Simple ways to visually enlarge the eyes
 Have you ever seen photos of celebrities, first with the makeup, and then without? My favorite actress - Gwyneth Paltrow (Gwyneth Paltrow), and one day I was shocked to see her without makeup. Her eyes almost disappeared. Although, in the usual photo of her eyes just light up. What is the secret?

They are several.

1. Always tighten lashes before using mascara. In fact, you can tighten them after its application, but only when it is completely dry, otherwise the cilia begin to break down.

2. Do not forget the bottom lashes. For several years, I have never painted lower lashes, until one day the stylist showed me how this increases the eye. To apply mascara on lower lashes, position the brush vertically and slide it back and forth.

3. For naive try to bring a seductive look lower eyelid with white cream eyeliner. We advise you to Estee Lauder Artists's Eye Pencil color White Writer ($ 18.50).

White liner may look pretty strange, but really opens your eyes. You can also bring them to the inner corner of the eye, as well as the upper and lower eyelids.

4. Another way to focus on the eyes - use a pencil instead of a white metal shades. Mark points along the brow bone and blend well. Primary color concentrate on the inner corners of the eyes. Do not hurt and shadow.

5. Make sure your eyebrows groomed and neat. As long as you are not handled professionally eyebrows, you do not realize how much they affect the overall picture. Remove the speakers, unruly hairs, adjust the shape of eyebrows - your mind will immediately appear more expressive, and his eyes - more.

To eyebrows were always in order, use a special gel, for example, Maybelline Great Lash Clear Mascara, or sprinkle with hair spray toothbrush and ulozhte hairs in the right direction.
Author: Ann, New York