Which cosmetics are the "stars"? Cate Blanchett
 Tell me, what kind of makeup you use, and I'll tell you who you are. Do not you think that it's not just retold in a new way all the famous phrase. Choosing makeup can tell a lot about a person, his character and way of life, is not it? And some people with their choice can teach a great lesson, and even inspire. Kate chose the most-most. Her selection shows excellent awareness, individuality and attention to innovation and creative solutions.

Favorite tools for skin care by Cate Blanchett

• Face Mask SK-II Facial Treatment.
  10 sheets for $ 120. Kate says that this mask as vitamins to her face. Intrigued? What is this miracle product?

This mask provides unrivaled hydration of the skin, 10 times more than the usual cream. A program from the calculated 10-fold application of a 28-day cycle. Directly on the moon watch live beautiful Kate!

How it works? The mask is designed for use 2-3 times a week, depending on skin condition. It is used after a thorough cleansing of the face. It is better to do it with the help of the lotion of the series SK-II. Each masochka packed in a special silver pouch. After removing it must be gently but firmly pressed to the face. After 10 minutes, the mask can be easily removed from the face, and it is better to remove the excess with a cotton swab, although it is best to wait until the bracer itself is absorbed completely into the skin. What is the result? In principle, all "written" on the face of ever-fresh and radiant Blanchett. It is - youth, shine and excellent moisture.

 Which cosmetics are the "stars"? Cate Blanchett

• Sunscreens Colorescience   ($ 50). Kate spends time in Australia, the sun is really strong, at times aggressive. "I never leave home without protection" - tells Kate about sunscreens. One of its main preferences among protective products - Colorescience Sunforgettable Brush SPF 30. This is a completely new way to protect from the sun! This - no cream or emulsion, this - easy means powder-like powder.

 Which cosmetics are the "stars"? Cate Blanchett
   This incredibly light, almost weightless powder provides long sun protection SPF 30. Apply with a brush, and the composition of the mineral-based formula contains no dyes, chemicals and perfumes, making it ideal for everyone - for men, women, children, and even for people with eczema or other skin problems.

Kate chose another revolutionary tool. This powder powder keeps the skin cool even under the scorching sun, it is not erased from contact with clothing and rinse with water. It even withstands the majority of cosmetic procedures (laser resurfacing, for example). It has a good recommendation as a preventive method against skin cancer.

Favorite tools for hair care by Cate Blanchett

• Air conditioning Philip Kingsley
  ($ 28). "It makes my curly hair soft and manageable" - says Kate.

The product - also, do not be surprised innovation. It's designed to keep the balance of moisture on the entire length of hair. This is true for the majority of women, as is a very common type of hair prone to oily at the roots and dry at the tips. Suitable this air conditioner for curly hair, hair with a perm. Additionally, it makes hair soft and shiny, and is also suitable for children's hair, which indicates the absolute harmlessness and hypoallergenic product.

 Which cosmetics are the "stars"? Cate Blanchett

Favorite make-up of Cate Blanchett

Cate Blanchett prefers mineral make-up. Thus necessarily be present in the composition of SPF (not less than 30!), Zinc oxide, titanium dioxide. Do not believe it, but these are the conditions of her!

Among the favorite means - red lipstick, light mineral powder, brown eyeliner and mascara brown or black pigment of pale. And one of the favorite brands - Stila. And this choice also speaks in favor of the originality and identity of the actress.

• Shadow Chantecaille Eye Shadow   in shades of Pyrite and Aqua ($ 28 for each color). "Neutral - every day, and blue - for special occasions," - says Kate about choosing the shadows for themselves. Normally, Kate chooses natural ground shade shades pearlescent glow. According to her, a pearly gleam shadows conceals wrinkles, roughness, and also creates a bright accent and how to illuminate the usual matte shadow.

• Lipstick Edward Bess.   Kate uses a shade of Eternal Passion ($ 27). "If lipstick - the pure red color, it is ideal for color of my skin." Lipstick in question, lasts a long time without losing its properties. Formula rich in silicon, and vitamins A and E, has a subtle delicate fragrance of wild rice and is able to give an additional amount for the more sensual lips.

• Eyeliner Stila , Hue Tigers Eye (Tiger Eye) cost $ 18. "I love rich brown tones, they are easy to use" - a word Blanchett. This liner provides bold and clear colors, natural look, making it look more expressive and clearer. It is distinguished by ultra soft texture, it is perfectly glides on skin century, and the coating looks silky and smooth.

 Which cosmetics are the "stars"? Cate Blanchett

Author: Julia Gnedina