Just pour water
 Water - is the life! All living things and beautiful in the world came out of the water. We own 75% - 80% of water, and its content in the body clearly indicates our biological age. The water content is reduced - we, alas, grow old, fade.

Well, the beauty of women - especially the delicate flower. And like a flower it needs to drink every day, water clean life-giving moisture, preferably without chlorine, rust and harmful bacteria.

Water Water discord

The water we need, in fact it brings all cells nutrients and oxygen and removes the accumulated wastes. And even to just breathe, we need water, she moistens oxygen for breathing. Well, the process of cleansing the body, face, hair without water is simply not possible. But what it will be water body is far from indifferent.

Tap water is the most accessible in our everyday life, it contains an abundance of active chlorine and other impurities acquired during the passage of water supply systems, old and rusty. If you believe the standards, the concentration of chlorine in tap water are not harmful to human health. However, found that for people with asthmatic and allergic diseases, the presence of chlorine, even in very small concentrations, deteriorating health

The most useful water

Water which in the representation of many people is a symbol of purity and beauty - is a liquid substance with surprising physical, chemical and biological properties.

If you are not from the water, then where to get clean and healthy water? In the store to buy bottled, purified by using filters, use mineral ride for life-giving water to the springs, to freeze the water in the fridge ... As you can see a lot of options. Let's try to understand them.


With spring water's simple! No doubt its usefulness is not, of course, if the spring in a clean place and not polluted groundwater flow. Really clean springs, unfortunately, is becoming smaller, but if you are lucky enough to find just such a source - use it to health.


Drinking bottled water - water that meets quality standards, which took place in addition to machining, the additional degree of purification (distillation, demineralization, softening, enriching additional salt or minerals), which led to a change in its original chemical composition. The quality of such water depends, to a large extent, on the method of cleaning: Hard (US) when the water is completely cleared of "all life" and then she added the necessary salts and minerals or soft (European) - contaminants and bacteria are killed, but water largely retains its natural structure and composition.

For the production of purified drinking water using tap water, water from an artesian well or from any surface water (river, lake, and so on. N.).

Melt water

By itself, the melt water is not a medicine and a panacea for all problems. However, it is believed that it helps our body to restore self-regulation, improves metabolism and activity of each of our cells.

And because its structure is similar to the structure of the interstitial fluid, which consists of our body. The use of melt water in the fact that it, unlike tap water, do not have or have a minimum amount of deuterium - a heavy element, which suppresses all living things, and bring serious damage to the body. Deuterium in large concentrations equivalent to the strongest poisons. The scientists found that even partial removal of deuterium releases large energy reserves and significantly stimulate the vital processes in the human body.

The finished melt water should be drunk immediately, within 5 hours after thawing until it "remembers" its altered structure. Boil melt water is not necessary, as it is when heated lose most of their properties.

Not advised to prepare melt water in a plastic dish: it is believed that it contains dioxin (a dangerous carcinogen that during freezing is released from the plastic). It is better in the glass. Water is heavier, impure salts freezes longer and is going in the center. This ice can be easily distinguished by color - white-bubble, it must be removed. Melt water can wash, cook her cosmetic ice.

The kind of water is recommended to add natural sea salt 1 tbsp salt in 10 liters of water. This will enrich the water needed by the body in trace elements.

Silver Water

The oldest method of cooking healing water - is its silver!

That water was stored for longer without spoiling, it does not cause poisoning and intestinal diseases in ancient Egypt and ancient Rome, travelers, explorers, priests and generals keep it in silver vessels. Such washed with water, washed the wounds treated with the disease.

Applied method of silvering the water in our time, because the silver ions are considered universal natural antibiotic that increases the body's defenses. In Switzerland, for example, is widely used silver water filters in homes and offices.

Silver has a powerful antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties, strengthens the immune system, improves the blood and prevents the deposition of salts on the walls of blood vessels and joints. The effect of killing bacteria preparations silver is extremely great.

What else is important especially for women - at a concentration of 0, 05-0, 1 mg / L of silver has a rejuvenating effect on the blood and has beneficial effects on the course of physiological processes in the body.

The most interesting thing in the use of silver can not be afraid of his overdose. This metal is absolutely harmless to the liver and kidneys.

