Make-up: fix bugs
 Sometimes, doing makeup, we allow some mistakes, whether the excess foundation, roll the shade or too large amounts of ink. How quickly things right? Here are our tips.

"Dirty" or too dark foundation

The golden rule is: better disadvantage than an excess of color. If the foundation is applied unevenly, do not try to add more color and do not try to rub it into the skin - remove the excess with a cloth, "dabbing" skin from the center to the temples, carrying out wide movements toward the edge of the face.

Eyelashes effect "spider legs"

Do not try to wash off the excess water, mascara, it will only aggravate the situation. Better to just comb the already dry lashes special brush. Continue to try to apply a minimum carcass, concentrating only on the outer corners of the lashes to look was more open.

The folds of shadows

The key point in the application of shadows - the use of translucent powder UNDER OVER crisp shadow or cream. If the shadow all the same "folded" in the crease, then wrap your index finger with a soft cloth and gently remove the rest of the shadows. Then apply a small amount of a new batch, using a small brush. And do not forget the powder base.

Needless plucked eyebrows

Select eyebrow pencil as close to your natural eyebrow color as possible, and lightly mark the line of their natural growth. Then, use an old toothbrush to soften the line, lightly feathered it. Moreover, today a large number of special mascara eyebrows. This is - a great way to return them density and fashionable appeal.

Excess blush

Can not be tempted to add more color to smooth out the bumps. Remove excess color using a tissue, then apply a little powder on the cheekbones transparent in order to align the color.

Uneven tan

If you are a victim of poor tanning, immediately go to the shower and exfoliate the upper stained skin cells using solid washcloths. For the face, use tinted moisturizer, but avoid that in certain areas the color was more intense than in others. He must lie evenly on the face and neck.