7 Commandments piercing
 Her smile with a nut on the lip
I really, does not lead to delight.
Some people think that everything looks nice,
But a piece of iron with a kiss? Be-e ...
(Igor Istratov)

The First Commandment   It states that the piercing - it is not a means to change the world around or attitude. Piercing, in most cases, it's a fashion trend and the desire to shock, to stand out among others. And to be sure of, then you should choose a special place. Piercing navel or ear in this direction has already become not the exception but rather the rule. But the tongue piercing, coccyx or toe is something new, but rather originalnenkoe!

Second Commandment   introduces us to the applications of this piercing. About punctures ears, nose, tongue and eyebrows will not speak. A more detailed look at the navel piercing. Traditionally it is called piercing girlish. This is not surprising, because in the world, 54% of women present this art on the body.

Navel piercing has come to us from ancient Egypt, indicating that the holder has rights community. In the modern world such mistake, of course, it symbolizes the beauty of the girl's body, in particular the stomach. Types piercing in this direction do not differ particularly diverse. Is that punctures can be a little decoration itself can be quite original.

But piercer private parts have a special place, and therefore The Third Commandment . Do not be surprised, and punctures are there! Nipples, for example, decided to pierce, as a sign of masculinity body and spirit. Although there are opinions, and that it increases the brightness of the sexual sensations holder of punctures. C on the other hand, there is some problem in choosing and wearing, both men and women. Agree, it's not every leader wants to see his deputy in a white shirt and kipelno released earring in the nipple area. Somehow it is not in this office! And not any bra will be comfortable with the exact same puncture woman. And as a young mother and all the other problems arise, even if it is not going to breastfeed.

And yet, if you wanted new experiences and emotions in a sexual relationship with a partner, then it is necessary to make a genital piercing. Focus today is very much in demand and fashionable! New sexual feelings you are guaranteed. However, positive or not very nice - it is a matter of chance. Field selection is particularly large. The piercing of the clitoris, labia or foreskin, the glans penis or testicles in men. The main rule, which must be strictly followed during this piercing is abstinence from sexual activity until complete healing of the puncture. Usually it takes a month and a half.

Next commandment   reads an adaptation period .  Your body was cut and the cut decorated metal attribute, what do you think he liked it? The answer is obvious .  It is therefore necessary to behave properly in the first few days after the puncture .  And to know that the yellowish liquid, actively released from the puncture, it is not pus and lymph .  It should be removed with a cotton swab dipped in an aqueous or alcoholic solution of chlorhexidine .  Needless decoration is also necessary to wipe, moving in different directions, and possibly not be removed from the puncture to complete wound healing .  Himself puncture should be kept dry and possibly open t . e .  without clothes, so the healing process will be like a little faster .  The entire healing period, and that a month and a half, try to wear only cotton products, at least in a place where clothing comes into contact with a puncture .  And at night must be applied to the affected area a sterile cloth .  And of course, less than injure the puncture site, limit the use of alcohol, cigarettes, as well as pool and sauna .

 7 Commandments piercing

If certainly decided to decorate their body in this art, let us choose what exactly we will be decorating. The Fifth Commandment Or selection of jewelry. We must take into account the place of piercing, body size and thickness of a puncture. In order not to lose in this regard, we strongly recommend that you consult a specialist. At least the first couple of ornaments he chooses for himself and tells you how to choose the future of the these wonderful bryuliki. For general awareness it can be noted that it is recommended to choose the jewelry made of surgical steel, gold or titanium. The shape can be varied.

- Carnations The most simple and clear decoration.
- Labret , The same Sami gzozdik only with foot.
- Rod The stem has two beads at the edges.
- Banana Slightly curved rod.
- Ring , Decoration in the form of a ring with a cut-out portion, instead of which there is a ball, cube or cylinder.

As you can see, it's not too difficult.

A separate command   should be devoted to the most important and expensive component of body piercing - the choice of interior. Here, at an opportune moment, it is worth mentioning the saying: "The Miser pays ...". The license for this kind of services to the population and the degree of qualification of the expert - it is, pardon the comparison, as the Lord's Prayer, for the procedure. And the most important thing. Take the time to not only clarify on the phone and in person to see all of these documents. Remember, then will our own peril!

What else should I pay attention? Of course, the purity and new equipment in the cabin. All of the above must comply with European guests. Master should tell you how to take care of the puncture site, for its speedy healing and prevention of possible complications in the future. Be sure to specify your age, chronic diseases and malformations. Remember that this is a guarantee of successful healing of the puncture, the absence of infection, side effects and discomfort.

Commandment last, she is the seventh   It tells you some advice and interesting facts about body piercing. Never forget THAT:

- Before visiting the piercing salon is recommended to eat to avoid dizziness and weakness
- The cost of piercing starts with $ 50 and range to an average of $ 150. Treatment of complications and consequences of the rash is much more expensive!
- If at this point you have health gaps, the puncture procedure should be postponed until full recovery
- The name of the body piercing is always dependent on the location of the puncture: Monroe - lip on the right, Madonna - piercing above the lip on the left
- Rated locations for piercing at the top of the podium places ear piercing, the second - any punctures on the face, followed by a navel piercing and genitals.
Author: Valentina Pyatygo