Oxygen facelift - instant rejuvenation
 Jennifer Aniston, Kate Moss, Madonna - known to fans of the procedure. Uma Thurman is so in love with oxygen lifting, always make just two sessions in a row. And Kate Middleton visited the salon in order to make Oxygen Lift Facial few days before the wedding.

What is Oxygen Lift Facial? This is an oxygen lifting. Oxygen lifting technology was developed by an Australian company, and the procedure has become popular after 2006 when Madonna told that the constant use of oxygen therapy. Moreover, as a result of her like that lifting apparatus for oxygen is in each of its buildings.

Among the supporters of lifting the oxygen - the actress of the series "Sex and the City." Makeup artist painting Chris Evans told that oxygen masks made Sarah Jessica Parker and Kristin Davis before they apply makeup before filming. This moisturizing treatment (even a short time, for 15-20 minutes) makes the skin perfect canvas for make-up - says the makeup artist.

 Oxygen facelift - instant rejuvenation

Pros and cons

The method has also opponents. They believe that oxygen can not be delivered to the deep layers of the skin. In general, oxygen does not affect the skin. There are also more serious criticism, it boils down to the fact that oxygen is not rejuvenates, but rather in the form of free radicals, leading to wrinkles and aging.

Some doctors say that the efficiency of oxygen to the person still has not been proven clinically. But the faces of celebrities speak for themselves, and the followers of the idols another confirmation of the efficiency is not required.

So whether or not to go for this procedure, which is the average price of 100 euros?


Oxygen lifting often called oxygen mask. But in its pure form it can not be called a mask, because when the oxygen lifting pure oxygen is delivered to the skin at a certain pressure. Developers method argue that pure oxygen is significantly moisturizes the skin.

First, a master in the cabin should make a thorough cleansing of the face. This is done by means of a strong cabin, generally, with content of concentrated fruit acids and enzymes. As a result, the skin may feel a slight tingling sensation.

Then apply your own oxygen mask, serum. Along with the oxygen delivered into the skin vitamins, additional moisturizing ingredients and antioxidants. Serum was applied airbrush pressure. Basically, it looks like a tiny washing machine - a person is treated as though from a small hose with water.

 Oxygen facelift - instant rejuvenation

It is clear that such a powerful cocktail significantly clarifies the skin, rejuvenates, and solves some problems, such as age spots, wrinkles. The mask acts as a chemical peel, it dissolves the layer of dead cells on the surface layer is only young and smooth skin. The procedure absolutely painless, and the youth felt immediately. A person becomes fresh and rejuvenated, get rid of fatigue, dull and dull appearance.

What results count

This newfangled salon treatment has been specially designed to give your skin an instant glow, make it brighter, softer and more relaxed.

Pressure leads to the face of a plump, smooth wrinkles, improve circulation, and as a result improve their own production of collagen.

Many who passed the procedure, out of the salon with a markedly tightened face. Madonna chubby cheeks - example. Oxygen is not only moisturizes, it seals the skin's structure. A bright color - is a consequence of a small inflammation of the skin of the oxygen mask. Lack of oxygen rejuvenation that effect is not long lasting. However, makeup can be applied immediately after the procedure, unlike other professional masks that require a 12-hour abstinence makeup. Therefore, oxygen lifting often do before the wedding, or shooting in a photo shoot, film.

The main advantage - in an instant effect and virtually no rehabilitation period.

How often have to make the oxygen lifting

The effect does not last forever. According to experts, the first time the oxygen lifting should be done once a week for six consecutive weeks. And then to maintain the effect of once a month. In addition, a significant role in the success of the procedure plays a care home in between sessions.

 Oxygen facelift - instant rejuvenation

How much is

During the visit you can pay 100 to 300 dollars. Given the regular procedures as experts advise, then a year on lifting the oxygen can be spent from 2500 to $ 5000. You can save a little, if you just sign up for a visit to the salon for a year ahead. This can reduce the cost of lifting.

This high cost prevents women from low-income included in the monthly campaign for oxygen. And the market there are cheaper alternatives. A device for home use, repeat the procedure oxygen lifting. Some online stores they are worth only 100 dollars. However, most of such devices do not allow to achieve the desired effect.

If you are looking for an affordable alternative to lifting the oxygen, it is best to use a mask with hyaluronic acid. They moisturize, saturate and fill the skin. By the way, hyaluronic acid is used in the lifting serum in oxygen, is a quality wetting agent.


- If you have sensitive skin, it is best to consult a dermatologist before contacting the salon for oxygen rejuvenation.

- Avoid oxygen lifting should be if you have dry, flaky skin, acne, atopic dermatitis, rosacea or acne.
Author: Julia Shestakova