Home-made cosmetics for dry skin
 If you have dry skin, the main problem of the whole of the purchase of cosmetics for you - it's the lack of moisture. Of course, you know that you can add any cosmetic oil or moisturizer. But I have a few ideas of how to make conventional means - their moisturizing.

Liquid soap

This recipe is useful to me when a relative gave amazing smell lavender soap, brought from London. But even for this piece of hand soap is not suitable, I feel dry. Still liquid formulations me a little spoiled. Then I decided to experiment that turned solid soap into liquid.

On the Internet, a lot of rather complicated formulations. But my way - it's very simple recipes. Therefore I liked the way the "water + soap." What could be simpler!


- A bowl;
- An empty bottle with a dispenser for liquid soap;
- Water;
- A bar of soap (200 g for the preparation of liquid soap I needed a quarter of a piece of solid soap).

Cooking method:

 Home-made cosmetics for dry skin

1. Grate the soap firm.

2. Bring to the boil about 200 ml of water.

3. Add the soap flakes, stir until the soap is completely melted in the water.

4. First, the mixture is liquid water, but as the cooling becomes more dense. If after cooling the mixture seems too liquid, then heat it again and add a little soap flakes.

 Home-made cosmetics for dry skin

For additional moisturizing properties of your new liquid soap, you can add a few drops of essential oil or moisturizing oil. They say, you need to add more glycerin, but I'd do without him, and I was quite satisfied with the result: a new tool and foams well and does not dry the skin.

Liquid foundation

Liquid foundation - a real salvation for dry skin. But not all creams are suitable. Many are made on the basis of water, it is for the cold season is not suitable. You do not want to try to make his foundation for the winter? I advise you to try those who have found a good winter moisturizing cream or lotion that does not dry and does not irritate the skin and make the foundation on this basis. The recipe as the previous one - very easy! But he has two varieties.

1. Butter Face + mineral powder
 Home-made cosmetics for dry skin

It is necessary to thoroughly mix the two ingredients. I made of sweet almond oil. However, seen from the recipes, and jojoba oil, and even with conventional olive oil. But this method has several disadvantages. First, not everyone loves the thrill of oils on the face. Secondly, in the middle of the day I visited a small feeling of dryness on the face. Therefore, I personally liked the following method.

2. Moisturizer + mineral powder

 Home-made cosmetics for dry skin

What happened, I liked more. In fact, this tinted moisturizer on the skin are pleasant. Top can be applied to powder, blush, cream is obtained as a preparatory tool for make-up.

Primer for dry skin

By the way, if we are talking about the primer (for make-up means), then I can offer another his find. This primer under the shade. Excellent keep skin hydrated and meykap - resistant. Another obvious advantage - an affordable price, because this product is as an attribute of professional cosmetics, many brands rather expensive.


 Home-made cosmetics for dry skin

- An empty jar of cream;
- Liquid or liquid foundation concealer if the agent with a twinkle - it is even better;
- Thick body butter (here we have used avocado oil Body Butter, brought from India).

Cooking method:

 Home-made cosmetics for dry skin

1. Mix the liquid tone and oil, disposable spoon or the shaft of the brush. A ratio of about 1: 4, i.e. 4 parts oil, liquid tone - 1.

2. Field of the pick color closest to the color of their eyelids, adding the need for more liquid foundation.

Get a good primer for the shadows, I checked. The skin is not dried, and the shadows do not flow. For the eyes, too safe.

Attention:   All home-made means it is not necessary to store more than a week. Keep only in the refrigerator. But my advice is - to make money once, do not use the obtained thing in a day or two, they lose their properties. Although in theory it should be kept up to 7 days.
Author: Tamara