So, if you have the silver utensils, safely fill it with water and use this water for drinking and lotions, gargles, lotions, etc.


Several years ago, it started the craze with water infused with silicon. This stone - black, dark gray or light - quite common in nature, and a person well acquainted with him. But the healing properties of silicon learned recently: in the late 70-ies of XX century. Exploring the silicon AD Malyarchikov scientist proved that silicon activates and recycles water and turns it into a liquid with unique properties.

Activated flint water acts detrimental to microorganisms, inhibits bacteria that cause decay and fermentation, it is an active deposition of heavy metals, the water is clean in appearance and palatable, it does not deteriorate for a long time and gets others healing qualities.

When applied topically for cosmetic purposes and for treating skin problems there are no contraindications.

Silicon is a part of collagen hair and nails, its main role - taking part in a chemical reaction, which tie the individual fibers of collagen and elastin, making connective tissue strength and elasticity. Therefore, silicon and water on silicon - the perfect cosmetic. Particularly useful silicon wash water - it cleans the skin, removes dandruff, promotes hair growth. The good effect gives the ingestion of water at a youthful acne. During the study, the researchers created a new class of organic silicon compounds that can speed up the metabolic processes in the skin and by participating in the synthesis of connective tissue proteins elastin and collagen, improve elasticity of the skin and eliminate wrinkles formed.

But water use silicon as a medicine should be with great caution. Doctors noticed that those who have a predisposition to cancer, it is better to completely abandon the reception of such water inside.


Mineral water has long been considered a source of beauty, strength and health. Healing properties of mineral water were discovered in ancient Greece and Rome, where residents took mineral (thermal) baths to rejuvenate and remove fatigue.

Today, the shelves are filled with a huge variety of drinks, dining and mineral water. So how do you choose for yourself that water and health that will correct, and quench the thirst, and the beauty will save?

The best choice - a table bicarbonate water. These waters, offsetting the lack of carbonates in the blood increase the alkaline reserve of blood and have alkalizing effect and the presence of the mineral water of various chemical components enhances its efficiency and gives it a specific focus.

Many types of aerated mineral water producers in order to impart a certain flavor beverage flavor and protect it from bacteria. There are low-, medium-, and strongly carbonated mineral water.

It is believed that the carbonated mineral water quenches thirst better. But health aeration of water is not useful, and in some cases even harmful.

The label you can detect pH, which indicates the degree of acidity of the water and is denoted on a scale of 0 to 14. The ideal pH for mineral water - 7. Water with a pH of more than 7 is alkaline, and less than 7 - acidic. Shelf life of mineral water in glass bottles is 2 years in plastic - a half.

Mineral water can not only quench their thirst and treat various diseases, but also used for cosmetic purposes. For oily, porous and combination skin suit "Borjomi", "Essentuki", "Narzan" and other mineral water with a high salt content. They are able to reduce the greasy luster of the skin, its narrow pores. Owners normal or dry skin is better to use ground weakly mineralized waters. These drinks are fine tone the skin and because they contain soda soften it.


Japanese scientists discover that centenarians from different regions united by the water that they drink for decades tried to find a formula fairytale of "living water." And the result of their persistent quest - korralovaya water!

Of 2,500 species of coral only white coral Sango have such miraculous power. On contact with water coral returns natural strength, structure, energy, ie, It becomes "alive". The structure of the water crystals, judging by the photos, like the crystals melt and spring water and meet the most harmonious snowflake. So we can assume that the use of this water to quench their thirst, washing, cooking and cosmetics are also useful as melt and spring.

Water and Beauty

Every woman is beautiful in its own way, but for some reason all beautiful women are always very smooth and velvety skin. But often the problems with the skin is very simple and does not require drastic measures. Just drink water, young and well!

Latent chronic dehydration, it turns out, our body brings a lot of inconvenience and ailments. Not only is water shortage in the body ages prematurely us makes us inattentive and slightly inhibited, distracted, fatigued. Water imbalance can even lead to headaches, heart failure, disruption of the digestive process, and most importantly, to obesity. Lack of water our body masks such vague symptoms, such as the desire to eat. And just what is necessary and what to drink clean water!
Author: Olga Travleeva