Permanent Makeup: choose your technique
 Waking up every morning, beautiful, minimize the daily make-up and look gorgeous 24 hours a day - every woman's dream. A positive example of the many pop stars - Angelina Jolie, Anastasia Volochkova, Iosif Kobzon, Megan Fox, Shakira and Marina Khlebnikov inspires action. But before you decide to carry out cosmetic procedures, evaluate its benefits and risks.

Afraid to look presentable on the paparazzi photographs, many celebrities decided on permanent makeup. They say that the pain during the procedure to any comparison does not go with the mental anguish stars, captured in an unfavorable light. Ironically, these are the images on the Internet at odds with space velocity. Not ideal image with promotional photo shoots concern to the public, and photos that allow experience "vulnerability" star at least for a moment to take it to the category of "mere mortals".

Today, the word permanent makeup - is not only the eyes, lips and eyebrows. Recent advances in cosmetology allow you to adjust the cheeks, the chin, the area above the upper lip and other areas. With the tattoo, you can forget about the scars, age spots and create a seductive birthmark on his own face, like Marilyn Monroe.

Unlike conventional tattoos, permanent makeup will disappear over time. This happens because the skin cell regeneration is considerably faster than the body. In addition, permanent paintwork, as established on the basis of vegetable dyes.

The propagation technique of permanent makeup.

 Permanent Makeup: choose your technique

Permanent makeup lips

It allows you to improve the shape, contour and color of the lips, increased volume and eliminate the asymmetry. There are two schemes of the procedure: circuit + Feather   and complete filling of the circuit + . The result of the first type of procedure will be a noticeable contour and the natural color of the lips, the second - the shape and color of the lips can be reversed.

American master Fabrice Kondemi warns if a specialist for the permanent make-up goes beyond the natural contour of the lips of more than one millimeter, the result of the procedure will be disastrous. In addition, even the most qualified person may not provide for how to behave in a coloring pigment in the reaction with your skin. The result of complex biochemical processes may change naturally pink lips on a bright brick. If you are exposed to tattooing of the lips for the first time are specified with the master, that he introduced the pigment is deeper than 0, 5 mm. Make a shade lighter, later, not always possible to provide. In some cases, have to resort to the laser, which is very painful.

Permanent makeup Century

It creates the illusion of painted eyes liquid liner or a pencil. Traditionally it performed in black, but according to the customer master can "draw arrows" in blue, green, brown or other shade. Line ciliary edge of the upper eyelid make expressive eyes and eyelashes more "fluffy". The drawing of the lower eyelid is better not to carry out, as it can visually narrow eyes and actually worsen the condition of the skin, triggering the appearance of wrinkles.

Fabrice Kondemi sure to use eye shadow silver pigment is much more advantageous than any else. In this case, the view will acquire radiance, and the arrows are practically invisible. Black eyeliner is required duet with painted eyelashes. If eyelashes tint, the dissonance between the arrow and "naked" cilia is evident.

 Permanent Makeup: choose your technique

Permanent makeup eyebrows

A great solution if you're naturally very light eyebrows or their form is poor. The procedure is done in two ways. Soft Feather Eyebrow   - Preferable to look beautiful and natural. Technique "hairs"   - To draw the entire length of the eyebrows undesirable looks "artificial", but if you need to cover up scars or scars - fine.

When designing a new form of the eyebrows, you must take into account the relief of the face, brow position, the structure of the nose and the temporal nature of depression. Wide eyebrows should not make girls with small features. Absolutely all of them, you should not "wear" constantly. Operation of eyebrows for five and more years invariably lead to scarring. Although in most cases the scars under the skin, if you later want to change the shape of eyebrows on a "thin", they will be significantly visible.

The order of the procedure

Initial consultation.
  Master, together with the client, creates a sketch of the future pattern determines the technique matches the color.

Anesthesia.   It is a necessary part of the procedure. If you are not confident in their own quiet during tattooing, insist on anesthesia. But you know, a side effect of the latter can be swelling.

Procedure.   Depending on the complexity, it can last from forty minutes to three hours. It is possible that the wizard will offer to split the procedure into two visits.

The healing period

The average is three to five days, but to enjoy the final result you can only at the expiration of three weeks. The entire healing period is necessary to use special wound-healing agents. Wash only with lukewarm water, eliminating the use of cosmetics.

 Permanent Makeup: choose your technique

How long it will keep the result?

Persistence permanent make-up depends on many factors. On average, its resistance varies between 6 months - 3 to 5 years.

Should I make adjustments in their own appearance, up to you, but remember, experts do not recommend to draw more than two items at a time. Make your choice in favor of one of the ligaments, "arrow" + "brow", "arrow" + "lips" or "mouth" + "eyebrows". Be beautiful!
Author: Natalia Bartukova