Doctor, I have a set! The story of one of liposuction ...
 I've never thought that plastic surgery - it's about me. Height 175, weight 55, breasts - with more than a third the size, waist - 60-something, hips barely reach the 90. On the exterior never complained. Well, almost ... Well, nice to meet you, Victoria))

With regard to his feet to say the phrase Julia Roberts in "Pretty Woman", "Have I ever told you ... my legs length of 110 centimeters, so that you are now wrapped in 220 centimeters psychotherapy ... for a ridiculous price to three thousand dollars! "My legs are smooth, beautiful, smart, but only one separates them from ideal, at least comparable with the same Julia Roberts. Genetically determined fat in the kneecaps!

I'm a fan of fitness with the experience, so from the beginning clearly understood that small classes help me in fighting this problem. And actually, there were grounds for serious concern? So serious to think about surgery or cosmetic correction? Rather yes than no…

Because for all my adult life in the 30 years-plus, about any part of the body I do not think so often. No one so obsessed not want to change ... And if something wanted - this is easily managed in the Sports Hall, with the help of (thanks to the constitution) elemental diet, and at the stylist. At one point, I caught myself thinking that if I go to a short summer sundress and sandals heels, knees - that's what sticks out brazenly and spoils the whole look. "With this we have something to do! "- I confessed one morning in May, when examined herself in the mirror, dressed almost as an afterthought, succeeding mini on linen pants bloomers.

I do not deny (and my girlfriend adhere exclusively to this point of view) that the complex of my longer far-fetched. But run to the therapist about his knees - this is perhaps even more absurd than to go to a plastic surgeon and seeing his perplexity at the overall very pretty girl, I did say: "Doctor, I have a set! "Kolenochny!

But first, I carefully chose a procedure that would have approached me perfectly. Just brushed the introduction of various fat burning cocktails, as well as trips to all kinds of hardware procedures - from those which promise to remove all the fat without a scratch on the skin, but only one ultrasound background. Not that I have not delved into the meaning of these manipulations (and I really penetrated !!!) is not something that would absolutely do not believe in their effectiveness, but it is very superficial, they seemed to me. I wanted to get rid of the problem once and forever desirable. In other words, I am the light is not nothing but a Liposuction . She is ... but which one?

 Doctor, I have a set! The story of one of liposuction ...

Typing in a search engine "liposuction", you can get lost in the abundance of all sorts of offers. Liposuction, it turns out, there are wet and dry, vibration and three-dimensional, electrical and ultrasonic, laser and ... and ... perhaps just not space))) Species liposuction today as much as there are different kinds of jams and glazes for donuts! I began to scrutinize each item of the menu, generous beauty.

The oldest, a popular, if not the canonical liposuction - vacuum   - I crossed out of the list for two reasons. First - it is traumatic, and no reason to my knees, where the nerve endings dime a dozen, to endure the whole, albeit effective, but not very merciful activities cannula attached to suction. And the second - round my tanned skin on her knees not differ enviable elasticity. I'm just afraid of sagging and sagging skin after surgery.

Trio of ultrasonic, electronic and laser   liposuction at first I sympathized. Indisputable advantage here looked very short recovery period, minimalist punctures on the skin of the cannula, delicate thinning of subcutaneous fat, and it is delicately removing the outside. But these types of liposuction also does not give any guarantee that the skin will be reduced after the intervention. In addition, I was extremely alarming hypothetical possibility of burns from exposure to these waves, which is constantly mentioned in the various forums and filed under doctor's advice.

So would I chose to infinity. If Moscow from Israel have not brought three unique machine BodyTite, who praise on the American and British plastic surgery forums. (Yes, I managed to create there!) My knees did not give me the rest of the information about six months - I'm always looking for the perfect option.

Apparatus of the world's total of about 150 pieces, they are made by private clinics and order directly delivered to the customer. Principle of operation - radio wave. "If we speak simply, this technique combines the functions directly liposuction, as well as the well-known Thermage. That is, "until I remove the very spoon fat from the area of ​​the patella, the machine tightens the skin! "- Lucidly explained in the consultation Otari Gogiberidze leading plastic in KLAZKO - clinic, which acquired still cherished a car at his abode beauty.

"Before, we reasoned that the ultrasonic and laser liposuction can burn. Here, due to the characteristics of the waves themselves, it can not be so. Yes, in the course of transactions are processed vessels, which makes intervention less traumatic and more quality. Surgeons call this "to operate the dry." Nevertheless, no burns even here we can not speak, "- he explained to me Gogiberidze, which, incidentally, did not bother that girl model looks came to see him.

"This is the majority of our patients - demanding, exacting woman. In the case of thin beauties "fad" may be just the knees. But most importantly, that in the course of consultations, I realized that the patient's wish to have an operation - really strong and deliberate. And not once, "- explains the philosophy of aesthetic surgery.

 Doctor, I have a set! The story of one of liposuction ...
   My radiowave "lipo" was great, you can even say quietly. The action is to administer a local anesthetic, so that I could see the process. To be honest, I imagined plastic surgery more serious undertaking. Yet radio frequency liposuction   even not dare to call a full-fledged operation - it's more like a purely cosmetic procedure. As the hair removal or Botox. Indeed - and ukolchik and hardware effects))

It was found that the fat in my knees was nothing. More and more liquid, which is the fat that linger. From fascinating experiences to share what is already on the operating table (with local anesthesia) is seen as under the influence of radio waves is reduced skin.

Two weeks: no traces of punctures, have long been forgotten, and compression stockings, as promised me Otari, come the peak production of new collagen. So in my kneecaps or there is not only a spoon of fat - they pulled like a teenager. You could even say that the involved! As in the best tradition of Kate Moss and Fergie.