"Eternal" youth - a golden dream, or a guide to action?
 Good to be young,
For the love of self to fight,
Before the mirror gray
Regardless stay.
(Yunna Moritz)

Alas, youth, beauty so quickly pass - in this we are told, and his own observations and the centuries-old experience of their predecessors, but nonetheless, somewhere in the depths of the subconscious lies the hope that we can in some way to turn back the clock, wipe appeared treacherous wrinkles, wreathed round oval face, rediscover the freshness and elasticity of the skin. Modern technology offers in this area more and more new techniques: mesotherapy, Thermage, reinforcement gold resurfacing - is, really, not counting the traditional braces. Many of the stars of show business, actress and supermodel looks as if time has no power over them. And, looking at their unfading beauty, some with a slight taste of jealousy, said: "... Now, if I had that much money, time, etc., then I would look no worse!". ..

But not all so simple: not only in the plastic surgery, injections and expensive make-up, the secret of eternal youth of stars. If only this was the case, why would Madonna do yoga, to develop its power system and maintain a healthy lifestyle? And, in general, if we analyze the different materials of the press and see what methods to maintain beauty and youth are choosing the stars, we can conclude that the most popular is yoga, a healthy diet, positive thinking. Although, of course, and the achievements of science and plastic surgery, they also do not refuse.

Thus, the most affordable and safe means to prolong youth and preserve the beauty.


A healthy spine - it's your health, youth and beauty - well regarded in ancient times the Chinese, so there is even a saying: "Flexible spin prolongs life." This statement is confirmed by modern research. Spine - a dish that holds the energy in our body. It is hard to imagine a more useful exercise for our spine than yoga. Those who dream of eternal youth, should definitely do yoga every day, at least fifteen minutes. The daily have to be complex:

- several asanas (body exercises):   maintaining the flexibility and strength of the spine corresponding exercises, yoga improves blood circulation, nerve cells are supplied with nitrogen and oxygen, and the body maintains its youth

- pranayama (breathing exercises)

- relaxation   which is also important in the rapid pace of our lives filled with stress

- Meditation:   Meditate at least 10-15 minutes a day.

Besides Madonna, 39-year-old American top model Christy Turlington and her colleague, 43-year-old native of Canada, Linda Evangelista was given yoga palm among funds prolongs youth body and soul.

Yoga engaged singer Valeria Natalia Andreichenko and many more celebrities.


Madonna, like many other "stars", adheres to a healthy diet, do not consume fried foods and eat plenty of fresh, organic vegetables.

Avocado.   It contains an amazing anti-aging combination of vitamins E and C. Yes, this fruit a lot of fat, but it is "good" monounsaturated fat (do not clog the arteries). Recent studies have shown that avocado may protect against heart disease by lowering levels of "bad" cholesterol. Monounsaturated fats help to make your skin softer and your hair - more brilliant. Eat one avocado 2 times per week.

Champignon. Mushrooms prevent wrinkles and help maintain a fresh complexion. According scientists concluded mushrooms in youth elixir - 2 powerful antioxidant: pantothenic acid or vitamin B5, which has regenerative properties and selenium, which is used in anti-aging cosmetics. Pledge of beauty - a pound of mushrooms 1-2 times a week.

Kiwi.   Rich in vitamin C and beta-carotene. Vitamin C stimulates the production of collagen, which is responsible for skin elasticity and firmness. And it is a powerful antioxidant that is necessary for growth and tissue repair and protection against environmental pollution, in kiwi also a lot of potassium, which helps the good work of the muscles.

Tuna.   Omega-3 in tuna, salmon and other "fatty" fish can help reduce levels of "bad" cholesterol and reduce pain during menstruation, as they are beneficial to the skin by producing collagen.

Berries. Dark red, purple and blue foods (blueberries, cherries, strawberries, red cabbage, beets, raspberries, cranberries and purple grapes) phytoelements contain anthocyanins that reduce the risk of heart disease and cancer.

Water.   Scientists still have not determined daily requirement of drinking water, but recommends to use at least 8 glasses of fluid a day to prevent dehydration and dryness. With sufficient fluid intake to keep a healthy skin color and appearance.

Beauty treatments

Besides the usual treatments for the skin, such as hydration, nutrition, cleansing, it turns out, nearly every celebrity has its own original methods to combat the influence of time. Maybe they'll like it!

For example, Madonna often goes to bed, the entire body smeared with a thick layer of moisturizer, putting on top a special protective suit. By morning, the skin becomes soft and velvety. Madonna pays great attention to the protection from the sun to avoid the formation of wrinkles.

Or maybe you will like wine therapy, popular among many "stars"! The procedure begins with hot tubs bubbling mixture of grape seed extract and natural essential oils - thus expelled from the skin free radicals. Natural grape wine used for warm massages, crushed grape seeds from "Cabernet" are a wonderful scrub and finishing touch therapy - warm wraps with honey, young wine and herbs.

It is believed that wine therapy successfully resists aging, obesity and neurosis, great for the skin.

"Tablets of youth"

For many years scientists promise us miracle pill technique that can turn back time, to smooth wrinkles, restore color, gloss and thickness of hair. It is possible that the scientists are right, and really be able to cancel the launch of a program of aging, and maybe we can do to cope with this program?

The tablets helps those who help themselves!

The promised tablet will be tomorrow, and the influence of the time needed to fight today. Yoga, dancing, swimming, a reasonable diet, adequate sleep, cosmetic healing tools and procedures - all are equally important. But most importantly - the psychological mood, or where to get the energy and strength for the constant work on myself, as if engaged in without enthusiasm, joy and optimism, it would not be much sense. Therefore, it is correct, in my opinion, to diversify their activities and to bring them the elements of mystery, magic, games.

In our nature has the ability to restore and maintain youth, most importantly believe in it, imagine what you want to see yourself and to consciously move in this direction. In the meantime, maybe it will create a "pill of eternal youth!"
Author: Olga Travleeva