Sleeping Beauty
 Can you relax? Proper rest is doing its job. After resting, we look refreshed, prettier, full of energy, effort, and feel just wonderful. And, in fact, actually, you can every day to pamper yourself useful rest. The main thing is to tune in to it and pressing the pause time, spend these moments himself loved. For example, a dream - it is also recreation. Moreover, it is proven that quality sleep - it's good medicine. Can I make it work its beauty? Of course! Just go to this important procedure should be seriously. After all, it affects not only our beauty, vigor, health, and quality of life.

Customizable on the positive wave

Science has shown that during deep sleep is an active education neurons - the new nerve cells. When we sleep, our body is restored and gaining strength, while the brain processes the information of the day. If the day was, to put it mildly, "gay" and we were exposed as stress, this may affect the quality of sleep. The subconscious mind will "push" problems and trying to find the best way out of this situation. And as we want to see beautiful dreams, you need to take care of this in advance. How? Tune for the best. After all, our beauty and a positive attitude is directly depend on how well we slept.

These two components are able to great influence on each other. We see ourselves, a beautiful and well-groomed in mirror the mood of this really increases. In turn, our appearance depends on the mood in which we dwell. Of course, when we are happy and satisfied with life, we become even more beautiful. In the blood ejected endorphins, activates the brain, the eyes are burning, charges optimistic smile ... We shine, and everything works. Easy, simple and joyfully.

If beauty is more or less clear, that affects mood? Our emotions, of course. But with them we are going to work. To wake up with a smile and enjoy the new day.

Try to prepare to sleep in advance. We sincerely thank for this day. You are well done! And now is the time to tune in on harmony, in order to gain energy, new energy and transformed. Both externally and internally. Tomorrow is a new day and a new you. It has long been known that the brain we use to some 3 per cent. So why not make a daily contribution to your health and beauty, in fact, no secret that a positive charge works wonders. Wear it in yourself. Let reveal your inner potential. Work on yourself and your dignity. Feel beautiful and unique. For what you really are. After all, you - is one such, there is no other such. Give yourself positive emotions, because our thoughts are shaping the future. Tune in to a positive and life transformed along with you.

We set aside time for yourself

Bed - a place for rest, relaxation, recreation and general body tone, though, and not just for this. ... But we're not about that. So leave all your plans, challenges, achievements, issues and challenges at once for the bedroom door. And dedicate this time only for themselves. Productive rest later help you maximize your ability to uncover. After all, he does not energize only you but also your mood. Now close your eyes and think of something really nice. Imagine a favorite landscape or a place where you feel safe. Where you feel good, comfortable and happy. Think of it as much as you want. Feel harmony with yourself and ease. This feeling will help you better understand what you want really. So you can be more sincere with itself. Listen to your heart. Appreciate this feeling and raduyte themselves more often!


Breathing is unquestionably an integral part of relaxation. For example, breath contributes to activity, he charges us with energy and force. Exhale, on the contrary, it is aimed at relaxation, relaxation and recreation. Feel your breath. Relax your body, providing, for example, how well lie in the warm bath and relax. Or try to visualize how you are doing a nice relaxing massage. Feel the tension leaving the muscles. Like in a comfortable SPA-center, where there is only you and your feelings. Where are all around including the environment, it contributes to only your relaxation and inner harmony.

Learn to relax, not only at bedtime, but in between work. It will charge you with energy and help relieve stress. Good help and auditory training. Tell yourself: "I am calm and confident. I am fine". You cheer her friends, right? And the very first girlfriend for himself itself - it's you. Remember that. And take care of your comfort and personal space. After all, when you feel good, too good to others around you. Such is attracted to like. And it's so nice - surround yourself with harmonious people.


Take a warm shower before going to bed with soap or shower gel, the smell of which raises your spirits. Or give preference to the scent of lavender, chamomile, lemon balm, or rose, for example. It is believed that they have a relaxing and calming effect. The water should not be too hot, as it not only dries the skin, but also contributes to the activity. And that we are now to anything.

Before going to bed you can drink chamomile tea or Melissa. An excellent tool is also the warm tea with milk and honey. Unless, of course, is not allergic to honey. It is known that milk contains tryptophan - an amino acid that has a mild sedative properties, that very well before bedtime.

It is also useful to comb her hair. It is desirable to comb was made from natural materials. If you use styling products, be sure to wash them before bedtime. Hair must also rest. And, of course, a gentle massage of the head will be very useful.

We work on the beauty

Sleep - one of the most important physiological processes in the human body. At night, when we sleep, the skin cells are not asleep. On the contrary, they are updated more intensively than in the afternoon. Toxins are displayed, the wrinkles are smoothed out no worse than after injections of Botox. In the dream, as well activates the production of collagen - the protein constituting the basis of connective tissue, which provides its strength and elasticity. That lack of this protein leads to dry skin, wrinkles, cellulite and hair dullness.

It is noteworthy that during sleep, our skin regenerates 2 times faster than during wakefulness .  Visibly increases and cellular respiration .  Therefore, it is important to prepare the skin to sleep .  Purification of make-up is mandatory evening procedure .  But in any case, for these purposes do not use soap .  For dry or sensitive skin, for example, pick up a cleansing cream or foam for washing .  Preferably they are hypoallergenic .  These funds can also be used if you are - happy owner of a normal skin .  If you have a combination, oily or problem skin, use gels for washing .  Not to be confused with a shower gels! However, remember that the pores of the skin also needs to be cleansed .  Now, do not forget the tonic .  He must be from the same series as your cleanser .  The only way to achieve maximum effect .  With the tonic you do not just refresh face .  You will remove the remnants of make-up, prevent clogging of pores and, of course, restore acid-alkaline balance of the skin .  Now, with a calm heart can apply a night cream .  There is one rule: do not put it directly before bedtime .

Activating tone

To wake up fresh and updated, Use the easy self-massage. It not only helps relieve the tension before bedtime, but will start the recovery mechanisms. Movement should be light and pleasant. Especially useful massage the feet, ears and earlobes. And not only for beauty but for health. So you can work on the same, and the result will exceed all expectations. By the way, it is believed that the cherished point of beauty as is in our hand. Between thumb and forefinger. Take yourself together ?!
We sleep on health

If you want to stay young? Get enough sleep. It turns out that lack of sleep not only leads to chronic fatigue, but also to the rapid aging of the organism. Which subsequently affects on the exterior. Of course, then you can resort to cosmetic subterfuge. Will there be a breathtaking effect, if you are so exhausted that the eyes do not burn? Beauty comes from within. Get enough sleep also has a favorable effect on the immune system. During sleep, stabilize blood pressure and even sugar. And, best of all, run the self-healing mechanisms. After all, our body knows best what he needs.


Studies show that as a result of lack of sleep in the body can disrupt the balance of hormones, responsible for the process of burning calories. Experts are unanimous in the opinion that through diet or exercise without sleep not achieve full magical results. Therefore, enough sleep, good and young!
Author: Hope Cherepenina