Mesodissolution: losing weight in no time without the intervention of the surgeon
 Agree, ladies, that most of us secretly dreams to get rid of two or three extra centimeters at the waist and were missing two or three extra kilos, standing on the scales. And so the miracle happen, bypassing the expensive gym subscriptions so exhausting body and soul diet. At the same time argue that under the surgeon's knife for liposuction, pulls you hardly. But it turns out, there are more loyal salon procedure that allows for multiple sessions dot rid of fat accumulation in the most problematic areas. And her name Mesodissolution. What is the principle of its action, what results can achieve who are contraindicated for, how much it costs and where carried out: let's deal together.

Mesodissolution is a fairly deep subcutaneous injection (10-13 mm) special cocktail, which just destroys the fat cells. Their degradation products can no longer be re-absorbed by the cells and can be easily removed from the body with the help of our metabolic system. Instead of destroying fat cells after puberty new - in their place are no longer produced. This is our physiology. However, if after using the slimming effect Mesodissolution not care about their newfound more slender form, the remaining fat cells in the body can begin to grow and expand up to 60 times!

Most often used in the area Mesodissolution thighs, buttocks, abdomen, shoulders, chin. Well, this procedure has proved itself in the fight against cellulite.

Feature Mesodissolution mixture, which is also called gipoosmolyarnym solution is that it contains much water, and the concentration of dissolved substances is small. These substances - is zhirorazrushayuschie lipolitiki, anesthetic (such as lidocaine), caffeine, vitamin C, sometimes guarana extract, artichoke, green tea, L-carnitine and organic silicon. After the introduction of gipoosmolyarnoy fluid in body fat problem area for the laws of physics, the water rushes into the fat cells where the concentration of dissolved substances naturally bigger, and destroys them.

 Mesodissolution: losing weight in no time without the intervention of the surgeon

Composition mezodissolyutsionnogo cocktail prepared individually for each patient depending on the age of the client, his state of skin reactions to the individual components of the mixture, zones, which will be performed and the number Mesodissolution fat therein. Similarly, the number of individually set the necessary procedures. For different people, it may range from one or two to ten. And a break between them should be 3-4 days.

Services Mesodissolution performed in aesthetic medicine clinics and beauty salons. The cost of one procedure ranges from 100-150 USD In addition, after you Mesodissolution specialist will recommend procedures lymphatic drainage   (wraps, vacuum massage with ultrasound, hand massage, etc.) to speed up the findings of the body decay products of fat cells and make your skin smooth and elastic.

As a side effect after Mesodissolution recorded in some patients nausea, mild weakness, dizziness, swelling, bruising, pain in the injections, decreased appetite. However, all these symptoms are temporary and usually do not require medical intervention.

But the result! Special Mesodissolution efficacy study showed that the waist after injection is decreased by an average of 6 cm, hip - 4 cm, and the body fat is 30%. At the same time the result lasts for a few years.
The best-known author in the field of research the effect Mesodissolution the director of the Department of Plastic Surgery Medical School in Los Angeles, Mr. Steven Hoflin . His sensational publication date from 1997 and are based on studies that were carried out for several years. Also, a large group of patients spent their successful experiments on Mesodissolution K.Bonne French doctor, Jean-B.Paskini and Zh.Peren. Thus, the above-mentioned practices Mesodissolution and further experience with these injections have proven to be effective and safe for the body.

Nonetheless contraindicated   Mesodissolution in the following cases:

1. The tender age of 18;
2. When any of inflammatory processes;
3. allergic reactions to components of the cocktail;
4. diabetes mellitus;
5. skin lesions;
6. varicose veins;
7. If a bleeding disorder;
8. chronic liver and kidney diseases;
9. Pregnancy;
10. In the period of breast-feeding;
11. uterine cancer.

Also, experts recommend to abstain from Mesodissolution at the end of the menstrual cycle, and one week before the regulator. On the day itself is manipulated to give up sports training.

Thus, Mesodissolution today rightly recognized as a real alternative to liposuction, and the best way to get rid of excess fat without the intervention of the surgeon. After cosmetic procedures such as the elektrolipoliz, hardware or ultrasound massages unlike Mesodissolution affect the number of fat cells can not. And, then, for people with excessive "corporal trash" to get rid of that does not work either with the help of a balanced diet, nor with the help of exercise, either using classical salon procedures fails, Mesodissolution can be a real chance to live the life of a slender man.
Author: Natalia Hryshko