Tattoo Secrets
 What could be common between Angelina Jolie, Winston Churchill and Pink? Tattoo! More and more people, not just celebrities, decided on a "decoration" of the body. The tattoo is not just a fashionable phenomenon - the indelible image can tell a lot about people who choose it.

The existence of the risk of infection during tattooing written quite a lot .  Device by means of which a drawing is brought into contact not only with the skin, but also blood, therefore relatively high risk of infection .  Indelible image is performed by introducing the pigment into the skin with a fine needle .  It is important to choose a master who perform tattooing, since in this area works are still many people who do not have a license and are not certified .  But so it is important to observe all safety measures: needles should be disposable and stored in a sterile package, the device for application and the material must undergo sterilization in an autoclave, do their job is to master only of disposable surgical gloves .  For good results and rapid healing it is very important to follow all the recommendations of the master, in the case of doubt should immediately seek not only has fulfilled tattoo specialist, but also a doctor .

Very many are interested in the question of how painful is the process of tattooing.   Keep in mind that the pain threshold at all different. But, nevertheless, we should not forget that in any case the discomfort will be felt, because a master does 200 to 600 needle sticks per minute! The hardest hit are transferred first 5-10 minutes, and then the skin gets used, and the feeling is not so sharp.

Picture tattoos can be any .  There are even certain fashion trends in the selection of the figure for the tattoo, which vary from year to year .  In recent times you can see the tattoo done in the east or the Polynesian-style - and it's not surprising .  Initially, this type of body jewelry has come to us from there .  Even the word "tattoo" comes from the Tahitian «tatau», which means "drawing" .  The girls enjoyed the same success butterflies, fairies, allowing you to keep the femininity, even after the passage of such a clearly male, ritual, like a tattoo .  What should not be applied as tattoos themselves masters - so it's the name of her lover or favorite star .  As you know, the passion and love are, and not the fact that the next object of adoration like presence in your body Impersonating .  And the man himself, disappointed in the next life partner, can perceive such a tattoo as the greatest folly of his life .

Do not forget that any most beautiful tattoo can lose one's attraction, then you expect quite a long and painful process of removing it.   Even a modern procedure like laser removal is not entirely painless. The amount of future procedures will depend on the size of the pattern and intensity of the pigment.

Master can also adjust ceased to please the tattoo sketch name or changing the bit pattern. In a pinch, you can use a specialized toning tool that is available in various shades of the color of the skin and is designed to hide the scars. However, this process is a daily and also takes time.

  For those who have not yet decided on a permanent tattoo, but want to stand out from the crowd, or just impress your friends at a party, there is a temporary tattoo. For it, a special ink that is not washed away within a few days. Then, if desired, a tattoo to be constant using conventional patterning technology. Another fashionable trend - using henna to decorate hands in oriental style. There are two variants of this figure - it can be done in brown and black. However, in recent times louder warning that black henna patterns to apply to the skin contains toxic ingredients.

The choice for a tattoo drawing largely characterizes a person .  If at a young age tattoo serves as a greater rebellion against the will of the parents, or the desire to prove their loyalty and belonging to a group, the later in life a tattoo more indicative of some important event, you want to attract the opposite sex, to emphasize their sex appeal .  Tattoo - a symbol of self-affirmation, publicly revealing its flavors, and sometimes - it's a real beauty accessory that adds the flavor that is sure to attract the opposite sex .  Fans of astrology and other mystical sciences are often applied as a pattern your zodiac sign, numerology number or your Chinese emblem .  This is as if they just emphasize that the compatibility of these features is very important for them .  Lovers who believe that reaching out to them is the only love that will be forever in their lives tend to talk about it around the world, putting the name of a loved one on the skin .  Polynesian ornaments around the ankle or in the area of ​​the forearm speak about a manifestation of aestheticism, especially since this figure emphasizes the benefit beautiful body .  Generally, the tattoo is often applied to emphasize a particular part of the body .  Sometimes, they help mask defect .

 Tattoo Secrets
  Tattoo Secrets

There are people who prefer to put a large number of tattoos on her body, turning it thus into a living work of art. And some just talk this way about important events in their lives.

For another category of people tattoo - it is something like an amulet, talisman.   To draw a happy and prevent bad events, some selected as drawing horseshoe, four-leaf clover or a Chinese dragon, which embodies the supreme power that can change destiny. Others feel the need to call for help divine powers, causing the skin to cross, the Virgin Mary, a crucifix or Buddha.

A manifestation of narcissism - is tattooing in places that are hidden from others. This tattoo will contemplate only one who caused it, or very close to him. An interesting fact is that if in the 19th century erotic aspect of the tattoo are determined by its content, is now drawing plays such an important role as a place of its location. Made in the chest, hip, pubic hair, buttocks, navel, this tattoo is irresistibly draws the eye and makes you a partner in his eyes simply irresistible.
Author: Natalia Biatova