Excessive beauty: how much it - too much?
 Excessive bleaching, excessive surgery, overuse Botox ... abnormal desire of women to change in yourself even the smallest bumps just plunges into shock, and forces the doctors to go to failure.

Over the past 10 years, collagen injections and laser interventions have become so familiar that is likely to soon start celebrities to schedule procedures, anti-aging, long before the onset of his symptoms. A gossip on various bonuses and awards are changing rapidly from the "You've seen Meg Ryan haircut?" To "Did you see the face of Meg Ryan?"

Now there is no idea of ​​the beautiful or ugly women - now there are ideas about right or wrong surgery. In 2006, the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery (ASAPS) found that 63 percent of women in this country approve of the operation, while only 34 percent are willing to lay down on the operating table. But Hollywood never renowned for their self-control, capture a new wave of cosmetic and surgical boom. Undoubtedly, this action has some pretty attractive results, accompanied by lightning rejuvenation of the stars, but not do without the bad experiences (we all remember the example of Melanie Griffith).

Everyone must ask whether the operation is necessary and is completely deliberate step or another cosmetic procedure - just an obsession? In the end: Jenna Jameson (Jenna Jameson)! Priscilla Presley (Priscilla Presley)! Courtney Love (Courtney Love)! They think we do not notice? They think they look good? And the worst: they can not stop and continue to spend time and money to have plastic surgery?

Plastic surgeons and dermatologists - are the first to notice that people are just beyond the boundaries of reason. "You are only 30 years old and this is for you in your old age! But this is wrong, ugly and stupid in 40 years to have the face of a young girl."

"In no case should not be silent!" - Says one of the most famous plastic surgeons of the country. "You are enough big lips, so go home! So I dissuade from operations of about 40-50% of people who have come to me."

Some women who find themselves in his office - the victim of its own efforts. "Their skin does not have any texture; it cleans and subjected to laser processing so many times that her some lines and not at all far. They are asked to increase their nose, which is four times already been reduced, and they are asked to fill out the cheeks, which are already too much. "

Too much laser treatment - and you begin to resemble marble statue. Excessive chemical peels - and you have a chronic redness. But in the end you will be reminded not understand whom.

However, most patients do not notice that they look artificial. Most people who are addicted to cosmetic surgery, eventually start to forget that image which they must comply. They plunged into this routine, plus they are surrounded by the same people who think quite the same.

Doctors say they are aware of the importance of the issue and try to take steps to address it. Pampering in aesthetic surgery has become a real problem. In general, plastic surgery dates back about 200 years ago (originally to treat war wounds, to restore soldiers after fighting), but such a huge spread received 10 years ago. Today, doctors have to be very real psychologists to their patsentov. After all, in practice, it noted that there are a huge number of people with chronic desire to change their appearance. And all the next operation does not make them happy and satisfied, in spite of the result. Often these situations occur due to any changes in your life, like a divorce, in which a person ceases to satisfy his appearance.

Nowadays, plastic surgery cost a lot of money. On average, the procedure Botox costs $ 417, and each subsequent treatment may rise to $ 2,000. And very few people stopped by the fact that these procedures may be countless.

Adopted think that plastic surgery is most common among American citizens, but according to statistics, the highest number of plastic surgeons per capita - in South Korea, and the highest number of transactions per capita - in Brazil. This global obsession that has arisen because of the competition for the title of the most beautiful and young.

Fortunately, most of the developments in the world, ultimately produces its own backlash. Today, most women do not consider Janice Dickinson (Janice Dickinson) with its waxy face, as the ideal of beauty, which they wish to emulate, and the slogan Ashlee Simpson (Ashlee Simpson) "Botox in 23!" Does not cause an approving reaction, but quite the contrary.

And now that we are increasingly seeing artificial Hollywood faces, more and more want to go back to the old, well-tested methods, like sunscreen, water and a healthy diet, to look into his 40 years as befits a beautiful, happy woman, without at the same time to help plastic surgeons.