Answers to all contestants from Tatyana Garmash-Roffe
 Dear readers of the portal! We were really lucky. We met an interesting man, a beautiful woman and a wonderful writer. I do not know about you, but we really captured this three-way affair with three very different interview with Tatyana Garmash-Roffe.

First, Tatiana answered questions from the editorial board, the conversation turned intelligent, delicate, unusual. Read here the material id = 3280.

And after us, like in a real detective, I seized the opportunity to continue acquaintance and ask their questions to the writer. Readers portal a month left Tatiana questions. The authors of the best questions were awarded prizes from Tatiana, and their answers can be found in this (first) interview id = 3386.

But you remember, promised three-way combination. And today we are publishing another interview with Tatyana Garmash-Roffe. Even our beloved author said absolutely all the questions readers of MyCharm.

Ask Larisa
Good afternoon! I regularly watch for your creativity and I'm wondering, in your personal life and you are the same responsible, gave himself completely, demanding woman? As I understand it, you are a perfectionist?
Thank you in advance, your constant reader, Larissa.

Tatyana Garmash-Roffe:
If you make such a conclusion on the text of my novels, then bravo! You're right, Larissa, I'm a perfectionist. At least in the works. In all it is impossible to be a perfectionist neither forces will not suffice, nor the time.
Responsible me, perhaps, be called (this quality, it seems to me, is the basis of perfectionism), but I personally demanding to himself. The other concern is much more leniently. I do not sympathize with people demanding to others. Everything must start with yourself ...

Ask Lyudmila A .:
Tatiana, Hello! Tell me, please, if you would have got in the 17th century, what would you write? You would tell people what they will progress?
What culinary dish reminds you of your childhood?
Could peresskazat your books to people who can not read?
Do you believe that somewhere there might be born a perfect man, devoid of any flaws?
Do you think that you have a twin?

1. The people of the 17th century I would have talked about the progress ... if I was sure I was not burned at the stake for it!
2. A lot. My mother prepares excellent - perfectly cooked and my grandmother. You name it. Moreover, I myself am preparing very well - so if suddenly overcome nostalgia, you can pamper yourself!
3. It was a question-medalist, - him I said.
4. It is impossible. Even the greatest advantages of the "ideal person" to someone may seem impaired. After all, our weaknesses - is a continuation of our strengths!
5. Double? Hmm ... I do not think. My appearance is not a common type. However, I once imagined a situation in which I meet his counterpart ... And I was so impressed. I wrote the novel "The Mystery of my reflection."

Ask Vasilina:
Hello Tatiana!
Tell me, in France, a lot of women writers? And in general, where people like to read, bookstores popular?
And if your books translated into French? If not, I would like you to read you your fellow Frenchmen? Maybe they read? Then what do they say? French interested in your characters and themes?
Thank you!

1. Lots.
2. They love to read, yes, and bookstores popular. Although there is a tendency, as well as throughout the world, reducing the interest in the book. Youth mental space gradually captures interactive games.
3. It is not translated. Of course, we would like. I read only one novel friend that owns Russian. (I'm writing in Russian, do not forget!) She was so interesting that she volunteered to translate.

He asks the reader :)
Tatiana, Hello! You have two children. How do they relate to your creativity? Do read your books? And in general, how do you bring them up in terms of literary development? What are advised to read, and I read a lot of children in the family of a writer? :)) Now the question is relevant - young people often do not read books. Thank you in advance for your reply!

Children (they are adults) read my novels. Read critically, though I appreciate what I write. Children notice the flaws, suggest where and what should be corrected. They have a decent luggage read the best works of world literature, whereby it is, from what a start in the estimates of books.
Recently, they began to cooperate with me in the development of the plot for a novel, and I am very glad their participation.

Ask elelenna
Hello Tatiana!
Firstly, I want to tell you that you look great! And it's not just the outer beauty, but also inner beauty! You are a really light! And in this regard, once the question - no, not how you do it))) And how important to you the beauty of your loved one? And what ...
Secondly, your artwork always impressed me deeply, but an invention or not - let me remain a mystery ... And you imagine, please, what the doctors said that you have to live one day, how would you spend that day? What would spend precious last 24hours of your life? Well, and thirdly, (in Russia there is a saying, God loves a trinity), do you believe in God, may fate? What do you believe? Maybe omen about "black" cat? What interesting superstitions or omens have writers? Thanks in advance for your answers!

