Struggling with black dots
 To prevent the formation of blackheads, it is important to stick to a balanced diet, as has long been known that the beauty of the skin begins with proper nutrition.

Oily skin is inflamed - is not only an aesthetic problem, but also a serious cause of psychological discomfort. How many people have to be voluntary hermits because of existing facial acne and acne! They are embarrassed to go out into society, spend time with friends is not a party, go to the movies or the theater. But no less unpleasant to watch on his face a scattering of black dots that create the impression of untidiness and skin contamination. And if acne - is often a companion of young girls and boys, the black points or blackheads may be accompanied by both women and men in virtually throughout their lives.

Comedones appear most often on the face, namely, on the wings of the nose, forehead, chin and small dots are black. The cause of black spots is the accumulation of sebum, dead skin cells and dust particles in the mouth of the hair follicle and the formation of this composition cork, the closing time. The characteristic black color is obtained by the interaction of particles of dead skin with oxygen environment. Unlike acne black dots do not disappear with time, and their removal is best left to the beautician.

To prevent the formation of blackheads, it is important to stick to a balanced diet, rich in vegetables and fiber, as has long been known that the beauty of the skin begins with proper nutrition. It is necessary to limit to a minimum in the diet of sweet and fatty food, soft drinks, coffee, alcohol and chocolate. The appearance of the skin depends on the normal functioning of the intestines, so in your daily diet should include low-fat dairy products and probiotics in the form of special concentrated fermented sourdough or dietary supplements.

To get rid of the existing comedones, it is important to choose the right cleanser for the skin. It is better to use special gel cleanser that gently cleanses the skin and do not dry it. Funds that are excessively dry skin, can trigger the formation of new blackheads because the sebaceous glands are forced to operate in emergency mode. At the same time it produces more sebum, which leads to the formation of new comedones.

The next stage of cleansing - the use of masks and peels, which help to rid the skin of toxins and impurities. Once a week, you need to put on the face mask deep cleansing action, but it should be done only after steaming the face to open the pores and effectively remove grease tube. Since it is assumed a fairly frequent use of masks and peeling is better to give preference cosmetics for sensitive skin.

To remove the comedones better to spend professional cleaning in a beauty salon, which is currently active for this purpose, various hardware techniques and special cosmetics .  Removing black spots in the home, you risk to bring an infection, causing inflammation and acne .  If you are firmly decided to do without the help of a professional, be sure to disinfect hands and nails before you do cleaning of the face .  Pre-need to steam the skin, the pores open as possible, and remove black dots passed easily and quickly .  If to remove black dots applied extrusion, for these purposes you need to use a sterile bandage .  Instead of squeezing better to give preference to special cleaning patch for the nose, chin and forehead .  Also, after steaming the skin can be massaged with a special brush for the face, which is also used for cosmetic massage .

In beauty salons during the mechanical cleaning still use a special cosmetic spoon with holes. You can buy such a device in-store professional cosmetology equipment. At home, it is also used after steaming the face, previously disinfected with rubbing alcohol or a disinfectant solution. After the cleansing of the face can be applied soothing mask which helps prevent inflammation of the skin.

It should be remembered that the mechanical cleaning, both at home and in a beauty salon is the most traumatic, however, and most effective, as it allows to remove deep dirt. However, have a tendency to couperose effect of steam on the skin is contraindicated, so in this case, better to give preference to modern forms of cleansing - ultrasound, vacuum, chemical and others. In contrast to mechanical, they are less traumatic, leave fewer traces and allow to continue an active lifestyle is almost the day of the cleaning person. After mechanical cleaning, depending on the type of skin and its sensitivity to the face may remain visible traces, which gradually taper to "no" for two or three days.
Author: Natalia Biatova