Nail salon: Master
 The problem of choice is always relevant. Currently, in addition to beauty salons, there are many private nail artists, and find someone who will complete your image of a good manicure, very difficult. Let's be clear.

Services manicure cabinet you can offer in the barber shop and at home. The difference between the two options - mainly in price and comfort. Some prefer the atmosphere of the studio of beauty, but there are those who are looking for at least a good service for a more reasonable price. Thus, we consider how to select the private master, and not to be mistaken, saving money, time and maintaining health.

The basic requirements to a specialist nail service are: the availability of appropriate education (supporting documents), some experience, quality of work, their costs.

Choosing the wizard, many client oriented prices .  Here you can recommend to avoid excessively cheap services in your area, because in front of you, most likely, amateur .  Of course, this option is better to exclude from their search quality nail service .  Sometimes you start the wizard, just finished his studies and did not have time to accumulate enough experience, set rather low cost of services .  About this situation, be sure to warn in advance to avoid confusion .  Prepare to be that the manicure or nail will last longer than usual, manicure - on the hour, capacity - from 4-5 hours, that is, you are acting as a model, rather than the client .  Option is very good for the ladies, has free time, students .  The only negative in relation to "excercise practice" - could be scrapped, artificial detachment of material from the natural nail, it is not the aesthetic appearance of the finished artificial nails or nail polish .

Too high prices at the absolute master of accessibility is also a strange phenomenon - if a person dearly appreciates his job, then he has been working for a long time, a lot invested in the development of oneself as a specialist. As a consequence, such a virtuoso, and get a lot of visitors to this master "the street" is problematic, often new client comes on the recommendation of the old. An exception here can be only if the master relocate, for example, moved to another city. In this case, it is appropriate to ask about experience, education specialist, called the materials used in the work.

Average price category is represented by a large number of artists. However, she hides some dangerous moments. Of course, you are interested in this property, you like the price, proximity to your workplace or home. Regarding the experience may be the same circumstances as in the previous case: it is vast, but then the master is unlikely to be a lot of free time. However, if the experience is not, or is insignificant, no one to admit it.

 Nail salon: Master
   Suppose you do decide to visit .  Pay attention to workplace expert .  It may not necessarily be in a separate room (you know, the housing problem!), And can be placed in the kitchen .  Of course, the room should be clean, well ventilated .  Welcomed the presence of the air purifier, it is said that the master takes care not only about their health and the health of their loved ones, but also about your .  When working with such materials as acrylic, bezatsetonovye solvents (such as nail polish remover), it is an important point, because in the winter to keep the window open for a long time is problematic .  Because of the equipment must be sterilizer often glasperlenovy (ball) was heated to 250˚ C, for heat treatment of metal tools or drying cabinet .  Many artists use special table vacuum dust extraction, and it helps him to breathe and to clients of its minimum amount .  If your Master uses a special device to perform hardware procedures, corrections, is another plus in his favor .  Almost every high-quality training course nail services include employment, training to use this device .  If space permits, the experts prefer to keep their instruments in the UV chamber, but it is not a full-fledged sterilizer!

Important role played by the materials and tools used by your specialist nail care. Among them may be brands that are widely publicized in the media (Creative Nail Designe, Ez Flow, OPI, Orly) and a new system of materials for nail modeling (Entity, Odyssey Nail Systems, CNI etc). During a phone conversation, you might ask what systems you are interested in enjoying a professional. This is not such confidential information to hide it, so respecting their clients and the master will not hide it. Of course, in his arsenal also includes Chinese materials!

With regard to education, decent private master will not hide the documents about your education, often, if possible, diplomas and certificates within flaunt on the wall. The numerous and diverse they are, the greater your chance to get a quality service. Here a few words of advertising: if the master has its own website with samples of work, detailed description of services and their value - this is very important! You do not buy a "pig in a poke", you can already count on the fact that your master cares about its reputation.

Thus, we highlight the main criteria according to which finding the right person for you can greatly reduce your time and save money. Good luck!
Author: Anna Naykina master nail service