He left? We'll start a new life!
 When the last memories of love will not go out of my head - is unpredictable, which can make a new lipstick or gloss. We show you how the experts to help their star clients to go through the suffering and establish their own style.

The biggest change in the appearance of celebrities come when they suffer a break with his mate. But change is good or bad - is always a major issue. We shuddered when natural blonde Michelle Williams (Michelle Williams) repainted in a mouse - Brown after breaking up with Heath Ledger (Heath Ledger). Back in the 60s, at the end of his stormy relation with Frank Sinatra (Frank Sinatra), Mia Farrow (Mia Farrow) just infuriated Mr. Blue Eyes, cut off her long, golden hair. Alas, the love is gone, but the haircut yet proved vain - she did Farrow (Farrow) is very famous.

Oddly enough, when the whole world knows about your misfortune (newspaper chronicles watching your every move), and you give yourself a chance to see on the other hand, when the suffering taking the better of you. Most of us do not have that luxury. Take my friend Julia, 34-year-old stunning brunette, PR-operator, which, after an unpleasant break with her young boyfriend was greeted me in tears with a bottle of beer in his hand, "I will never again be such a sex!" Shampoo did not touch it head these days. On the other hand, Sonya, who after breaking a 14-year relationship with his beloved university, spends every minute in the sport. Never before her body looked so fit - and this is another reason for men to admire her.

So we decided to ask experts to help balance your state of mind and get in shape. They will not be able to adjust your old relationship, but they prepare you for the new - easily.


What do you want to do: burn them, repaint, and may even cut.

What you should do: discard the box with paint! Chances are, you'll regret the changes carried out during the month of or immediately after the break .  In addition, the damage caused by bad application may actually be detrimental to your hair and will cost you a fortune .  As for the gold curls Michelle Williams (Michelle Williams), then repaint the dark color was the cry of her soul, not in the career advancement .  According to a stylist, 95% of blondes, repaint the dark in color, almost immediately want to return to the previous state .  Just at first they want to change in accordance with their spiritual experiences .  However, this can work if the changes are very subtle .  Label spoiled girl Reese Witherspoon (Reese Witherspoon) forced her to cut her hair .  In general, hair cut - a very brave thing to do, but not so shocking, if you get rid of 10 - 12 centimeters .  As for the hair coloring, then the best will be tinted strands that change and appearance, and possibly mood .  Most importantly, never go to the salon, which you've never heard of .  Go to the proven place, perhaps, where you predloat good option . 


What do you want to do: seek the help of a plastic surgeon or completely surrender into the hands of a cosmetologist?

What you should do: you should not hurry to run to the surgeon .  You could go out and augment the lips, but do not want them to appear in the room before you do .  You probably all tired and did not want to do, but do not be lazy regularly use sunscreen .  This is still the most important step skin care, which should be remembered throughout the year .  And when you are exposed to stress, skin care should be carried out with the utmost care .  On the basis of experiences may appear different spots and redness .  In this case, consult a dermatologist and conduct laser skin treatment to clear pores and kill bacteria .  Keep your skin radiant and prepared for the next dizzying novel, it regularly otshelushivaya .  Maybe the tears are a good release of negative emotions, but you have to make a mask or cooling compress to relieve swelling .  Finally, even if you want to quit taking the pill, because you believe that sex in the near future is not expected, - trust us, it will .  Therefore, continue to follow their course .  In addition, playing in a similar way to the level of hormones, you get a completely unnecessary risk spots . 


What do you want to do: do not worry about its application.

What you should do: no time to be a rag! You must come and have a brave face .  Dark circles? Use a small flat brush to mask the light-reflecting powder the area under the eyes .  As for the eyebrows, take the example of the abandoned, but not a bit affected women: the bright, well-defined, well-groomed eyebrows are very coquettish and show that you still love yourself .  Carefully highlight dark eyebrows special gel and move the golden brown pencil .  Want to sultry look like Kate Moss (Kate Moss)? Apply resistant liner along the bottom of the eye, from the outer corner to the level of the pupil .  Opportunity to experiment with color liner to change image .  Why not add additional shine face, including the cheeks and? Show your ex, how can you be! Wanted lips are simply a part of makeup .  But do not use flashy colors - will look great light, unobtrusive tone . 


What do you want to do:
chew on them, painted in black.

What you should do: it's time to go to a salon and make yourself a good manicure. On the nails almost immediately recognized the signs of stress. Rough cuticle, broken nails, lack luster - that impact. But do not even think to cut off the cuticle. Take advantage of the large amount of free time and treat the nails before going to bed. Apply a thick layer of cream to the cuticle, and using the fact that you are in bed, you can treat yourself and your feet with the help of softening cream. It does not make up for the loss of your men, but, at least until you are one, your feet will be soft and smooth.

Once again, bad mood and products - a lethal combination. During the break we would rather not resort to the wisdom of the adult and child return to maximalism, thinking that good food will make you forget all our troubles. Perhaps delicious ice cream will make us escape from the painful problem, but the appearance is likely to affect in a negative way. Engage in physical activity. By strengthening ourselves externally, you get stronger and internally. During stressful situations do not lean on carbohydrate foods and always wondered "Bikini or pasta?" And, what is more important - you decide.