Bikini - design
 Going to a beauty salon, among a huge list of cosmetic services, you can not find all the more familiar procedure - bikini design. And, although this phenomenon is not so new, for many women it is a mystery that also includes the procedure.

First of all, we should say that bikini-design - this is one of the trends in the art of hairdressing, focused on giving the hair in the genital area of ​​interest, sometimes bizarre forms.   Bikini design is a continuation of intimate haircuts and differs from it by the fact that in this case the cut is performed by using different colors, is also decorated with stones and rhinestones, sequins, feathers and down. An additional effect of making temporary tattoos (biotatuazh) to help enhance the contours of a hairstyle. And, although the term bikini design appeared in our language only in the last decade abroad has more than fifty first-class craftsmen create unique, vivid images, increasingly improving their skills.

  Needless to say that women do such a haircut, I feel much more confident sexually, which invariably affects intimate relationships, brings fresh paint, and diversity.

Strangely enough, but in a spectacular decoration bikini paramount, not the choice of the figure. Specialist implement bikini design primarily pay attention to the body proportions of the client. After all, what will approach owners of wide hips, will not look at the woman whose hips are narrow.

The first may be advisable drawings with elegant thin lines, and the second - large drawings with broad lines. Also important and growing client. Woman with short stature can safely choose vertical paintings that visually stretches her figure. But women should be greater emphasis on horizontal lines. Also, when choosing a pattern you should pay attention to its compatibility with the skin color.

Regarding the choice of the picture, then Today relevant today, finding an echo in the latest fashion trends, compositions.

At the peak of the popularity of Oriental motifs with their mysterious characters and symbols. Also popular intricate labyrinths, mysterious letters Old Germanic runic alphabet, exciting imagination flames and patterns on the glass frozen frost.

Doing bikini - design, it is important to take into account the point that not all elements of the master used quite durable. After all, only base paint will last about a month. But feathers and down, giving a figure greater effect will be allotted to them on the spot just a few hours. Rhinestones and sequins - from one to three days. A temporary tattoo will keep up to five days.

How is the process of applying to the bikini area you liked the image?

First of all, it is necessary to stipulate that the procedure should be done only in special stores where there is equipped classrooms and qualified specialists. Besides the fact that the wizard will create a unique image, You podstrahuetes the opportunity to catch some disease. Using only disposable gloves, interaction during the procedure only with the necessary procedures for ingredients not affected mucosa - all this reduces the risk of infection to a minimum. At the same time, the whole procedure takes from one hour to two. Basically it depends on the complexity of the design used jewelry and expert skill levels.

After you will take you to a comfortable position on the couch or chair, reminiscent of gynecology, master inflict on the bikini area using a stencil or "by hand" the selected pattern.

To start the zone to be depilation treated with a tonic, which not only cleans the skin, but also softens the pain, thanks to the presence in its composition of menthol .  For Hair Removal Wizard will apply warmed wax, which podsyhaya forms a film that will quickly remove unwanted hair .  This method allows removing hair shearing retain the shape of not less than two weeks .  At that time, as deleted hair with razors germinate after only a couple of days .  Those hairs that are necessary for drawing postrigut, paint .  Different salons use different paint .  Better use of natural colors, since they are not only harmless but does not cause irritation of the mucosa, do not cause allergic reactions .  After washing off the paint, the entire surface of the skin from which the hair was removed, processed talc .  And only after that to proceed with the final process - Jewelry down, feathers, sequins, crystals, which are used for securing safe for the skin adhesive . 

Are there any contraindications for this procedure?

Absolutely. Primarily, these include fungal and inflammatory diseases of the skin, inflamed lymph nodes, irritation and sores, sunburn, diabetes. It should postpone the implementation of the bikini-design is not only during menstruation, but three days before she and three - after. It is also desirable that the length of the hair at the time was performing haircuts at least six millimeters.

After avoid the use of funds and shower creams, as well as visit a solarium and direct sunlight. The reason is that the skin is subjected to depilation, irritated and take some time to restore it to function.

Perhaps many will encourage women to experiment with seating bikini upcoming holidays, vacation or wedding. But, in my opinion, does not need to wait for important dates, in order to give yourself and your loved holiday that will leave indelible memories. Stylish and spectacular bikini-design would be a terrific gift for a loved one
Author: Elizabeth Ranevskaya