1. Thank you :) I understand beauty is important to a loved one? elelenna I promise to answer all the questions here, but your are not simple enough that I want to offer you to go to our forum where you can talk more .... But I still keep my promise to answer briefly: the beauty is not important - but the general facial expression, the impression which it leaves me. Beauty traits usually leaves me indifferent: I admire, but no more.
2. The answers are, because this issue - the prize-winner!
3. I have a lot of things I can tell you in response. And in short, I am in God - the religious understanding - do not believe it. The fate - yes, but not like in the fairy with a magic wand.
4. signs - no. I'm not superstitious and, though I am not a religious man, but not superstition welcome (meaning that the Church does not welcome them, too). Of other writers I do not know.

Ask Modest
How often do you dream prophetic dreams? And if you reincarnate your dreams in stories / novels ..?
Thank you

Sometimes. Sometimes they fit into the text of the novel. But turn a dream into a novel - it is impossible. I just retell it, as, for example, in the "secret of my reflection" (where the planet was left door).

Ask Alex
What do you think: writers born or made? When you feel like a writer? And your family is your creativity? Thank you for your fascinating product!

The eternal question: talent or work? Both. Talent, for example, the unit and work - zero. Together - ten individually - dust.
Writer of myself felt since childhood. Writer - that is, anyone with a profession - only after it was published a few of my novels.
The family is proud of me and helping in every way. And thank you for your kind words!

Ask Olga
Agatha Christie told detectives that she finds subjects for washing dishes, "This is a stupid activity that inevitably comes to mind about the murder." Is there anything in your real detective story? How developed is your relationship with the household? (They say that the writers in the home - quite helpless people).

Real stories - not. I love them to compose. The elements of these stories are drawn, of course, in real life - otherwise would have received fantastic.
At home I have not helpless. I am preparing a delicious, love to pamper your family dishes and pickles (cucumbers, tomatoes, mushrooms ...). Genesis - cleaning, ironing - I was shuffled off to a pretty woman, my daily maid. But if for some reason can not come - she is coping. I would even able to do everything herself - it just takes time away from writing books, that hurt ...

Ask Faina
1. How would you feel if you knew that the great-grandfather was a great prince? It would change your life, and how?
2. work- it is a separate element of life, for which the pay is good. And there are other values ​​in life? What is more important, profession or loved ones?
3. Write you text messages? If you had one day given the chance to become a man, what would you do in this day? What is your relationship with the media?

1. I suspect that nothing would have changed. At least not for the better. In those days, the titles were distributed to those who distinguished themselves in military campaigns - and, consequently those who are more people killed and more looted ... I do not think that I would have liked such a legacy.
2. And the profession and loved ones. Hard and without and without the other.
3. rarely write text messages. I do not see in them.
4. If I had become a man ... What horror! I would go for surgery to remake a woman!
5. Relations with the media? And what, to them it is necessary to have some kind of special relationship? I do not know, somebody comes to me and asks interview. I give it ... That's all.
Or did you mean article about me and other types of reviews? There is even simpler. Most responds well, so there is no problem. Sometimes (pity that rarely) write sensible remarks - and I take note of them. Being a perfectionist by nature, I take criticism as a reasonable aid.

Ask Alla Stoletova
Hello Tatiana!
Tell me, have you ever wrote in other genres? Generally, women want to write a novel or a poem? Sometimes you do not want to change the genre? thank)))

Female Novel - no. Poems written in childhood and adolescence. Change the genre - in principle, is not desirable. I love detective, he enormous opportunities. But there are plans for fiction. I do not know what to do with them.

Ask Alla Smirnova
1. Publishing business - business too! :) Dear Tatyana! Would you write novels, if they do not buy the publishing house, that is for the future generations? - 2. And one of the sponsors you think your creative "competitors" - Dontsova Ustinov, Akunin, Ruby or other? Thank you very much in advance!

1. This question - the prize-winner, the answer has already been given.
2. None of the above. Each of these authors - has its own "niche". And I - their own. We are not a patch on the crowd, and we do not need to compete.

Ask inquisitive
Hello, dear writer!
Once upon a time as a child I attended an extraordinary sense of winged and I wanted to write. Moreover, all that is written in these moments was harmonious and beautiful, but always seemed to write this I am not, as if someone invisible dictates shapely phrase. Unfortunately, I did not continue his experiments, and I do not write more today. I have three questions for you: 1. "Do you always easy to write? What is your inspiration and how do you think, does it exist? 2. How to come to you or were you decided to become a writer? "Thank you for the beautiful, touching the product.

Your "invisible" is precisely the Muse, who helped create.
1. Yes, there is inspiration. This kind of energy that opens up channels of perception ... not always attends. It depends on the physical fitness and mental attitude. Physical fatigue and worldly concerns deter Muse.
2. The decision to become a writer ... The same question asked Catherine, and I answer it. Do not take the trouble to look.
Thank you for your kind words.

Ask Olga
Tatiana, Hello! 1. And what is your novel do you like most? or "all the kids favorite :) 2. And some writers you read, enjoy, and you changed your literary tastes over the years? Thanks!

