"The queen of the fields' health and beauty
 Who does not love corn! Appetizing aroma freshly ears firmly associated with the summer heat, the southern beaches. We love to feast on and the air popcorn, moreover, at any time of the year, and sweet corn, canned - a worthy addition to any salad.

The nutritional value of corn is undeniable, because not for nothing from the Indians of Peru, Bolivia and Mexico, maize (corn) was the main grain crop, and tribes Maya worshiped as a sacred maize plant. In maize grains fruits contains a balanced amount of protein, fat and carbohydrates as well as vitamins, potassium and phosphorus, and the taste of tender young beans are just adorable.

But not only for taste and nutritional advantages, we appreciate these golden ears, once brought back from South America by Columbus. No less important are other its quality.

Corn has valuable medicinal properties.

- Corn is one of the most delicious and affordable sources of selenium, so that the inclusion maize in the diet is a factor in prevention of cancer and is slowing the aging process.

- A handful of corn flakes, eaten in the morning with milk (no sugar), corn cereal or a portion of a couple of times a week, can play a significant role in the prevention of cancer.

- Another useful feature of corn - to strengthen the gums and fight tooth decay. One or two boiled cob a day, especially if you eat them within two hours after preparation, and your smile is pure white. This is due to a useful property of corn grain increased content of minerals and the very structure of the grain that helps clean teeth and strengthen gums.

- In addition to prevention of dental diseases, boiled corn improves digestion and relieves irritation of the gastrointestinal tract. Preparations based on corn is used in the treatment of central nervous system diseases (epilepsy, psychosis, depression) and progressive muscular dystrophy.

 "The queen of the fields' health and beauty

Rich chemical composition of corn grain, and this - starch (up to 83, 0%), a fatty oil (10%), vitamin B1, B2, B6, PP, biotin, niacin, and pantothenic acid, quercetin (vitamin P), cellulose ( to 2, 8%), potassium, phosphorus, selenium, explains the versatility of use of corn. Even from waste corn Scientists have learned to benefit - to obtain glutamic acid, which plays an important role in the metabolism of the brain tissue and heart.

And of course, talking about corn, not to mention the corn oil .

 "The queen of the fields' health and beauty
   Value corn oil is determined mainly by the content of unsaturated fatty acids (80%) and phosphatides (1, 5%). Unsaturated fatty acids (linoleic, linolenic, arachidonic) regulate cholesterol metabolism and prevent its deposition on vessel walls. Phosphatides (lecithin) of corn oil included in the composition of cell membranes and play an important role in brain tissue function.

If you compare the usefulness of corn oil and sunflower oil, then, in spite of nearly the same chemical composition, the corn can be considered preferable, because in it the ratio of the two major acids (linoleic and linolenic acids) is closer to optimal for the human body. However, the content of tocopherols in it is somewhat lower than in sunflower, but young vitamin E, 3 times greater.

For the prophylactic effect enough each day to add his portion of salad 1 tbsp. l. corn oil.

Not only is the food

Butter . Corn oil has a stimulating, soothing and nourishing effect, regulates the barrier and water-holding properties epidermis. This is especially important in summer when skin is suffering from lack of moisture, the hair becomes dry and brittle. It's time to restore shine and silkiness of hair used a warmed corn oil.

Thoroughly rub it into the scalp, wear a bathing cap, and additionally wrap head with a towel. Keep a hot compress for half an hour and then rinse your hair with warm water.

It is useful to rub oil in your face and body, it is desirable also followed poultice and a hot wet towel.

To restore coarse, over-dried and over-pigmented skin of these two procedures should be repeated three times, then rinse with warm water and oil, and then rinse with cold skin. All this is recommended for several days without any gaps, and for more rapid and noticeable effect combine external procedure with ingestion of corn oil 1 tablespoon 1-3 times a day.

 "The queen of the fields' health and beauty
   In cosmetics, especially in the treatment of pigmented spots on the skin, place pigment rubbed with corn oil, and then placing a mask (from the pulp watermelon, melon, cucumber, tomatoes, juice of white cabbage, apricots, strawberries, peaches, etc.).

Flour . Corn meal is effective for removing comedones - small black dots on the skin, resulting accumulation of sebum and dirt clogging the pores. This can make such a simple mask; 2 tbsp. l. flour mixed with a pre-beaten egg whites 1 egg and apply the mixture on your face. After drying, remove the mask with a damp towel and rinse your face with cold water. To cleanse the face of comedones, in most cases only two such procedures.

Stigmas . Those wishing to lose weight, get rid of the swelling, reduce appetite - costs pay attention to such a by-product of growing corn, as corn stigmas. Those similar to tow light-brown hairs, framing corn cob - a rich source of various nutrients. Corn silk - a valuable drug, a beneficial effect on the liver, lung diuretic.

 "The queen of the fields' health and beauty
   In stigmas of maize contains a considerable amount of vitamin K, as well as vitamins B1, B2, E, C, P, PP, up to 2, 5% fatty oil, ascorbic acid, bitter glycoside substance, saponin, cryptoxanthin, inositol, sitosterol, stigmasterol, phytohemagglutinin , glikokininy, a high amount of protein and minerals - calcium, iron, phosphorus, sulfur, and especially high in magnesium.

Corn silk reduce appetite, the sensation of hunger and normalize metabolic processes in the body. This is the easiest recipe of tea, reducing appetite: 4 tbsp. tablespoons corn stigmas pour a glass of boiling water. Cool, squeeze, take 1 tbsp. spoon half an hour before a meal.

The broth of corn stigmas are used as a lotion on the spot bruises as well as its use in skin diseases.

From the extract of maize stigmas You can make a wonderful refreshing and moisturizing lotion. Extract of corn stigmas softens, cleanses and remineralizes skin. It also has tonic properties and Restructuring. It can be used for all skin types, especially to care for damaged, mature, and suffering from acne skin.
Author: Olga Travleeva