Lose weight during the holidays? It's real!
 Yes, it's real: to rest and to try new dishes, and get rid of unnecessary kilograms. Arrange a holiday with the added benefit for the figure and health. For you - Selling a diet.

The sale does not involve a strict diet counting calories and very complex dishes, it allows you to enjoy your vacation and travel and lose weight. As they say, "Eat, grow thin, Journey"!

Choose a place to vacation carefully

You have to consider your goal to lose weight, when planning where to go for a weekend or a few days. One important criterion here - the existence of conditions in order to remain active.

If you plan a visit to the so-called wine countries (Italy, France, Spain), where a must for many tourists is wine tasting and local cuisine, then you should ensure that you will have the possibility to exercise, whether it's a fitness exercise equipment, bike rental, or just walking.

Beach rest is also good, but you should choose a hotel where there are sports facilities next to the sea or the pool at the hotel.

In general, selling diet involves physical activity, moderate, but every day. Then losing weight will be much easier.

 Lose weight during the holidays? It's real!

Eat local produce

If you are trying to lose weight, it is better on vacation to try the local products, rather than continue to feed the usual semi-finished or frozen vegetables from the supermarket. Seasonal and fresh fruits and vegetables will provide more nutrients, fiber and water. This immediately activates the metabolism, will add energy and eliminates the feeling of hunger. If you are going to try fat local cuisine, simply cut portions without giving up new dishes.

Do not forget the yogurt

Natural yogurt with live cultures - this is probably the only product of dootpusknoy life that you need on holiday. Especially if you have begun to try in a lot of local products and dishes. Natural yoghurt will improve digestion and prevent constipation, and will also help fight fat. Trying the local dairy products, prefer options with low fat content. Fats contained in yoghurt - is not harmful if they are not consumed in excess, i.e., look for products with a fat content of not more than 1%.

 Lose weight during the holidays? It's real!

Once a day, you can pamper yourself

What holiday without sweets or delicacies? Selling diet allows himself to indulge tasty. But it is better to keep food fun under control. This not only helps to lose weight, but also will allow a deeper experience all the tastes and smells of treats. One fun day - enough to not feel deprived. After the high-calorie dessert or eat fatty foods - follow the main rule: the rest of the food on this day to be healthy.

We can do without liquid calories

This is one of the limitations, which is really important to remember. And then selling diet is completed successfully. Forget the mini-bars and all liquids and beverages other than plain water. If you're worried about the figure, abstain from alcoholic drinks and cocktails throughout the day. Better a meal of local delicacies than a cocktail with tequila. Liquid calories generally completely useless, or even harmful. They immediately turn into fat cells and increase blood sugar levels. Give as coffee and carbonated beverages. But if you can not completely avoid caffeine and alcohol, drink more water, a lot more than usual.

At least one meal a day - not underway

On vacation, we often eat, they say, on the go. This can be a local fast food, snack from the bar, a variety of sweets and snacks on the street or the beach. Such meals, we added the most extra kilos. Use a simple rule selling diet: at least one meal should not be on the move. Better in the room where you left off, or at least in the restaurant (Cafe). This allows you to enjoy the local cuisine and do not overeat. Try at least to have breakfast in your room, this fit fresh fruit and oatmeal (or cereal). Snacks are also better hold of healthy options - let it be delicious local vegetables or fruit.

Avoid starchy foods

Bread, chips and pastries - do not order it in restaurants. You just need to be interesting sensations from new local dishes, and do not want bread. You will see that this rule is to stick to the easiest, fashionable food without flour and contemporary restaurants, cafes offer is a healthy variation of national dishes.

If you can not do without the starchy foods, eat such foods in the morning and for dinner give up carbohydrates. If you have to eat too much bread and local buns - will only be able to compensate for this exercise. And if you plan a long walk or cycling - before it can afford flour.

 Lose weight during the holidays? It's real!

Communicate with waiters

Always figured out how much fat dressings and sauces are offered on the menu. Warns that want a low-calorie versions of foods. Almost all the restaurants and cafes are able to create a healthy variety of famous local delicacies. You do not even notice the substitution, everything will be just as tasty, but less calories.

Learn new location on foot

The success of the holiday weight loss is largely due to our curiosity. If you want to know about the new site as much as possible to see and photograph everything there is - then you are in luck, extra kilos you are not afraid. Hiking - the best way of learning a new place. You will see people building feel new smells and enjoy the new scenery. Sometimes it's better to miss a bus tour and a walk through the local bazaar or the coast.

 Lose weight during the holidays? It's real!

Do not worry

Stress - one of the things that feed fat cells and provoke overeating. That is why the holiday - the best time to lose weight. Save on holiday calm. Turn off the mobile, do not watch political TV show and did not even read the newspapers. Good relaxation allows lose weight effectively.

Success in selling diet! And waiting for you after the holiday thin and refreshed!
Author: Julia Shestakova