Contest «TRYMAX. I'm in great shape! "
 Do you exercise, dance, or go hiking? Do you like to be active and constantly strive to the maximum of their abilities? Then, from the photo contest TRYMAX   - for you. Place your photo where you demonstrate your flexibility, strength and balance, and win one of five holographic wristbands TRYMAX.

TRYMAX   - A technology that has successfully established itself among the large number of athletes around the world.

The unique effect of the bracelet is enclosed in two holograms disposed on inside and outside the bracelet.

Due to the special treatment of Mylar holograms and silicone - based on a tourmaline bracelet, products TRYMAX   It allows you to achieve higher athletic performance, as well as effective means of protection against the negative effects of electromagnetic radiation .

Take part in the Contest «TRYMAX. I'm in great shape! "And win one of five bracelets TRYMAX.

 Contest «TRYMAX. I'm in great shape! "

Regulation photo contest

Contest «TRYMAX. I'm in great shape! "Beauty is conducted on portal from April 19 2011 until May 19, 2011.

How to become a member.   Photo contest received photos corresponding to the stated theme. Photos should include an image of the owner account. If a few people in the photo, the signature is required with the explanation of who depicted the author of the account. The number of works from the participant is not limited. But the prize, each participant can get only one. Placement of works produced by the participants in a special theme of the Forum p = 36182 # 36182.

Summarizing.   Results will be announced on the portal May 23, 2011. Preference will be given to positive and quality photos. Photos posted previously on other websites, published on blogs and media, as well as taken from photo banks, and are not the property of the author's records in determining the winner are not considered.

Receiving prizes.   The photo contest is played five holographic wristbands TRYMAX. Prizes are sent by mail to the winners only within the Russian Federation. By participating in the photo contest, you acknowledge that you or your representative will be able to receive the prize in the Russian Federation.

Good luck!

Once again we remind that the participants see the work and you can post in the Forum, here in this thread p = 36182 # 36182.
Author: Julia Gnedina