7 causes of infertility
 The problem of child's birth is relevant to many families around the world. The new diagnostic program "Future Parents" developed in the clinic of the Moscow Institute of Cybernetic Medicine, can effectively help childless couples. Tell about the possibilities of modern medicine in this area, we asked the doctor-endocrinologist highest category Yelena Sinitsyn.

- Dear Elena, what should be the sequence of actions of men and women who decide to conceive a child?

- Let's just define some terminology: a childless couple is considered, which do not take precautions, leading a regular sex life more than two years, but pregnancy does not occur. In this case, prospective parents need to contact the experts, because there are only 7 causes of infertility. Alternately eliminating them one by one, you can get to the root of the problem.

- Are the reasons for all seven? Can you tell us more about them?

- Let's start with the first - with the lack of a sufficient number of men are full of sperm and reduce their activity and mobility. Determine the number and activity of sperm allow simple analysis - semen. In the 70s it was considered normal if the man was more than 70% of active sperm. In our time, this figure dropped to 50%.

- What are the sperm inactive?

- Sperm are different. We are talking about "successful", which immediately rush to its goal - the female egg. But, unfortunately, there are still more, slabopodvizhnye or moving around, that you will agree, is useless, because they do not reach the target. If the proportion of active sperm is less than 50%, we can talk about male infertility. Until recently, this problem was considered unsolvable, and the man could not be a father. Today, there are new approaches to solving the problem of male infertility, and many men - a real opportunity to conceive a child.

- That's the only reason, in which "innocent" man?

-  7 causes of infertility
 Unfortunately no. In very rare cases, a woman's body for one reason or another rejects the sperm of the man through the development of specific antibodies. This second cause of infertility is called immunological incompatibility.

Male sex hormone testosterone (left) and female sex hormone estrogen (right) are active participants in all reproductive processes (in the photo - the crystalline form of hormones) -  7 causes of infertility

- With men is clear. What kind of research will go a woman?

- The main purpose of the survey women - to follow all the stages of formation, maturation and release of the egg, ready to be fertilized. But before talking about the maturation of the egg, it is necessary to ensure a woman has a regular menstrual cycle as such.

His absence - is the third cause of infertility. As a rule, a comprehensive study of the hormonal status reveals the cause of this and begin effective treatment.

- Let's say a woman's menstrual cycle is normal. What else can prevent onset of pregnancy?

- Another, the fourth leading cause of infertility, although rare, is a violation of the process of formation of "young" ova (follicle). The easiest way to control the formation of follicles - is ultrasonography (US) of the ovaries, which is held for the seventh-ninth day of the menstrual cycle. In one ovary has to be formed, at least some of the follicles.

- And if the formation of follicles all right? ...

- -  7 causes of infertility
 And then among several follicles must mature one - dominant, that is superior to the others in size and is directly involved in ovulation. This occurs near the middle of the menstrual cycle (in the eleventh to thirteenth day). This can be observed during the ultrasound examination. Untimely and inferiority of maturation of the dominant follicle is the fifth cause of infertility. This problem of infertility, called polycystic ovaries, not uncommon.

- Does polycystic ovaries - this is just a violation of the dominant follicle maturation? I always thought it was something terrible.

- In fact, this title is nothing to worry about. Polycystic ovaries, as well as the corpus luteum cyst - this is just a result of functional disorders associated with the formation of the dominant follicle. These diseases can be successfully effective and appropriate treatment. The main thing - in a timely manner to pay attention to this problem.

- I heard that inflammation of the ovaries affects the process of conception. What is the reason?

- Communication is direct. The mature dominant follicle has to break the shell of the ovary, while inflammation of the walls is much thicker, respectively, the follicle can not get out of the ovary. This is the sixth cause of infertility.

- Does the state of the fallopian tubes?

- You're right, coming from the dominant follicle and ready for a fertilized egg to the uterine directed (fallopian) tubes, and is there, waiting for the sperm.

Naturally, if the permeability of broken pipes, fertilization will be extremely difficult. And last, the seventh cause of infertility is precisely the obstruction of the fallopian tubes. To determine their permeability used hysterosalpingography. The essence of this method lies in the fact that the uterus is introduced contrast agent, and under X-ray control of the movement of the contrast is checked through fallopian tubes.

  -  7 causes of infertility
 If all the causes of infertility, we were talking about, we are no couples that may still prevent conception?

- Time abilities mature egg to fertilize. The fact that the mature egg can "expect the meeting" with the sperm from 12 hours to several days. Therefore, a significant factor is the time synchronization "meeting" of the sperm with the egg.

- Elena, and what is the cause of frequent miscarriages, and can they be prevented?

- Prevent them possible. But first, try to understand why this is happening. In our opinion, self-regulating system of the body is constantly evaluates the condition of women and the possibility of implementing its function of procreation. If there are violations of a woman's body, preventing the normal flow of pregnancy - the body prudently interrupts her. These disorders can quickly identify and resolve that allow a woman to give birth to a healthy baby. In our clinic, designed diagnostic program "Future Parents", which allows to identify the causes of male and female infertility.

- Do I understand that this program is designed for both women and men?

- You're absolutely right. Under this program, the survey are as a woman and a man.

- Does your clinic treatment of male and female infertility?

- Yes of course. And treatment is quite effective. According to the results of the diagnostic program "Future Parents" an individual treatment plan to address exactly that reason that was identified in the survey.

- And in conclusion of our conversation, Elena, what would you wish our readers in the New Year?

- Total, which is usually willing to friends - good luck, health, happiness and peace in the home, and more - never lose hope!

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