CONTEST "My happiest hairstyle"
 Tell us about your most happy hair if possible - show it to us (photos welcome), and win prizes from the publisher EKSMO: Book workshop "The best hairstyles for all occasions," the famous stylist Ruslan Tatianina and book for good mood "Carousel happiness "(a series of Happiness Project).

We are always beautiful, always enchanting - that's for sure! But in every woman's life there were moments when she especially liked myself. Everything is turned: the outfit and makeup, and hairstyle hairstyle ... With a special story. Like and go to the same master a hundred years, and sometimes it just say "Wow! "I am looking at your pretty head. Tell us about your recipe happiest hairstyles. As it turned out, who did it, how it went, why she became happy for you, and in general share with us their own interesting stories on the subject.

Optimism and humor of your records will be marked, it is good to see in the competitive work and practical advice on how to make a good hairstyle, and if you have and photos illustrating the story - it is a separate advantage and a chance to win!

Prizes from the publisher EKSMO sure to please! 10 best stories will receive a set of two books:

Ruslan Tatiana
"The best hairstyles for all occasions"
Available tricks of the trade from the stellar stylist

 CONTEST "My happiest hairstyle"

Look on any given day as if you've just come out of a first-class beauty salon, very easy, if the salon is right in your home - said "the maestro of long hair," the stylist of international class Ruslan Tatiana. To doubt that this is possible? The book "The best hairstyles for all occasions" will dispel your doubts once and for all. Over 15 years of professional activity Ruslan perfectly understood the art of transforming an ordinary woman in a unique princess. Now, his knowledge became available to anyone who wants to learn this magic yourself.

Luxuriously released album with lots of photographs provides clear step by step instructions for creating unique images, starting with the choice of means for hair care and finishing fashion accessories hair

Ruslan Tatiana
Master of international class, a stylist, a showman. Performs with tutorials and show displays throughout Russia, working with magazines such as: "HARPER'S BAZAR", "VOGUE", "HELLO", "Dolores", "Hair's how", takes part in the TV program "Stilissimo» (MTV ), "City of Women" (RTR), "Morning on TNT," "Terribly Beautiful" (Muz-TV). Personal Stylist star of Russian cinema and music - Oleg Menshikov, Svetlana Svetlichnaya, Tatyana Vasilyeva Elena Ksenofontova, Tamara Gverdtsiteli, Victoria Tolstoganova, Eva Polna, a group of "Chi-li," the group "SEREBRO" and others.

 CONTEST "My happiest hairstyle"

  "Carousel of Happiness"
New book series "Project Happiness"
Eksmo Publishing

 CONTEST "My happiest hairstyle"

The publishing house "Eksmo" leaves the most complete and the most fun to date guide to happiness! There is a recipe for happiness as much as people who want to be happy. You want to be happy? So, in this book there is a recipe for you.

Breathe, smile and take up this book. Books about happiness there is great variety. What is new can tell another? Let's give the floor to the author, in the past - to the doctor, and now - a popular writer and actor of comedy.

"Read this book paradox. It is - the result of my many years of research, the charm and disappointments, a combination of scientific and personal. And if, after reading this book, and nothing in my life has not changed, still you feel better - so my goal is achieved. I myself have read a lot of books about happiness, perhaps too much. And often, I had to force myself to finish the book before the end. I wondered: why read about the most joyous feeling brings me utter anguish? After reading the book, pretend to exhaustively describe the happiness I wrote my - certainly not exhaustive book about inexhaustible. "
Eckart von Hirschhausen

 CONTEST "My happiest hairstyle"

Author - MD Eckart von Hirschhausen - a pediatrician by training and a journalist. 15 years ago he changed his medical career on pop. Today, von Hirschhausen known German writer and humorist, entertainer, actor, orator, an expert on therapeutic humor and broadcaster.

Contest Rules

  Competition "My happiest haircut" will be held from 28 March 2011 to 28 April 2011.

How to become a participant in the contest:   His work for the contest should be placed in a dedicated topic on our forum. Come this link p = 35928 # 35928 post your records, get acquainted with the stories of other participants. The number of entries from the participant is not limited, but the prize each participant can only get one.

Moderation records:   Portal Administration beauty moderation holds records of participants, and your entry may be removed if you do not fit the theme of the competition, carries objectionable images and statements.

Prizes:   The competition is played out prizes from the publisher EKSMO. Ten sets of books (two books in the set): Tatiana Ruslan album "The best hairstyles for all occasions" + book "Carousel of Happiness" author Eckart von Hirschhausen. Prizes are delivered to the winners only on the territory of the Russian Federation. Winners are determined by a jury of poratla administration and representatives of the publishing house Eksmo.

Competition results   They will be announced on 1 May 2011.

Good luck!
Once again we remind that the competition works can watch and post here in this thread Forum p = 35928 # 35928.

Author: Julia Gnedina