Types of spa-treatments. Part 2
 Today, beauty salons offer a huge number of various treatments for themselves. Not surprisingly, you can get confused. Here and a variety of massages and beauty treatments for face and body. Each has its positive properties. And to help you find out, we gathered the most popular types of procedures are going to talk about them.

Today we will focus on procedures for the face (the first part of the article here). Let's get started and try not to miss anything.

In general, all treatments for the face can be divided into several groups:

1. Basic procedure. This is a common procedure, the purpose of which is to improve the flow of blood to the skin, remove toxins and dirt.

2. Pull-up procedure. The name speaks for itself.

3. Procedures to help fight acne.

Basic facial treatments:

1. Caring for a person using cosmetics that contain concentrated oxygen.   This procedure is good because it helps to achieve several outcomes: to destroy the bacteria that cause the emergence and development of acne, soften the skin, help in dealing with various skin imperfections. Ideally, the entire procedure shall consist of the use of funds on the basis of oxygen: scrub, mask, cream. And in a normal salon of all this should be accompanied by more and facial massage. It is believed that this procedure helps to improve the complexion smokers.

 Types of spa-treatments. Part 2

2. Caring for a person using a variety of mud and clay.   Base of the mask on the basis of these components. Clay has good cleansing and exfoliating properties. Moreover, after the clay masks considerably narrower pores. As for the healing mud, the stores often use Dead Sea mud. It not only cleanses and tightens the skin, but also fills it with life force, because contains a large quantity of various minerals.

 Types of spa-treatments. Part 2

3. Caring for a person using a salt scrub (Salt Glow).   This procedure makes the skin extremely soft and glowing health. With its help, you can significantly improve blood flow, which will ultimately lead to the fact that you just will flourish. In this case, a mixture of salt and vegetable oils. It is used not only for individuals but also for the entire body.

 Types of spa-treatments. Part 2

4. Facial using products containing vitamin C.   This procedure helps to improve the complexion, clean the pores, and has a slight firming effect.

5. Caring for a person with the use of essential and vegetable oils.   Aromatherapy is firmly established in our lives. Essential oils are increasingly used, ranging from food and ending with care. Treatments for a person using more oil has relaxing properties. Although oil typically contain a lot of nutrients that itself will affect the condition of your skin. For procedures commonly used by those that do not clog the pores.

 Types of spa-treatments. Part 2

6. Facial treatments using galvanic current.   You should not only be frightened. 220 no one will fail. Galvanic current is normally used in combination with a water-based. It is because of the current, they penetrate deep into the skin, and the effectiveness of the procedure is greatly improved. The positive effect of this procedure will not only beautiful skin. The fact that by acting shock, we increase the skin's ability to absorb nutrients. This procedure is suitable for people with dry skin, as a result there is a considerable moisture.

 Types of spa-treatments. Part 2

7. Procedures to use funds that contain gold particles. Of course, this procedure is expensive. Gold helps to remove from the skin of toxins, excess fluid, helps cells recover faster. Commonly used a whole series of products containing gold. Addition to this procedure can be a massage with golden spoons. One heated and the other cooled. Alternates and experts of touch first with warm, then cold. The purpose of massage - to improve blood circulation, increase the absorption of skin creams.

 Types of spa-treatments. Part 2

8. Facial using algae.   Algae are known for their content of a large number of minerals and nutrients. Not surprisingly, the use in cosmetics creams and masks on their basis. They give good results in the fight against acne, improve the complexion and enhance the regeneration of the skin.

Firming facial

- Collagen mask . Collagen - an important component of a beautiful toned skin. The whole procedure is aimed at stimulating the production of collagen in the body. Here and cleansing and special mask and facial massage using the technique of lymphatic drainage and hydration.

 Types of spa-treatments. Part 2

- Bio-lifting.   Facelift procedure without surgery. It is based on the use of galvanic current.

- Botox injections . Every year they are becoming more accessible. Action Botox is aimed at relaxing the muscles causing wrinkles become less pronounced. Repeat injections every 3-4 months is necessary.

 Types of spa-treatments. Part 2

- Dermabrasion . This procedure helps to combat wrinkles and scars. Through this procedure, our skin begins to actively produce more collagen and elastin. Similar actions have procedures using carbon dioxide laser, Erbium laser and chemical peels.

- Photo recovery.   It uses flash of light passed through the filter. The procedure is painless. As a result, the reported energy, our skin begins to actively produce collagen. The whole procedure may take 15 to 45 minutes, depending on the area of ​​treatment. Feature - can be used not only on the face. To achieve stable results need somewhere 6 sessions. But this procedure is not only fighting wrinkles. People suffering from acne, enlarged pores, increased pigmentation, can also benefit from it.

- Glycolic peels . It has good peeling properties, removes dead skin cells, making wrinkles less visible.

Treatments that help fight acne

The procedures to combat acne, can be very aggressive.

- Chemical peeling.   This is the easiest way to improve the appearance of the skin. During this procedure, various acids. As a result, removes dead cells, destroys bacteria that trigger acne.

- Katiodermiya.   Stimulation of the skin shock - is that it improves blood circulation and helps to fight acne.

- Laser treatment.   Laser removes the skin affected by a rash. Action narrowly focused, so that healthy skin is not affected. The procedure is absolutely painless.

Of course, it is worth mentioning yet mikrodermabarziyu .

But in all cases it is necessary to consult a dermatologist and try to combine specific procedures with the procedures of the general course of facial care.
Author: Vera Karabutova