Noodles - choice of modern man
 Asian Noodles symbolize long and happy life. By tradition, the birthday celebrant to prepare a dish from one incredibly long noodle.

Today the popularity of Asian noodles spread far beyond Asia - adore her, and in the US and in Europe.

Modern man gives preference to Asian noodles, not only because it is very tasty, especially with a variety of sauces - spicy, sour, sweet and spicy. From it you can do so many different exotic dishes; it is always varied and never boring.

And yet, Asian noodles quickly prepared, it is nutritious, but low in calories and contains a wealth of useful substances.

Gradually replace sushi bars come cafes and restaurants specialize only in noodles. The noodles are cooked, cooled in ice chips, fried with mushrooms, meat and seafood; make her soups, salads and many exotic dishes.

It must be said that the types of Asian noodles much more than the usual European: there buckwheat noodles. (SOBA), bean vermicelli (Funchoza) batatnaya noodles, rice noodles (Fo-Kho, Hu-Teu), egg noodles, there are also wheat noodles (SOMEN, UDON), but the taste and texture of it is different. All types of Asian noodles are very tasty and are a dietary food.

International product

Of all types of Asian noodles Funchoza occupies a special place. Today, it is practically an international product - it is eaten all over the world. In the US, it is called "cellophane" in Russia and Europe - "glass". And all of that is finished Funchoza transparent appetizing appearance.

The most popular outside Asian Funchoza received as a Korean spicy salad that is gaining popularity among Europeans. Korean salad Funchoza good as everyday dish and how festive salad (appetizer) on your Tables.

Correctly choose Funchoza

Taste quality Funchoza neutral, and if producers want to reduce the cost of its production, it reduces the amount of bean flour, replacing it with the rice; because of this Funchoza it changes its taste and texture becomes more whitish in finished form. Therefore, choosing Funchoza pay attention to its structure - dry crystal clear elements should be plenty.

Funchoza brand "Sen Soi Premium" (company "joke") - is a perfect example of quality product, that's why it is popular in Russia and other neighboring countries. Funchoza this brand comes not only in your favorite shops, but also in your favorite Asian restaurants and sushi bars. It serves you a delicious Asian cuisine "CHAPCHE» («Chapchae»), in Vietnamese cuisine it is added to the stuffing for frying Pancakes   BEP and spring roll (spring-roll); may apply in the acute coconut soup with shiitake mushrooms, mushrooms, seafood or in searing Korean salad .

 Noodles - choice of modern man

Funchoza brand "Sen Soi Premium" - the choice of the Russian consumer, the choice of the chefs; "Sen Soi Premium" - a brand that is trusted by more than 10 years.

 Noodles - choice of modern man

And in the feast, and in the world

Funchoza vegetable is considered a dietary product, it is produced only from bean flour without eggs. Funchoza does not contain gluten protein, which is in the normal wheat noodles; why is Funchoza hypoallergenic product and is suitable for baby food .

Funchoza - food without the hassle

Funchoza itself has a neutral taste, but if we add the ingredients (fish, meat, sauces, mushrooms, vegetables) - you get a very interesting dish; Funchoza envelops other ingredients easily absorb the taste and flavor, the dish turns out very tender and soft.

And if you want to sharpness, the Funchoza, perfectly suited for creating sharp exotic dishes, such as a favorite to all Russians Korean spicy salad of Funchoza - a great dish and a favorite snack for the festive table.

And if you do not have time to create culinary masterpieces, and do not want to be interrupted suhomyatku or macaroni noodles, which, incidentally, can not be called useful, then you can simply pour boiling water Funchoza for 5 minutes, drain and add this soy sauce or sesame oil with green onions and all - independent, tasty and satisfying dish is ready.

 Noodles - choice of modern man

Noodles in boxes

Funchoza - Universal exotic for those who save time, who cares about their health, beauty, figure; for those who want to diversify the usual menus and just loves exotic Japanese and pan-Asian cuisine.

Speaking of fast food - already heard a lot about noodles in boxes And now so yummy you can take with you to work, on the road or on an exotic "Business Lunch". And if you order from the restaurant, it will be more expensive than to buy here are interesting and exotic tastes of home and take as needed.

 Noodles - choice of modern man

Funchoza - a product every day

Choosing the modern food preparation which takes a minimum of your energy costs always keep in mind the usefulness of ; because in today's world to be mobile, successful, positive - you have to be healthy and strong .

Funchoza meets these requirements Because it is made from flour of green beans. A green beans - the source of many essential vitamins, trace elements (protein, vitamin PP, B1 B2 C, carotene, mineral salts, phosphorus, manganese, iron, selenium, calcium, zinc, copper) - all this has a positive effect on the nervous system tone muscles, skin color, hair and nail health. In addition to the undoubted benefit of its members, even green beans and dietary products - their calorie content of only 60 kcal.

With Funchoza EASILY lose weight: harmony - it's easy!

Bon Appetit!