Tattoo or permanent makeup
 Every woman aspires to look perfect, sometimes even without specifying what and who is there for her ideal. The ability to look beautiful gives the female half of society confidence, desire to achieve and conquer men.

Expressive eyes, clear lines of eyebrows and bright lips require constant care and attention. Remember how a teenage girl Chiyo (or Sajjuri) in the film "Memoirs of a Geisha" only one eye was able to stop the man. In Japan, the procedure for applying makeup geisha was long and laborious. Today, at the make-up of a modern woman is still time consuming, and the stars of show business, to look for opportunities perfectly, recourse to subterfuge and makeup artists.

The latest technology in the field of cosmetology has long made a step forward on the stage of the "eternal" make-up, when many women may for a long time to forget about the heavy cosmetics, which have to take a journey of blurred makeup on your face in the morning after a stormy party, and he "did not swim "when you exit the water and rain.

Many new phrase on hearing "Permanent makeup"   - Make-up, which will always remain beautiful. With the English word permanent   translated a permanent, long-term, consistent and stable .

 Tattoo or permanent makeup
   Permanent makeup or tattooing, how different it is called, descended from the tattoo, but today is different from the classical equipment, technique and deep injection of dye-pigment. Tattooing allows you to change and to emphasize the contours, shape and color of the lips, eyebrows and eyelids for a long time and is used to mask defects on the face and body. For permanent makeup pigments are used in the vegetable-mineral-based and electrical dermopigmentatory.

"Eternity"   permanent makeup: 1, 5-4 years.

The ability to repeat:   every 1, 5-2 year.

Recommended during the procedure: cool season (fall, winter, early spring). Carrying out the procedure in a given period to avoid infection in the absence of dust and avoid bathing in ponds enables rapid healing because less active perspiration.

Duration of procedure:   from 40 minutes to 2 hours, correction after 3-4 weeks.

On the one hand, tattoo allows you to not waste time on a classic make-up, on the other, requires attention to the person and by introducing necessary limitations and requirements Especially in the early days after the procedure:

- After the treatment the treated areas not scratch or abrade the crust, do not rub the washcloth and avoid lightening creams and scrubs;

- 2-3 times daily is recommended to treat tattoo special creams and ointments that will recommend a specialist;

- The first 2-3 weeks to avoid exposure to the tattoo to direct sunlight;

- Do not cover the treated area plaster, giving a constant flow of oxygen, but excluding the penetration of dirt;

- Not to go to the solarium, sauna and bath, do not take baths or sunbathe until healing;

- Exclude a touch of the lips with a hot, if you have made tattooing of lips.

 Tattoo or permanent makeup

Prices in Moscow, according to the salons:

Eyebrow Tattoo - 4800-10000 rubles depending on the application technique ("feathering" or "hair").

Lip Tattoo - 4500-10500 rubles (contour and color on all the lips).

At the same time, if you ask for the removal of the old tattoo with the eyebrows or lips, until he came down, it will cost you another 3,000 rubles and more.

Tattoo Age - 4500-7000 rubles (mezhresnichnogo filling the space), the classic arrow separately will cost an average of 2,500 rubles, and in 4500 East arrow.

In the salons can offer services in drawing flies (one fly -1500-3000 rubles), which was an instrument of flirtation in the 18th century in an aristocratic environment.

Unfortunately, the decision and a certain amount in your wallet do not yet have a permanent make-up. There are a number of restrictions :

- Tattooing is contraindicated in people with diabetes mellitus, epilepsy, herpes and skin disorders, asthma, heart and blood diseases;

- It is not recommended during pregnancy, menstruation, and viral diseases, as well as allergies to painkillers.

Pros permanent makeup:   resistant and hard edges, no blockage of the pores and irritation of the makeup, the possibility of an average of 2 years to change the image, saving time on the application of make-up, minimizing the cost of purchasing cosmetics.

Cons permanent makeup:   inexperienced and untrained employee can cause injury and did not comply with the proportions and the color chosen by the client, the risk of catching an infection (as in the case with conventional tattoos), the possibility of irritation, permanent makeup requires constant care, the procedure has its limitations.

Makeup, tattoo - you decide, but you should always remember the inner beauty of every human being. Be beautiful!
Author: Alesya Marchenko