Fairy tale or a festive nail design
 So began the long-awaited winter ... Fell snow and unexpected frosts hit. But anyway, this is the most exciting time - the beginning of winter: the expectation of the New Year holidays, buying gifts for loved ones and friends, party colleagues. Shops arrange Christmas sales, we are thrilled that we choose the best outfit that will emphasize the charm of our most profitable. Well, of course, to complete the picture is necessary to bring the nails in order.

Besides the basic procedures of manicure, pedicure, nail design, you can afford to holiday options for nail design. So, let's talk about them.

All kinds of decorating nails are divided into the following types: planar, volumetric and mixed types of design.

• K planar   include painting paints, gel design (using the classical system of color gels).

Surround   It presupposes the existence of convex elements is acrylic surface and the inner molding. It may be performed using a new generation of solid gels.

Hybrid   types of design - a mix of art and media mix. For them, the master uses acrylics, gels, and paints.

The easiest and most inexpensive form of planar design - variants using different lacquers: at the selected base color coating with special lacquer-based paints on a drawing: it can be abstract stripes, waves, simulating snowflakes, Christmas trees, stars, flowers. Overlaps a design transparent fixer, sealing and polishing pattern. Occupy all manipulations of about 20-30 minutes, and the design may be performed on natural (usually) or artificial nails. Unfortunately, this option is short-lived, as the paint has a tendency to fade or shear at the tips and edges of nails.

More complicated is the design with the use of special or decorative paints. Here you will find a greater variety of designs: abstractions clear complex lace pattern in black or white.

For a more gentle and romantic way of drawing a white suit on pastel colors fundamentals to emphasize the spectacular, eye-catching outfit black is used for the drawing. At your request, it can be of any kind - simulating frosty patterns on the window, snowflakes of various kinds, Vologda lace, imitation animal skins, and simply repeating elements of decoration on the dress.

 Fairy tale or a festive nail design

No less interesting floristry - displaying of any flower in miniature. Now especially popular so-called "Chinese painting," or painted with a flat brush that allows to reproduce any motifs - "Zhostovo", "Gzhel", etc. As a result, your marigolds bloom "voluminous" flowers. This kind of design is very advantageous, appropriate attire for any option.

 Fairy tale or a festive nail design

  painting "floristic" and rhinestones

Also, to create a New Year mood master can draw on your marigolds Christmas tree (or spruce branches, decorated with beads), snow-covered branch of a mountain ash, bullfinches. The painting is also applied on the natural nail plate and on artificial turf. In the first case, covered with a protective varnish, in the second case it can be used a special gel. On time - it takes from 30 minutes to an hour. Both options are quite resistant to external influences and will please the owner of this beauty at least 1, 5-2 weeks.

Next level of difficulty assigned to the volume of acrylic or gel design. On the surface, natural or simulated master nail colored acrylic powders or solid colored gels creates the flowers, leaves, lace effect, even landscapes, such as a snow-covered house. On time - this is time-consuming procedure, from 40 minutes to 1 5 hours and more, depending on the complexity. Nails in this version are not covered by any protective equipment, since it lost the clarity of three-dimensional design, and it is a special feature. Worn long by 3-4 weeks. On artificial turf looks more logical, especially since skolovshiysya polish on natural nails with this design upgrade, without removing the molding, it is practically impossible.

 Fairy tale or a festive nail design

Normally trends Christmas nail art are based on the logo of the New Year. For example, in the year of Mouse were relevant drawings and modeling in the form of cheese mice. New Year 2010 brings us "tiger" coloring - all kinds of imitation tiger and leopard skins, tiger image muzzle.

Often, the client is asked to choose a design for them under the Christmas outfit, and it's the right choice, because in most cases you get an exclusive option.

Location of the drawing or sculpting can be absolutely anything. Winning looks and ornate French manicure with tips of different colors, transparent or opaque, or portraying a tiger skin. Particularly relevant design using a special gold, silver, colored foil hologram nail art, different shades of glitter, decorative hologram effect iridescent mica faces special beads, mother of pearl. Of course, the majority of the representatives of the beautiful half of humanity is not indifferent to decorating nails with rhinestones, zircons.

 Fairy tale or a festive nail design

  painting "abstraction" and zircons

Experiment - and then you can definitely be sure that your nails will be the highlight of your New Year's image!

Photography - the author's work.
Author: Anna Naykina master nail service