How to quit smoking and did not recover
 Tobacco - the most popular drugs. Research by the World Health Organization showed that today, depending on the cigarette is 1, 3 billion people. Every 6 seconds nicotine kills one smoker. Russia remains one of the most smoking countries. Russian women, however, took 16th place in the ranking of heavy smokers.

Previously, smoking was fashionable, especially among young people, is a kind of ritual communication. Many teenagers start to smoke for a company to gain some credibility among adults. Today in most countries of intensifying the campaign against tobacco and fashionable sports and healthy lifestyle. Young successful woman carries in her purse vitamins or fruit instead of thin pack of cigarettes. However, for many women, the fear of stout after giving up tobacco is becoming a serious obstacle to the beginning of a healthy lifestyle. How to quit smoking or stout? This question is now concerned about the majority of young people.

The numbers and causes
According to statistics, people who quit smoking gain an average of about 3 kg. According to the consultant to get rid of tobacco dependence Timur Mamedov, in the risk group is women younger than 50 years. Men usually add 2, 5 kg, and women - almost 4% 10 former smokers recover 15 kg. Especially strong changes seen in those who smoked more than one pack a day. Such a quantity of cigarettes burns over two hundred calories. It is eaten piece of cake or a glass of Coca-Cola.

Why do we polneem?
According to the expert-dietician and nutritionist are two main reasons for this. "Firstly, we are rediscovering the taste of food because cigarette smoking, nicotine has the ability to mute the flavor of the product at the receptor level. When we quit smoking, the taste buds become more active, and we run the risk of eating more than you need, "- he says.

"Secondly. We also eat more because we replace the cigarette in your mouth food. It is known that nicotine accelerates the basic metabolism, and therefore, smoking consumes slightly more calories than non-smokers. Quit smoking, we suppress the "burner" of calories, the result is a negative imbalance between the supply and the waste of energy, "- says the expert. Thus, on the one hand, the weight gain after smoking cessation is caused by an attempt to remove the food dissatisfaction due to lack of cigarettes. However, excessive consumption of food - a consequence of the psychological impact of cigarettes per person. Smoker used to hold something in your mouth, so giving up an addiction, he constantly bites harmful, high-calorie food.

Everyone in the gym!

 How to quit smoking and did not recover

To burn calories and get away from thinking about smoking, you need to play sports. If you can not enroll in a sports club, you can substitute a trip to work or walking to the store. Sporting activities should not be delayed for the weekend - you will not be able to fully relax in your well-deserved rest, but only lose power. 20 minutes of running a day will help not gain notorious kilograms. "In the resulting imbalance between energy consumption and need to increase the calories, that is, increase the athletic activity. After we quit smoking, our lungs feel better in the morning, there is a desire to breathe deeply. We need to use this: move more, go out, go out. It already provides calories "- confirms the expert. Any exercise will remove the need for nicotine and will help to stay in good shape.

Personal experiences of former smokers - yet another confirmation of good sport. "At work, I replaced smoking breaks in the breaks" lollipop "(without sugar). And she said, I'm sorry, goodbye elevator. Since I work on the fifth floor and walk five times a day for "lollipop", the account goes in my favor, "- says 26-year-old Valentina. Another "hero" made a bid for cleaning and as a result, in addition to a clean apartment, maintain a slim figure.

Diet for a former smoker
For a slim figure should follow a healthy lifestyle. Quitting smoking can be a major incentive for a good diet. However, losing weight is not worth to go to far. "You can not sit on a rigid diet from the first day of quitting," - say nutritionists.

They are advised to turn snacks into small meals that are part of a healthy diet. "During the snacks we eat mechanically (usually something fatty or sweet). Small meals, on the contrary, more meaningful. All I eat is part of my nutrition plan "- so we must think, believe eksperty- nutritionists. Good and useful substitutes for cigarettes will become an apple, yogurt, egg, even a slice of lean ham.

People engage with addiction, can not be too limiting in food. Menu ex-smokers should be varied, to satisfy the hunger, and tasty, but at the same time, not too nutritious. To longer feel the effect of the fuel, food should be savored, to absorb slowly, carefully chewing each bite. In a break for lunch do not run into so popular among white-collar workers to eat at McDonald's and fly huge sandwiches. The best thing to a small group of colleagues and ordered lunch at a cheap restaurant.

A little trick in the fight against excess weight when quitting smoking will become mineral water (the liquid is extremely important in this case), slices of chocolate, as well as vitamin "C" in her purse.

Recall Carr
Yet smoking - psychological dependence. It is no coincidence the treatment of tobacco dependence is not confined to drug treatment, but also psychologists. Therefore, we must accept the rejection of cigarettes as a way to gain weight, and as a step to a new life.

Think of all the times when you smoke and try to replace them with something else more useful. For example, after a cup of coffee in the morning rather than drag, go and brush your teeth. At work do not bring a lighter, it is, anyway, will reduce the amount of tobacco consumed. You always have to refer to colleagues or strangers to get another batch of nicotine.

 How to quit smoking and did not recover

Often, people light up a cigarette, experiencing a small stress, for example, after a hard day, unpleasant conversation with the chief. Man believes he relaxes and soothes, making a couple of puffs. However, this is not the case. According to Allen Carr, while smoking a person even more tense. It's like a drug: the more you eat, the less you do to relax away from him.

Try to remember all known diseases associated with smoking. Cancer of the lung, esophagus, larynx, kidney, cardiovascular disease - that's a small list of "bonuses", which you can get from cigarettes.

If none of the above does not work, use the advice of Allen Carr's described in the book "The Easy Way to Stop Smoking." The author proposes to introduce ourselves sick at that stage that you are faced with a choice: either you quit smoking, or you cut the legs. Next, try to think about how you will live without legs, consider their feelings and thoughts.

The plan for the day for a former smoker

 How to quit smoking and did not recover

So, quit smoking, you must adhere to a certain lifestyle. This way of life is completely normal and useful for people.

Breakfast should consist of low-fat dairy products. However, if you are used to in the morning to eat an omelet, do not give up on him. Complete rejection of the usual diet will lead to irritability. However, instead of three, use one whole egg and two separate protein and eat them. So you save yourself from insalubrious 10 grams of fat. If you like bacon in the morning, then buy a more lean. Bread is better to fry in a toaster rather than in a pan.

The way to work has to be on foot. If not, replace it with a 20-minute run in the morning.

The lunch meat is difficult to eliminate, because it contains vital energy. Meat is better cooked or, in extreme cases, stew. Former smokers are very susceptible to a variety of sauces and spices. Particularly dangerous will be your mayonnaise. It is best to replace it with mustard - tastes great, less fat.

Do not buy during the working day no snacks: salted nuts, crackers, ready-made sandwiches and chips. Always carry in your purse without sugar candies that contain vitamin "C", "B6" or "B12". All of them are soothing and relieve irritability.

Replace the seat of the TV or computer out with friends or a loved one. You can get a dog. From walks to her certainly will not be able to shirk.

For dinner, do not get involved flour and fatty foods. Eat something light. Do not forget every day to change the foods in your menu for a former smoker's important that the food was varied.

If you do recover, adhering to these rules, do not despair. Scientists have shown that weight gain after quitting - a completely normal process, the inevitable for most women. Experts believe that with age, every woman tends to accumulate weight, an average of a pound for three or four years. Smoking weakens the process of weight gain. Becoming older, smokers remain with the same weight that they had before they started smoking. Therefore, if you have added a couple of kilos, you know that it is a normal process, the inevitable for most women. Let you happy thought that you are perfectly healthy and your body follows the laws of nature!
Author: Anna Khmeleva
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