Fashion supply system: pros and cons
 Many hudeyuschego familiar with the problem when, after successful completion of the diet lost weight slowly but surely returned a hundredfold. This is due mainly to the resumption of the usual way of life, which led to the accumulation of excess kilos. To avoid walking in circles, it is better to stick to power systems.

The advantage of power systems is that they allow a person to not only lose weight but also keep it acquired options figures for a long period of time. The main difference of nutrition and diet - in the duration of implementation of the new diet. Most diets are designed for one or two weeks at a time as the power supply system will take three months or more. Ideal - if you continue to follow it as long as possible.

Power system designers are traditionally nutritionists. The system is built on the principle of balance of essential nutrients the body needs vitamins and minerals, and adequate intake of calories. Thanks to the attention to the contents of the power supply system, it is easily tolerated, it does not cause discomfort, weakness, headaches and agonizing bouts of hunger.

But like any diet, the power supply system is based on the rejection of a number of products, for this reason, it may apply to you, and not to approach your friend. If the compliance of the system after the start of your overall health is not affected, psychological background has not changed, and you're still full of energy - then you have found what you were looking for, and this system is right for you. Otherwise, it must be replaced.

Pros and Cons of fashion power systems

Low-carb diet

It has many fans among Hollywood stars. Systems of this type are made, taking into account the physiological characteristics of the organism. If you severely limit your carbohydrate intake, the body will begin an intensive pace to burn fat reserves, which is the main goal of any diet. Ration the power supply system includes meat, fish, eggs, a small amount of fruit and vegetables. Salt intake is extremely limited, sugar - is excluded. Under the "taboo" fall as bread, fats and foods containing starch.

Behind.   This is perfect for the person who wants to quickly become slim. An additional advantage is that it does not have to count calories or sit starving.

Against.   It is believed that the rejection of carbohydrates will lead to metabolic disorders, will contribute to the deterioration of the general condition of the body. Diet can be a provocateur exacerbation of chronic diseases. Hold the weight at that level will not be easy.

 Fashion supply system: pros and cons

The power supply system on the glycemic index

According to the creator of the diet, the French nutritionist Michel Montignac, the main reason for the deposition of fat is not excessive intake of calories, and excess glucose in the blood. The higher the blood sugar, the more powerful we feel hunger pangs. The ability of the product to influence the level of glucose in the blood is called the glycemic index (GI).

If you eat foods snizkim GI, the glucose level will be held at the normal level and the need for additional food rations will not arise.

Behind.   Due to the high protein content supply system for those losing weight, which, subject to the classical diets experienced a constant feeling of hunger. The bonus system is to maintain muscle mass, which is the key to beauty of the body. Foods that are recommended to eat - vegetables, beef, chicken, yogurt, products from wheat flour have high nutritional value, which is a preventive measure prostration.

Against.   Before something to eat you will have to reconcile the GI product at a special table. It needs to be considered a way of cooking. For example, fish and meats, steamed have a low GI, but baked in the oven with roasted crust - already high. In addition, a large number of protein products - a tough test for outputting system. Therefore, in case of problems with the kidneys adhere to this diet is not necessary.

 Fashion supply system: pros and cons

The power supply system for blood group

Author Peter D'Adamo diet believes that people with different blood group perceive Eat differently. For example, owners of the first group - "Hunter" is useful to use the desirable meat products containing carbohydrates, dairy products. The holder of the second group - "farmers" approach vegetables and cereals, while the meat is not held in high esteem. "Nomads" - people with a third group of blood can have everything, but little by little. And representatives of the "new" fourth group - need to focus on fish, shellfish and green vegetables.

Behind.   This diet eliminates incompatible blood substances, reducing thereby slagging organism. There is an intense weight loss while improving the internal organs.

Against.   Medical studies that have been conducted, and were not able to establish a link between blood group and dietary habits. The division into four groups of the blood surface, is not considered as Rh.

Before you follow the chosen system of power, be sure to consult your doctor. A successful weight loss!
Author: Natalia Bartukova