All you need to know about eyelash
 False eyelashes - a good decision, but temporary. Still, many of us want to have long and lush lashes in any situation, even without make-up and in the morning. Then come to the aid cabin options eyelash.

Council first, and most important:   Do not trust your lashes to just anyone. Make sure that the room in which you came, has good reviews of ordinary customers, its services are certified. Always make sure that all the tools are disinfected after each client. Also, ask to show you the results "before" and "after" the capacity to choose the appropriate way to build. After all, there are options when adding only the amount, but there is capacity in length. Another indicator of good interior is carrying out the necessary tests drugs for allergies and personal compatibility.

An advantage of the procedure is its eyelash Semi-permanent result. That is nothing fatal will happen, it's not a tattoo. Accrued lashes will not be with you forever. Many client salons say that the procedure has helped them build better make your own eyelashes. They have an opportunity to grow your own lashes without weighing lots of mascara.

 All you need to know about eyelash

The procedure

When we talk about contemporary eyelash, we mean the so-called "polupermanent." Although there are different opinions. Each month we lose 10-15 own eyelashes. In their place the new grow. This is a natural process, just as the rise and fall hair. The process of eyelash extension - this thickening and lengthening of each client's own cilia. Therefore, if the cilium falls, keeping the build-up (which lasts 2-3 months), it is possible to speak of permanent. If the build-up itself collapses before the eyelash falls - it is called polupermanentom. Agree, does not matter to us, as it is called experts, we need a beautiful and natural final appearance.

Modern eyelash suitable for a special occasion and everyday image. By the procedure used by women after chemotherapy, when their own lashes are just beginning to grow. Technologies allow us to make synthetic cilia virtually weightless, it is practical and easy to wear. In fact, the procedure - a lengthening and thickening of every kind cilia client. That is, it's more like "work" lengthening mascara than false eyelashes.

 All you need to know about eyelash

A frequent question is how much capacity is safe for your eyelashes? After backfilled cilium applied (glued special structure) directly to the natural lashes. You can be sure, glue harmless for eyelashes. And that does not apply to the extended eyelashes skin - gives hope that allergic reactions are extremely rare. When the glue dries, natural eyelash maintains its own flexibility and continues to grow.

Experienced master spends on the procedure of building about 2 hours. You will lie comfortably on a chair-bed with his eyes closed. Built up only the upper eyelashes. On the lower will apply the gel, which protects them from contact with the adhesive to build. Capacity will conduct a master for each cilium.

The client can always choose the type of building: it can only be thickened, can be a strong extension. In any case, the master will advise the optimal shape of the future and their long lashes.

 All you need to know about eyelash

Capacity done, but still care for lashes

Artificial cilia will hold up to eight weeks. Much depends on the speed of growth of your own eyelashes, but in most cases eyelash grows and is shed during this time. At the same time, the masters are advised to come to him again in 3-4 weeks to make small improvements eyelash extensions as you grow your own. The procedure takes 30-45 minutes.

At the time, as long as you wear eyelash extensions, do not forget about their natural eyelashes. We need to comb them periodically (every day), it is always very delicate, avoid friction, extra touches.

Accrued lashes will not need mascara. But if you want to ever use the ink to make the look more dramatic, the Do not use waterproof mascara ! It is difficult to remove, its composition can ruin synthetic cilia. You need ink only water-based. When applying mascara proceed delicately, just paint the tips of eyelash extensions, do not grab the lashes close to the bottom, where it starts to build. When you remove the carcass from the eyelash extensions use a liquid makeup remover, water-based.

Another issue of interest to many: Can I go to the pool, take a shower, go to the sauna with extended eyelashes? If you did build in a good interior with high quality materials, it is engaged in fitness, take water treatments can fearlessly. And this is another argument in favor of good, proven masters (what we said at the beginning of the article). Caution should only use water and detergent in the eye during the first 2-4 hours after the procedure salon building.

 All you need to know about eyelash

However, not all is rosy. There are strict restrictions on certain actions. So NOT RECOMMENDED :

- Use kurlery eyelash curler. They can damage not only the capacity but also your own eyelashes. Good build-up and so has its own curl, but if you still really want to curl further extended eyelashes, you can only use tongs heated (not mechanical kurlery!).

- Go to the bath or sauna. Too hot and humid air destroys the capacity.

- Watering the eyelashes in the first 2-4 hours after the build-up.

- Keep extended eyelashes under running water.

- Rub your eyes, pull your eyelashes.

NOT   capacity to do if you have an eye infection or if you have recently had an operation on his eyes. In this case, you need to wait until the eye is completely healed.

Can I remove the extended eyelashes?

This can be done at any time, what you want. Many studios and salons offer this service for free, if you do build them. The procedure for removing the build-up simple and will not take much time. On the lashes will be put up, destroying the glue, and do not damage your own lashes. But please do not try to remove the build-up of its own, it can destroy your own lashes.
Author: Julia Shestakova