy
 The main foes of beauty for a long time, we have seen in person. It is dirty or too dry air, smoking, chronic stress, poor diet. To some extent, we have learned to deal with them, but this struggle is usually spread on the skin and figure. Meanwhile, the hair is no less affected by negative factors.

Technologists Paul Mitchell told how to neutralize enemies.

Enemy: ultraviolet radiation

The danger:   It draws moisture out of the hair, making them brittle, dull and unpleasant to the touch.

How to deal:   Hair, like skin, must be protected from sunlight. Your first helpers in this - sprays, conditioners and styling with UV-filter. Air Conditioning - rather, it is the urban version, as it provides a low level of protection. In the resort capture special sunscreen spray with vegetable extracts. Especially good products with sunflower extract, rosemary, chamomile, jojoba oil. They not only neutralize the UV, but also give hair shine.

 Search and Destroy
 Enemy: tobacco smoke

What is dangerous:   with regular exposure also makes the hair dry and dull. And instantly absorbed and leaves a distinctive odor.

How to deal:   If you quit smoking you can not even, get intense hydration. Suit shampoos labeled «moisture» and air conditioning, retains moisture inside the hair. Once a week, try to do moisturizing mask. Top - avapui extract, aloe vera and seaweed.

Enemy: age

What is dangerous:   the skin loses its elasticity with age, well, the hair can become thinner. If you are a young man and could not boast a luxurious head of hair, you - the first contender for thinning locks.

How to deal:   turn back the clock is impossible, however, to add hair volume you quite a force. To do this, start applying the tools with panthenol - this ingredient increases the diameter of the hair as much as 10%. Incidentally, panthenol can be part of not only the caregiver, but styling products. Create lush fashionable styling will help you root zone sprays, mousses and varnishes of the lines of «extra-body».

 Search and Destroy
 Enemy: chlorinated water, and low-quality silicone. The last - a very popular ingredient of cheap shampoos and styling products

The more dangerous:   and chlorine, and questionable silicone clog the hair structure and potentially destroy it. If you do not take action, the hair will soon become brittle

How to deal:   to begin with - do not skimp on care products. Treat damaged hair then rise much more. If possible, purchase professional products to beauty salons, and be guided in choosing professional advice. Once a month would be nice to make a deep cleansing with a special shampoo to wash silicon, chlorine and other unwanted substances. After that - a mask on hair type and air conditioning.

Enemy: permanent waving or aggressive lighting

The more dangerous:   and then, and more - a lot of stress for the hair, they can not move. Do not be surprised if the result of such actions curls lose elasticity and begin to break down rapidly.

How to deal:   sparing alternative to permanent wave - biozavivka. It provides a resilient, natural curl, and does not destroy the structure of hair. If you want to become a brunette from platinum blonde, go to the salon to the good master and tune in to the fact that the process of transformation will take place in several stages. Late woke up? You can restore damaged hair using special cosmetics, rich in proteins, lipids, minerals. Pick a professional mask, working within the structure of the hair for 72 hours, and gently cleansing shampoo. And instead of a persistent stain, limit is bezammiachnoy toning.

 Search and Destroy
 Enemy: irons, curling - in general, any thermal devices

The more dangerous:   high temperatures negatively affect the cuticular layer of the hair, which is why cross-section of the tips appear, and live shine, on the contrary, it disappears.

How to deal:   those who regularly rectifies or wind the hair vital thermal protection products. Preferred - the ones in the form of sprays. Apply them directly before installation and is distributed over the entire length of hair. And give preference to the professional device - irons with ceramic plates, fenam effect of ionization, etc.

Enemy: allergy to cosmetic ingredients

What is dangerous:   it is unlikely to have to explain. Allergy to cosmetics most often seen irritation of skin and mucous, itching and other unpleasant phenomena.

How to deal:   If the scalp after each washing uncomfortable, go to trihologu and then hand over analyzes to identify potential allergens. And, of course, try to go to one hundred percent safe, hypoallergenic shampoos. You can try the products from children's lines - usually they are just for very sensitive skin. As for air conditioners and masks, apply them, departing for a couple of centimeters from the scalp - it helps to do without consequences.

 Search and Destroy
 Enemy: poor diet

The danger:   the lack of protein in the diet, vitamin and mineral mirokelementov instantly affects the hair and often leads to hair loss

How to deal:   eat fresh fruits and vegetables (especially hair needed carrots, cabbage and bell pepper, which contains silicon, copper, and vitamin A). Good as lean meats and fish and seafood. The efforts of the production of keratin (an important component of hair) vegetable oils and bread with bran. But fast food will not benefit either figure or curls.

If the hair began to fall rapidly, try to take a course of intensive treatment with ampoules. They are sold in beauty salons and have the highest concentration of active ingredients. These products increase blood circulation in the scalp, make up for the lack of nutrients, stimulate the rapid growth of new hair. The course takes about a month, if we use vials a day after washing. Before the course advisable to consult a professional.
Author: Irina Tiglina