Simple rules of care for shaving machine tool
 Some time ago, every time you change in shaving razor old cartridge with a new I visited the idea: "Did I not change it just a few days ago?" Link to the economy incited he borrowed an old couple more times, but the mind and memories of ingrown hairs , cuts and irritation caused by blunt blades forced to drive away the greed and still use the new print cartridge.

Such internal conflict caused me to ask around friends and search for information on the Internet on the topic of proper care of the blades so that they last longer and have saved the n-th sum of money in my purse. It turned out that in order to razor longer tupilas not enough to follow a few very simple rules.

First of all, no matter how obvious it may seem, I want to remind that you need to thoroughly wash the blade after each use . It should not be hairs or shaving residues. Without this rule, you can not even try to keep the blades sharp. Rinse the razor better under a strong jet of water, so that it "knocked out" all the dirt from hard to reach places. Use your fingers to rub the blades can be only a last resort, because the sharp edges easily cut yourself.

The second rule is contrary to the first bit: Water - the sworn enemy of the blades . Water causes corrosion of metal, which, of course, affects the sharpness of the razor so important after each wash thoroughly dried blade. This can be done with a towel or hair dryer, but be careful not to cut it. Also, because of high humidity is not recommended to store the razor in the bathroom.

Find a common language with the razor will help vodka. But do not hurry "to think for two" - I hope that the state of your blade does not come to such horror that before the procedure you need to drink something "for courage". The alcohol has a drying effect So if you are after the procedure will wipe them blade, it will remain dry. Moreover, the alcohol has disinfectant properties. Of course, the use of alcohol or vodka is unpleasant because of their smell, and keep the bottle on the dresser as something not befitting a decent lady. It is much more pleasant and less effective are the various alcoholic lotions domestic production: they are inexpensive, have a pleasant aroma and does not spoil the view.

On the Internet I came across the opinion that instead of shaving cream, you can use baby oil . It provides a smooth sliding blades in the skin, thereby reducing its bluntness and preventing the appearance of it mikrotreschinok. Of course, the use of oil is better than the shave on dry skin, but to me, this method seemed uncomfortable oil "sticks" hairs to the skin and some of them (soft and thin), it is impossible to shave. I have not approached this advice, but you may have better luck. Good luck!
Author: Lyudmila Lavrushina