The special effects on nails
 Once we got used to and started to follow the principle that many different outfits for each day can be created from a few basic things in the wardrobe - a pair of skirts, a pair of pants, a pair jackets - not clog closet to failure shoes only for one dress and cardigan just under a blouse like the same idea was born and manicure. After all, instead of buying tons of nail polishes in all colors and shades, you can buy a few basic colors and complement them with special coating (with sparkles, pearlescent, superglyantsevymi, etc.), thus creating many different shades.

Many brands, types, and colors of nail polish on sale ensures that the proper patience and perseverance you can realize almost any effect. However, for those who do not want obegat many shops, but wants to try this new trend, the brand offers a special collection of CND nail polish Colors & Effect. It is the only such collection in the world: it includes 50 basic colors and varnish 15 different coatings with different effects - together they can create 815 different shades!

Here are some amazing nail-design, made with just a single color lacquer and one or two special coatings.

 The special effects on nails

Golden sand

Gold does not need to be presented. This metal is the most spectacular and expensive decoration, he wore his queen and worshiped entire nations. In addition, gold is a symbol not only of wealth and power, but also the sun, life and fertility. Modern designers and jewelers used gold in the most expensive of its creations: jewelry, clothing, and even mobile phones and gold make-up and manicure Woman making a truly irresistible.

1. Draw a vertical wave of varnish rich ruby ​​hue (540 Dark Ruby from CND).
2. The center line of the cover seductive golden sparkling effect (559 Gold Sparkle).
3. Gold acrylic paint draws the outline of the waves. Then we put a point along the contour with a gradual change in size.
4. Cover the design of the upper lustrous finish (Super Shiney).

 The special effects on nails

Diamond trail

As you know, girl's best friend - diamonds: and ears, and neck, and, of course, on your toes. And not only in the form of a magnificent wedding ring, but in the form of components manicure. Exciting twists, passionate color, luxurious gold and sparkling crystals transform women's hands in the main weapon of seduction and easily draw your attention to the strong sex.

1. lacquered Bordeaux (529 Bloodline) draw a vertical wavy lines.
2. draws the effect of fine golden sequins (553 Gold Shimmer).
3. Cover the design of the upper lustrous finish (Super Shiney). Until the coating has dried, lay him rhinestones, repeating the line traced effect.
4. The finished design again covers the upper brilliant effect (Super Shiney).

 The special effects on nails

Geometry style

Clean lines and geometric patterns have become a major trend, not only in fashion but also in manicure. Contrasting patterns give the image brightness and modernity, they indicate the determination and courage of a woman who is at the same time elegant and refined.

1. We cover the nails bright red lacquer (528 Indian Rhubarb), leaving unpainted a wavy line along the entire nail plate.
2. Then cover half the nail pearl effect (550 Gold Pearl).
3. Black acrylic paint to set off the unfilled line and draws the outline for design.
4. Black acrylic paint dorisovyvat design. Then, the design draws on the Glitter lacquer basis.
5. The finished design covers the upper lustrous finish (Super Shiney).

 The special effects on nails

Flirty corset

What could be more feminine and sexy than showy corset, accentuating the shape of the female body? Men are so pleasant to contemplate a woman, honed in fashion is the greatest invention of silk, satin and lace! Now this is a failsafe weapon of seduction with laces and sequins can be recreated and the nails.

1. cover the entire nail plate pink varnish (519 Raspberry Parfait).
2. Then the sparkling pearl effect (558 Violet Shimmer) cover a diagonal line.
3. Black acrylic paint to make drawing on the pearl surface.
4. Cover the design of the upper lustrous finish (Super Shiney). Until the coating has dried, spread it along the rhinestone design.
5. The finished design again covers the upper lustrous finish Super Shiney.

 The special effects on nails

Chinese silk

Since ancient times, Europeans are very attracted by the culture of the East: the mysterious and so unlike their own, with a unique philosophy, way of life and to ourselves. Influence of the East to the fashion world can not be overstated: if you look closely, there are some oriental features in many collections already very firmly established in our lives. It has long been one of the most popular products from the East were fabrics: silks and satins were first brought from there. Delicate, weightless and has a unique iridescent texture, they served as inspiration for creating this manicure and Moonstone in the design of the nail will help to emphasize the traditions of the East.

1. Cover the nail plate with black lacquer (538 Blackjack), leaving unpainted inverted smile line.
2. Then, the glittering effect with a greenish tinge (554 Emerald Shimmer) cover perionychium to the free edge and the free edge of the nail.
3. Design covers the upper lustrous finish Super Shiney. Until the coating has dried, lay it in the form of crystals Moonstone on unpainted line, as well as one at the tip of the free edge.
4. The finished design again covers the upper lustrous finish Super Shiney.

 The special effects on nails

Milky Way

Space was the main theme of the world's population 30-40 years ago. Then first appeared Futurism fashion - clothing, interiors, film, art. Now the space has ceased to be a topic of the day, but nevertheless it still attracts its mystery and futurism regularly returns to the podium, taking new images and shapes. But we all know that the female soul no less mysterious than the vastness of the universe. Looking at this design, a man will want to solve your mystery and a hint will be his stellar track on your nails ...

1. Black lacquer (541 Oilslick) draw on the nails of three wavy lines.
2. Land cover the top and bottom of the purple pearl effect (558 Violet Shimmer), and the center - the effect with a touch of indigo (555 Ice Blue).
3. Light pink acrylic paint draws the contour lines traced fill one of the sites, and draw a pattern on the center line.
4. Silver Glitter lacquer based on fill design and draws some lines.
5. The resulting design covers the upper lustrous finish (Super Shiney).

 The special effects on nails

Festive Mood

Bright colors are a proven tool to set the mood. And so they are always before my eyes, do manicure on their basis. This nail-art will not only positive emotions, but also a stylish and modern way.

1. Cover the nail plate with bright orange paint (545 Electric Orange).
2. Then, in the middle of the nail holding the long string pearl effect (550 Gold Pearl).
3. Black acrylic paint to make the drawing of straight and wavy lines along effect.
4. Then the gold sequins on the basis of lacquer set off the effect of a longitudinal line.
5. Cover the top design brilliant cover (Super Shiney).

Successful experiments!
Author: Lyudmila Lavrushina