The strangest diet in 2014
 Skeptics called this new diet and food rituals are "strange". But you can not say that they are harmful. Even if you do not allow to lose weight dramatically - even cheer and cheer up. And the girls, leading a grueling struggle with excess weight, it must be so! Try new foods and diet strategy in 2014.

1. There is another hand

If the right-hander suddenly starts to do something with his left hand, the usual process would be so uncomfortable that nothing good will come of it. So it is with food. Take a spoon or fork is not in their "work" hand, and dinner will be quite different. The process drags on, the food will slow the pace, and as a result you eat fewer calories. Studies have shown that reducing calorie on average at least 30%! A good solution to effortlessly reduce the calorie content of their food, right?

2. Is the mirror

The effectiveness of this method is also high - calorie intake is reduced by one third! And only then it is necessary - to start there in the mirror. Tests and studies have shown that most people can not tolerate such a "spectacle", it is difficult to watch as they eat high-calorie desserts and fatty dishes. What is it - really motivates us so ashamed?

3. Cash

Visitors will be able to feel the difference of restaurants and cafes, which are used to pay for your order by credit card. There are studies that show that when paying cash, customers make more intelligent order and a healthy selection of food.

4. There is a tight-fitting clothing

To go out for dinner in the evening dress is optional, but it is desirable to put on at least a top-fitting or form-fitting dress. And then you make sure that eat much less than if it sat down at the dining table in the free robe or pajamas. Proponents of this method say that dinner in tight clothes to stop overeating and will make you more attentive to the choice of healthy dishes.

5. Have the cake for breakfast

Board of Marie Antoinette have cakes instead of bread is not so funny. Such a diet there is and has been the subject of research professionals. Obese patients who ate breakfast dessert in the future much easier and easier to adhere to a diet to lose weight. Compared with those whose Breakfast included sweetness. Experts attribute this to the fact that the presence of dessert for breakfast allows you to curb cravings throughout the rest of the day. As a result, the rest becomes less nutritious food, and extra weight does not appear. However, it is worth noting, and a small addition that comes from nutritionists. They say that this diet is contraindicated in those who are used to eating a lot of sweet, because the dessert for breakfast will not help them to control themselves, and even on the contrary, increase the number of calories consumed sweet.

6. Do not watch TV

If you are used to combine eating and watching the latest news or TV series on TV, you probably have heard that doing this is not desirable. But it turns out, all addicted to TV programs make you fatter. A study was conducted, which was attended by two groups: one group watched TV as usual, while the other tried to reduce television viewing by 50%. The result was that he abandoned the "box" people started to carry a whole a more active lifestyle and began to consume fewer calories - an average of 119 calories per day. If you want to lose weight fast - reduces the time you spend on a TV, then you will not need to reduce the portions and calories. By the way, there is a "vpriglyadku" Internet is also not a good idea!

 The strangest diet in 2014

7. Buy a new perfume

There are scents that can help reduce your cravings for sweets, desserts and sweet drinks. It - vanilla. Breathe this divine scent regularly. You can use a bag of vanilla or vanilla fragrance fashion. Among these flavors include such bestsellers as the Hypnotic Poison by Dior, Vanille Noire by Yves Rocher, Vanilla Lace by Victoria`s Secret, Vanilla from The Body Shop. Vanilla is able to "kill" even cravings for chocolate and cakes.

 The strangest diet in 2014

8. One-day diet

If you still can not get rid of the extra kilos and a half or two, try a one-day diet. And it is not fasting and not fasting day, namely the Diet. Which, fortunately, lasted only 1 day. Here's the menu:

- Breakfast: 1 boiled egg, 1 cup of black coffee and half a grapefruit.

- Lunch: 2 whole-grain crackers, 1 cup of black coffee.

- Lunch: salad of celery stalks and 1 cans of tuna, 1 cup of black coffee.

- Dinner: 7 inflorescence of cauliflower, and 90 grams of baked skinless chicken.

9. There are more bacteria

Do not worry - it is a beneficial bacteria. More of them in the digestive tract - the metabolism becomes more rapid and active, which leads to weight loss. And contain these beneficial bacteria in a rather delicious products. For example, probiotic yogurt or sauerkraut. Eat these foods as much as possible and on a regular basis, then your gut will continue to operate with great efficiency. Bacterial diet is now one of the most popular and healthy.

 The strangest diet in 2014

Author: Tamara