Paradoxes of "proper" food
 It would seem that could be better and wiser than the persistent and careful follow the rules of healthy eating. The more that this very good nutrition in recent years as appeared information - books, articles in magazines, TV shows, etc., And the information is sent mostly to women. After all us women, the most concerned about how we look, slim enough, attractive and sexy!

Various theories on how to eat and what lifestyle should be followed in order to be slim, beautiful and vivacious, more and more, and the number of women, and men with weight problems and various disorders are not reduced, but only increases. We can assume that all these many "systems" and diets provoke health problems and weight to those who are trying to follow them, jumping from diet to diet, trying to imagine the various dietary novelties in the form of supplements, "burners" fats and other questionable chemicals, natural and artificial origin.

Against this background, dietary boom on the one hand, and a catastrophic increase in the number of obese people on the other, the fact that there are those who choose for themselves not a diet, no pills and healthy eating - it looks hopeful. But here it is not so simple!

Rules "reasonable" power

An intelligent approach to nutrition - that's great! Yes, and it rules is not so complicated. Meals should be balanced the content of protein, fat and carbohydrates, adequate but not excessive, the caloric content, varied, to ensure that the necessary amount of trace elements and vitamins. These rules will help ensure the stability weight and good appearance. If you want to lose weight, reduce portions, eat little and often. Do not torture yourself with hunger, because when these sufferings reaches its peak, so just break and eat a lot more than the body needs.

If you have a weight problem, and you finally decided to deal with them, do not rush. Consider for a few days, what and how you eat. Write down everything you eat (including candy, cakes, crackers and other "stuff"). Calculate how many calories you consume, perhaps it is here that "crux of the matter." Often we are used to chew something delicious, quite unthinkingly, without even noticing it, and apart from such trivia meal.

For middle-aged women, not engaged in heavy physical labor, the rate of caloric intake   - 1500- 2200. Using the calculation for Calorie table, please note that is of great importance, as a cooked dish, and for example, calorie servings of fried fish is not equal to the caloric boiled. Besides, it is necessary to pay attention to the combination of the various products useful in principle. Some combinations increase calorie food and make it difficult to digest, such as pasta with meat.

 Paradoxes of "proper" food
   I do not call give up your favorite foods and products on the grounds that they are too high in calories, just look critically at it, how much you eat them, you may need to reduce portions, or replace the special high-calorie dishes more diet, but no less delicious . Include vegetables in a diet rich in fiber and dairy products. But the separation of products for harmful and useful approached with caution.

Many of the seemingly immutable rules of good nutrition recently reinvented and refuted. For example, a strict (but exigeant) ban for dinner after 18.00 . Important not eating within 18 hours, and how much food we eat during the day. Yes, many refusing to dinner, lose weight, but it is said that during the day they already gained their rations, and this dinner for them once. But if the day you eat moderately, then dinner and at 18.00 and 19.00, and 20.00 will not hurt you, the main thing - to remain to sleep another two hours, and that the food was light and do not overload the stomach.

Revised attitude to many products, which until recently considered harmful, such as sources of cholesterol - butter and eggs . Indeed, much cholesterol in eggs, but it does not flow directly into the bloodstream. If a person's normal metabolism, you can eat eggs without fear, without causing yourself any harm. Especially that cholesterol - a building material of body cells and hormones, it is produced by our body. Moreover, it is proved that the so-called "low cholesterol" diet - the direct route to the formation of cholesterol plaques on the walls of blood vessels. The fact is that if we severely limit ourselves in eggs and other holesterinosoderzhaschih products, will vigorously synthesized in the liver "internal" cholesterol. And that cholesterol plaque accumulates on the walls of blood vessels.

Furthermore, eggs and butter besides cholesterol containing large quantities and lecithin, which is an antagonist of cholesterol and plays an important role in the protection of the organism from atherosclerosis.

I'm not talking about vitamins and other useful components of these products. Thus, in butter contains 150 different fatty acids, including 20 essential. And all of these fatty acids are very useful. In particular, milk fat facilitates the absorption of calcium, and it, in turn, helps to reduce the level of harmful cholesterol and triglycerides in the blood. In the butter, cream, sour cream has such important vitamins: A, D, E and K. They are, among other things, stimulate synthesis of vitamin B6 is needed for the heart and helps remove excess cholesterol. But on calorie butter with vegetable fats is inferior!

"What zanabto (too) - it is not sensibly"

In general, a "sensible eating" and to the choice of your diet should be treated with enthusiasm, but without fanaticism. After all, we eat to live happily as possible, bringing joy to themselves and others, and not live to eat, even for the most correct rules!

For concerns over the accuracy of the food there is even a term - "ortoreksi." It is not a disease, in the full sense of the word, but some mental disorder of varying degrees, which is not life threatening, but can lead to poor quality, cause irreparable damage to relationships with others, and even destroy the personal life.

 Paradoxes of "proper" food
   For example, what happens if you are believing in some kind of system, there are only a starting set of "right" natural foods cooked in a certain way, but still tries to extend its rules on others? Gradually lost friendships, for a feast - their essential attribute, and will not you come to visit with his "proper food". You begin by colleagues at work. And people close to, if they do not share your views are not delighted with the constant lectures about the harmfulness of a product, and prefer to eat alone. Further - more, and now you begin to look down upon those who eat "bad" foods, and judge people by what they eat.

But that's not all! After stop there so hard. Ortoreksi especially risky, as guided by the search for perfection, you begin to restrict their diet more and more. Food for you is divided into only two categories - "good or useful" and "bad or harmful." And gradually the list of banned products is increasing, uncertainty about the environmental friendliness of products available in the markets and stores leads to the fact that you render itself even in those which are necessary for normal functioning of the body. Internal organs suffer from lack of nutrients: proteins, fats, carbohydrates, and vitamins and minerals. But all this is reflected in the appearance - on the skin, hair, nails, lack of minerals and nutrients affect the first. There are violations on the part of health.

Eerie get the picture! So, from this excessive concern about health and beauty, from the obsession on issues of cleanliness and good or harm products, you can get the opposite effect! Unless of course time does not stop noticing for are the first signs of ortoreksi.

Try to eat properly, but do not deprive yourself of the pleasure of life.

If you eat in moderation, not overeating, learn to distinguish the physiological need for food and imposed mentality "appetite", will chew food well, balancing its Nutrient, some control over their number in the day - everything will be fine. And with health and weight, and the attitude towards life and its pleasures!
Author: Olga Travleeva