Minisovety to create a new image
 The right make-up for all occasions.

 Minisovety to create a new image

Start with a light, quickly absorbed moisturizer like Nivea Visage Q10 Plus, which prevents the appearance of wrinkles and contains sunscreen SPF of 15.

Liquid foundation is aligned face tone. And be sure to add the blush - they will refresh the form.

If you think that with the onset of winter skin was too pale - contact your tanning. He will return to you a gorgeous chocolate shade, as if you just came back from the islands. Neutrogena's Instant Bronze - and bronzer, and toners in one. So, you will immediately see where and how much struck vehicle.

 Minisovety to create a new image

To focus on the eyes, try color lenses. There are plenty of shades - from hazelnut to sapphire and amethyst. To wear such lenses do not necessarily have bad eyesight.

False eyelashes - not such a difficult thing and tedious as it may seem. Try Revlon's FantasyLengths Maximum Wear Eyelashes. They do not require the use of glue, continuously enters the eye; simply remove the sticky webbing and attach to the right place. Before you try to tighten up using ink, such as L'Oréal's Panoramic Curl Mascara.

 Minisovety to create a new image

Your hands are very soft and smooth after using lotion Olay Body Quench Rapid Repair lotion.

Use quick-drying coatings for example, Maybelline Express Finish Advance Wear Fast-Dry Nail Enamel.

 Minisovety to create a new image

Bright saturated shine - the fastest way to get a sponge, attracting stares.

If possible, go for a whitening procedure: there is nothing that draws admiring glances as snow-white smile. If a trip to the dentist is delayed, use the express bleach, buying it at your local pharmacy.