A few words about healthy eating
 Often sitting on a diet, people relate to such issues as the use of "healthy" food. Some believe that only a "low fat", "diet" or "low-fat" food can have a positive outcome in the fight against excess weight. Only it's not always true, some of the products with the emblem may, on the contrary, hold the extra weight.

Many nutritionists believe that most of the ingredients contained in the so-called "healthy" foods - a sugar, which sometimes are the initiators of excess weight. Although the government regulates the production of this type of diet it is still difficult to call this food.

To help you understand what products need to be used, we have compiled a list of "errors".

Yoghurt with added cereal

The combination of yogurt and granola deceptive. Despite the fact that low-fat yoghurt, the addition of crumb chocolate or cereal increases fat content. The soft low fat yogurt in combination with additives such as chocolate contains at least 220 calories!


Most products-power industry is characterized by high-fructose syrup. There is no doubt that many of them contain large amounts of vitamins and minerals, but what kind of diet can be a question if all this is flavored sugar. The well-known nutritionist Lynn Griger says: "This is a moot point. But, in my opinion, people should get vitamins and minerals from raw foods such as fruits, vegetables, coarse grains. Just because it's natural products. "

Salads "fast food"

Chains catering "fast food" began to offer a healthy alternative to french fries and hamburgers. But the number of salads on their menu is minimal, and they all contain large amounts of fat and sodium. Some salads contain fatty cheese, pieces of bacon, and vegetable oil, that sometimes small-calorie hamburger, hamburger also contains half the sodium.

Fruit juices

While doctors advise to eat fresh fruit, there is an alternative to them - juices. It is worth noting that the juices are not comparable with fresh fruits, the fact that many of the juice sold in stores today, contain large amounts of sugar and artificial ingredients, whereas the natural juice in them very little. This is not nothing but calories. So better to eat an orange or an apple.

Diet drinks

One of the most dangerous products - diet sodas. Of course, they do not contain fat, cholesterol and carbohydrates, but they are devoid of protein and other nutrients. All that rich drinks such - it is sodium, which, according to research experts, can cause hypertension. As a source of pleasure such a drink can be used rarely and in small amounts. Remember, the best assistant in the fight against obesity - ordinary water.

Low-fat cookies

At first glance, a harmless treat. But such cookies may contain hydrogenated oils. Griger says, it entails the risk of heart disease. The fact that these oils comprise fatty acids which researchers believe harmful to the cardiovascular system.

Light mix

On the one hand, these mixtures of nuts, dried fruits and grains useful. But when they are packaged, they add the same oil as in the low-fat cookies, so be careful with this kind of food.

According to the statements of Lynn Grider, the use of so-called "healthy" foods must be controlled, everything depends on the quantity. Obviously not yet found all the answers in this area. It is known only one thing: watch your diet, lifestyle and exercise, then you risk to acquire excess weight much less.