Contest from ACUVUE® «Good vision changed my life"
 Contact lenses have changed the lives of millions of people worldwide. This is not surprising, because the vision - the most important of the five senses with which we have more than 80% of all the information about the world. When a person with imperfect eyesight begins to wear contact lenses for him as if a whole new world - a huge, bright and endlessly surprising.

Did you - one of these people?

The company Johnson & Johnson Vision Care, a manufacturer of one-day contact lenses 1 • DAY   ACUVUE® TruEye® (Wan Day Acuvue Troyes), announces a competition! Share your story about how contact lenses 1 • DAY   ACUVUE® TruEye® changed your life, have helped to reach new peaks (in work, hobbies, sports and other areas), or even given the opportunity to realize a dream!

The authors of the three best stories will be a special prize - a camera Sony Cyber ​​Shot DSC-S2000 !

 Contest from ACUVUE® «Good vision changed my life"

Remember: if you want your eyes remain healthy as long as possible, you must pass a vision test at least 1 time per year. This can be done in the salon of optics.

Only a doctor can determine the quality of your vision and find a suitable means of correction - such as contact lenses.

Do not delay care of your vision - visit your nearest salon optics today. Addresses of the salons, you can check by phone 8800100 March 9 (toll-free in Russia).

 Contest from ACUVUE® «Good vision changed my life"

Terms of the competition, "Good vision changed my life"

1. Period of the Contest:   April 7, 2011 to May 7, 2011, inclusive.

2. The territory of the Contest:   Russian Federation.

3.   The competition is open to citizens of the Russian Federation who have reached eighteen years of age and permanently reside in the territory of the Russian Federation.

4.   The Competition is not open to employees and representatives of the Contest Organizer, its affiliates, their family members, as well as employees of other entities involved in the organization of the contest.

5. To become a member of the Competition It is necessary in the period from April 7, 2011 to May 7, 2011 (inclusive), do the following:

• Login to the web portal and read the rules of the contest.

• Register in the Forum MyCharm, if you have not yet registered.

• Independently post your story or the story in a special theme of the Forum p = 36038 # 36038, the presence of a photo - welcome! History must be new, original, belong to the author and recording previously be published.

6.   To participate in the competition are allowed the following members:

• Stories that contain obscene or offensive statements of any kind, that is, text, visual and audio information that violates generally accepted standards of humanity and morality through the use of insulting words, comparisons and images with respect to race, nationality, profession, social category, age group, sex, language, religious, philosophical, political or other beliefs of individuals;

• that denigrated the objects of art that make up the national or world cultural heritage;

• that defame the state symbols (flags, armorial bearings), the national currency of the Russian Federation or any other state, religious symbols;

• that defame any person or entity, any activity, profession, product.

7. The prize fund   consists of three (3) cameras, the brand Sony Cyber ​​Shot DSC-S2000 (hereinafter - the prize) worth 3500 rubles.

8. Selection Competition Winners   carried out by a special jury of myCharm site administration and representatives of the company Johnson & Johnson Vision Care.

9.   One participant may win only one prize (1 camera brand Sony Cyber ​​Shot DSC-S2000). The cash equivalent of the prize shall not be issued.

10.   Prizes to the territory of other states (except the Russian Federation) is not available.

11. Winners will be announced   Online myCharm May 10, 2011.

12. Prizes will be sent   their owners postal items to the addresses listed winners. For postal Participant who became winner of the prize, you must be in possession of identity documents.

13.   The contest organizers are not liable for the loss or delay of mail through the fault of the organization of postal services or third parties. Organizer does not bear the risk of accidental loss or damage to prizes from the date of their transfer organization of postal services.

14.   Prizes, which were sent to the Contest participants who became winner of the prize and returned to the Organiser due to the lack of recipients, or to claim a Prize by them, is not re-sent.

Good luck!

We remind you that to see the contest works, as well as post their own and participate in the contest, here - in this topic Forum p = 36038 # 36038 .
Author: Julia Gnedina