1. Yes, all children are loved, you are right! In addition, the evaluation of works of people are often guided not by their own artistic qualities and their topicality, social orientation. And for me it is just not a criterion. Chamber novel decomposed virtually only two votes as the "Witch of the Inquisitor," I just roads, as well as "The role of sinner encore" - a novel with the socio-historical bias.
2. Writers like different - especially those who are different beautiful style. Tastes changed over the years, yes. Earlier increasingly seen content - now more appreciate the form. So it is with people: Now listen not so much what they say, watch for so much as saying. The form bears the content is almost more important than what is laid down in words. This is particularly evident in the policy: listen man, and like he says the case ... And I can see that is lying!

Ask Timur
What is the main difference between you as a writer from other writers? Was it something in my childhood, what are you shy? What is the most extreme act you have committed and which would like to carry out? You get up early? What is your destiny and affect whether you are at it? in life is what you dream about, but did not come to pass? If you have a hobby? Best gift for you in the Christmas or New Year's Eve? What in your family more prazdnikov- French or Russian? Is there a writer, actor, director, the creativity that you follow? If you are asked to appear in advertisements, which would you prefer (Advertising perfume, watches, bank, jewelry) and what you would have flatly refused? What for you personally awkward age children? What would you like to have a pet in your home (not necessarily at home). Have you been to fashion shows and fashion it for you. Do you have many spirits themselves if you choose them?

Dear Timur, you have a lot of interesting questions. I'm afraid not be able to fit your answers in the format of the site. I invite you to my forum, where I can give you answers to all your questions. See address above.

Asks Valencia
Tell me, who you were in your past life?

I do not know. Not interested in the occult.

Ask Vasilisa
Hello Tatiana! If your works of wanted to make a film, who would be the actors could play the main characters. And who of the directors you would have entrusted to shoot?

The film has already been removed, and I am quite satisfied with the work of director Igor Sternberg and actors Oleg Fomin in the title role (CIS), as well as many others. Read more here: If the dream ... It's not so simple. My novels are very different, not similar to each other. The novel "The role of the sinner encore", this psychological drama, I would have trusted the early Mikhalkov, the era of his film "Slave of Love". And, for example, the latest novel, "The second guiding star," I would gladly entrusted director of the magnificent Amer. -thriller series "24 hours".

Ask Michael
1. How do you feel about e-books? They displace paper products? All to be able to afford them? Do not leave the soul of the book? How do you feel about digital libraries such as Aldebaran? What do you prefer paper or electronic version for reading and for your books?
2. How do you feel about piracy? What is your real detective. And whether the detective genre imposes on the writer any special responsibility.

1. Ebooks displace paper products! Sooner or later. It's unavoidable.
Will be able to afford it. Roads only "reader", but it is a one-time purchase and for years to come. Electronic versions of the books are cheaper than paper.
The soul of the book - is gone. The smell of the paper, the ink, the picture on the cover ... - all what we are used to and what we cute. But nowhere to go: it's not just the progress, then join traffic ecologists. And we are increasingly likely to tell how many trees were cut down in a single edition of the book ... And how to argue with them, our nostalgia for the paper book?
Such libraries as LitRes (Aldebaran is included in its composition) in a few years will pass entirely on download formats for the "reader."
I still prefer the printed book, like its library with rows of books, which I have is all the Russian classics of the 18th century to the present day ... But seriously I suspect that we will not last long.
2. Piracy negative attitude. I always send my novel the man who would write and ask me personally. You never know the reasons why people can not buy my book!
Pirates do not ask. And that's interesting, too, in the library, they do not go. But there you can take a book to read for free! However, the pirates do not want to pay for the right to read even a short-lived campaign to the library! The issue here is not only money, but also in the elementary respect for the writer's work.
3. This detective - twisted intrigue, the logic of the investigation verified the truth of the material world. Yes, it's a huge responsibility! Romance novels or fantasy no logic is simple - there is no detective. So, check-reconciled, create additional. files, where the logic of events separately synopsis separately - Chronology. For "the truth of the material world" - in other words, the accuracy of the information that is mentioned in my text, and which is based on the logic - sometimes have to travel far. For example, the novel "The Angel's bodyguard," I had to learn how diamonds are formed by the party that sent the jewelry exchange in Brussels - because in it, the scheme was based code. I found the answer ... In Spain!
In general, it is mined as follows: reading books, looking on the Internet, talk with people of different professions - "get along" can not stand and try to avoid it in my lyrics. There are almost anecdotal situation that put me in my inquiries ... Somehow I tell!

Ask Hovhannes
Why is that?

I do not know.

Good afternoon!

Thank you!