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 Every summer, we meet in a new way. In a new dress, a new hairstyle, with a list of new developments and the pleasure of new experiences. Every day is a new page unread novel brings into our lives is something special, full of bright colors and sunlight.

In order to improve our beauty salty cities provide new services and cosmetic procedures, allowing us to find, select, experiment and transformed. What we get today?

New №1. Beauty treatments of aesthetic medicine - Dermaroller ™ Therapy
In the scientific literature, the full name of the procedure - collagen-inducing therapy, or CIT. When the Dermaroller ™ just created, its purpose was to deliver active ingredients into the deepest layers of the skin with minimal morbidity. To date, its functions expanded considerably. Treatments Dermaroller ™ Therapy effective anti-aging, acne, surgical scars, cellulite and stretch marks.

How it works?   Dermaroller ™ drum-shaped motion pierces the skin on one area of ​​up to 20 times. Reaction occurs at the skin such microtraumas and stimulation of tissue sheets, which are released during various growth factors. All manipulations lead to the formation of new collagen and elastin fibers and new capillaries. They gradually incorporated into the overlying dermis, causing the formation of new tissue, which fills atrophic scar.

 New Products beauty salons
   The resulting new capillaries to help improve blood flow, so that there is a restoration of pigmentation. It is also important that the growth factors are released from cells and punctured capillaries facilitate stimulation of stem cells.

What do we know about stem cells in the skin?   The function of stem cells - play thousands of new cells. And if the first is damaged, then the process of reproduction may be suspended. With the disappearance of stem cells in the skin wrinkles, and it becomes more sluggish and flabby. Today, medicine has made a big step forward, creating creams based on natural origin of stem cells to help the skin to get the missing items.

Dermaroller ™ Features:   application in all areas of the body, no permanent damage to skin, lack of pain and bleeding on the treated area of ​​the skin, no other side effects.

What are the results of procedures Dermaroller ™ Therapy?   The skin becomes more youthful and fresh appearance, improved her condition, reduces the severity of wrinkles and scars (and post-acne included), spots completely disappear or become lighter.

Is it possible to home?   These procedures can be conducted at home by buying a Dermaroller ™, which is often sold under the name - mezoroller. An important caveat: the length of the needles Dermaroller ™ should not exceed 0, 25 mm. In other cases, you may need a local anesthetic and the procedure should only be a professional dermatologist. Keep in mind that these tools can not be transferred for use by others. Price mezorollera at online stores from 1800 rubles.

 New Products beauty salons

Before visiting the beauty salons or perform the procedure at home, consult a dermatologist.

 New Products beauty salons
 New №2. Japanese manicure MASURA
Every woman, and the man who wants to nails looked well-groomed and healthy. After all, they create an impression of our hands and our image as a whole. Take a look at your nails! They "live" element of our body are also subject to stress factors (such as the impact of household chemicals), vitamin and mineral deficiencies, improper care. They need your care and attention!

Japanese manicure - this is not just an aesthetic nail care, it is a full range of recovery procedures, including hand. All preparations MASURA include various elements that are so necessary nails: essential oils, beeswax, pearl powder, natural fatty oil, jojoba oil, extracts of seaweed, cucumber, red tea and bamboo.

Indications:   It recommended for weak nails after removing artificial nails when the nail plate partially damaged and in need of restoration.

How is the Japanese manicure?   The procedure usually involves a series of preparatory and main phases: diagnosis of the state of your nails, tools for individual selection procedures, preparation of the nail plate, massaging medical foundation and nail polishing, polishing powder, massage fingers and brushes special silk pouches filled with herbs.

What effect have the procedure?   Japanese manicure helping hand back their youth and grooming, nails - healthy looking, smooth, pearly luster and strength. Nails grow faster, less stratified and break down. 4-5 treatments will help to restore even the most damaged and very loose nails.

Question - price?   The cost of procedures: Japanese manicure - from 1400 rubles, Japanese pedicure - from 3000 rubles.

Surprise yourself - give your skin and nails memorable gifts to the come summer.
Author: Alesya Marchenko