Bamboo massage
 Bamboo massage - a relatively new phenomenon for our country. He appeared just in time for the next trendy boom of all exotic. Until that moment, the bamboo used and perceived more as a decorative element. If we talk about the bamboo massage, then practiced it for a long time, and the story of his starts on the islands of the Mascarene Archipelago. Creoles inhabit it, and that they attributed to the first use of bamboo for a massage. It is for this reason bamboo massage is often called Creole. Over time, this type of massage spread throughout Europe, and now has reached and our SPA-center.

When used bamboo massage

Since bamboo massage is still a novelty, it is worth mentioning how it is used, and most importantly why. The basis for action Creole massage is the expansion and contraction of blood vessels of the circulatory system. Creole massage helps with obesity and cellulite. As a rule, the problem of excess weight causes many people to experts in this technique.

This type of massage greatly accelerates blood circulation and metabolism, which in turn has beneficial effects on the power cells and tissues of the body. And, of course, this massage helps to relieve physical stress, to relax and relieve stress. Overall, this is a great way to get rid of fatigue, both physical and mental.

Big advantage is considered to be high performance bamboo massage. Furthermore, it takes much less time than the traditional manual massage. Do not be afraid of the terrible kind of bamboo poles, massage does not cause absolutely no pain, rather on the contrary, it is quite pleasant. The average rate of fifteen sessions, which can be done every day or every other day.

 Bamboo massage

Technique bamboo massage

Technique Creole massage, at first glance, is quite unusual. The main element of the massage are the two sticks of bamboo. Part of the stick is hollow, and the remaining space filled with grain or fine sand. This allows not only to create a sound effect, but also to make the weight and balance of the best sticks.

As a fixture in Creole are a variety of massage massage oils, most often almond, nutmeg or cypress oil, but there are other variations. The process of massage is as follows: first, there is a deep body rub bamboo stick, it allows you to relax your muscles and prepare, so the body to massage. Next, the therapist begins rattling body sticks to the rhythm of about one hundred and twenty beats per minute.

Almost always accompanied by a bamboo massage Creole ethnic music. Ironically, the music is used not only for aesthetic enjoyment, and making the atmosphere as to comply with the correct rhythm of the massage therapist massage. That rhythmic action during the massage base maximum efficiency.

Attempts are made of bamboo tangential, and here comes in the form of filler sand or grain. Coupled with the impact of the contents of a bamboo stick creates additional microvibration, improves blood circulation. The basic meaning of the Creole is the impact of massage on various points of the body to improve blood circulation in them and relaxation of muscles. The best result gives a massage after all possible heat treatments such as bath or sauna. Bamboo massage can be used both separately and in combination with any other types of massage.

 Bamboo massage

Chinese and Thai bamboo massage

There are also several other bamboo massage techniques. They are less popular and, as a consequence, less common, which in any case does not make them less interesting. This Thai and Chinese massage. Thai bamboo massage improves blood circulation and relieves pain in muscles and helps rid the body of various harmful substances. This massage is done with heated bamboo stems, and compared with Creole massage, it relies not on the rhythm of execution on the power and energy effects on the body.

Chinese massage with bamboo has a great history and is based on the fundamental principles of traditional Chinese medicine. Masseur uses several different species of bamboo stalks for deep muscle toning. Bamboo broom reduces muscle pain and nourishes the skin with oxygen.

 Bamboo massage

In general, bamboo massage techniques are similar, but emphasize different strengths. If a relaxing massage Creole, the Thai can be attributed to the form of traditional treatment, and the Chinese version, in turn, takes an intermediate option, which helps to relax and relieve sore muscles after exertion. Everyone can find a bamboo massage to taste.
Author: Marina Sun