About beauty eyebrows
 The irregular shape of eyebrows can lead to what your face will look sad, old or tired. We talked to an expert on the eyebrows Lisa Petrescu (Eliza Petrescu) and found out the secret of beautiful eyebrows.

The best way to ensure that the eyebrows looked as if they were handled pro - Consult a professional :) If you have sparse brows, first give them the opportunity to grow up a little bit. And then in the cabin near to shape.

And if you do well, just can not get to a specialist, try to treat yourself eyebrows, following our instructions.

Firstly, a special brush, lift the eyebrows up and trim all messy hair with scissors.

Then proceeded to work on the shape and arch of the eyebrows. Remember that the distance between the eyebrows should be equal to the width of your eyes, and to measure what should be the length of the eyebrow, take a pencil and place it diagonally from the nostril to the end of the eye - it will show you where it must end.

Remember, natural is always better! Do not overdo it with the plucking. If you find a suitable form of eyebrows, the support it will be the easier. Use tweezers with slanted edge to remove excess hair.

Complete the image using eyebrow pencil or a special powder, but only if you have areas that need in disguise. (Use a shade that matches your natural color or slightly darker). Comb brow brush pointing upwards for greater density, and steered to the side - for thinner eyebrows.

Finally, do not forget to take care of eyebrows and feed them a special gel.