Makeup in the style of the 80s
 80 - one of the fashion trends in make-up of the upcoming autumn / winter 2009-2010. Makeup made in this style, always attracts attention and surprises. Now more and more people look back and take the idea to create his images from the 80s, 40s, 20s. But today, let's talk about how to recreate the image of the "dashing" 80.

To begin with, look for standards of style, remember, we looked like world stars then. For example, Madonna, Joan Collins, Brooke Shields.

3 Rules To create an image of the 80s

1 rule. A lot of.   80s style we associate with bouffant hairdos, using lots of mascara, eyeliner, shadow, blush, lipstick. Makeup was considered as a way to show their strength and independence, he also helped a woman to assert themselves.

2 rule. Do not hesitate.   Using makeup bright shadows, lipstick and blush requires a certain courage. Then it does not take into consideration rules "distinguish one thing", clearly emphasized and the eyes and lips. If you want to repeat today this style, make-up need to be adapted to our reality (otherwise you will misunderstand).

3 rule. Bright.   At that time, the primary colors that are used to create a make-up were: blue, light blue, pink, gray, orange. Lips often took a brown or red lipstick. But such bright colors are usually used for evening makeup. In addition, a set of shadows and lipsticks stayed in the beautician did not last long. By the end of the 80s, more women preferred natural make-up, then to the fore well-groomed skin.

 Makeup in the style of the 80s

How to apply makeup in the style of the 80s

 Makeup in the style of the 80s
   • As always, we start with the preparation of the skin. Clean the face with a lotion. Apply a moisturizer. Now take a foundation or powder and modify drawbacks: dark circles, redness etc. The main thing to remember, that was then in vogue matte leather and tan (you can use bronzing powder or something similar).

• After you are dealt a foundation, powder the skin. Now for the eyes. Take a black pencil or eyeliner and draw a line across the length on the upper eyelid. The line should be thick enough and bright.

 Makeup in the style of the 80s
   • Now select the shadow, it can be green, blue, pink, orange, purple hues. Put them all on the upper eyelid and blend up to the eyebrows. You can use two or more colors to make your image more interesting.

• Now tighten up the eyelashes (or glue false), and apply a few coats of mascara.

• Take a blush. They can be brown, pink, red. And generously put them on the cheek. The main thing, remember that it is necessary to apply blush according to the type of your face.

• Next, take a pencil and lipstick. Move the lips with a pencil, and then apply lipstick. It must always be a bright color.

What should be avoided by creating a make-up in the style of the 80s

 Makeup in the style of the 80s
   • Try not to overdo it. Then it was fashionable to make it bright. But now it is better to try to adapt the style to make it more natural. Use the golden rule: "Either my eyes or lips."

• Do not apply eyeliner on the inner edge of the century. It is suitable only as a last resort when impose evening makeup.

• Well shaded shadow and blush, not to look too "a decorated". Still, times have changed!
Author: Vera Karabutova