Magazine "The color of Moscow" - sensitivity, tenderness and April!
 It was published a new issue of a monthly glossy magazine devoted to the world of precious natural stones and their beneficial effect on the human - "The color of Moscow."

Also in this issue:

Star guest.   People's Artist of Russia Roxana Babayan: "Jewellery with natural stones always protect, provide posture, style ..."

VIP-cabinet.   "12 angels." Heavenly luxury.

Scandalous and famous.   Alain Delon. French Cowboy and his adventurous happiness.

History in stone.   Emerald talisman Thais.

Rare things.   Pictures of Russian rock. Luxury for centuries.

Stone of the month.   Carnelian. Ginger sun luck.

Celebration   Preparing for Easter Sunday - Easter of Christ.

Workshop.   Tatiana Ramazanov, "Gems broke into my life like a whirlwind! "

Questions From Readers.   Larimar is a small dolphin - a great friend and helper. Ammonite make you first. All over!

Lithotherapy.   What color is love, happiness and health? Shades of life in combination with water and minerals.

Health and beauty.   Jade diet. Pear, cheese and minerals. Unique rules of supply that will permanently lose weight - 10 kg in two weeks.

Bufet.   Ivan Fomin, a jeweler who created the classic Russian style in the arts and crafts of Russia. Cabbage soup full of old Russian.

Gemstone Chronicle.   Celebrities, jewelry and astrology.

Therapy of the soul and the heart.   Plots on the gems. Himself a magician and healer.

Collector corner.   Rare Stones: kyanite - blue mystery of the universe.

Examination.   Silver. Learn to distinguish a fake yourself.

Geo-excursion.   Pomegranate seeds Czech Republic.

And: Open letters from our readers: true stories - both in-law stopped me to take offense; Feng Shui: crystals and minerals - a run of good luck, health and prosperity; Star predictions: horoscope for April from Veronica Rivva.

The magazine is distributed by subscription (can be arranged on site ), Specialized in the fashion shows, the network of salons General Partner "Gallery of Gems" ( ), A number of studios and beauty aesthetic medicine clinics, fitness centers "Tonus club" and a few dozen business center in Moscow.

 Magazine "The color of Moscow" - sensitivity, tenderness and April!