Magazine "The color of Moscow" - February, will improve the mood!
 It was published a new issue of a monthly glossy magazine about precious stones, semi-precious stones, the unique jewelry made of natural stone, as well as about the history and present of the domestic lapidary art - "The color of Moscow."

Here is the latest materials of our regular columns:

Star expert.   Lena Lenina calls for a color revolution.

Fashion & Style.   New Salon Exhibition "Gallery of Gems'" 12 angels. "

Scandalous and famous.   Studing gems Julia Roberts.

Reflection.   Copyright jeweled Anastasia Passelskoy.

History in stone.   Florentine collection of Shakespeare.

Therapy of the soul and the heart.   "Valentine" rose quartz.

Rare people.   Vladimir Pelepenko: "All my life I have collected and continue to collect stones."

Collection and brands.   "Gallery of Gems" is Valery Art.

Workshop.   Dmitry Kosoplechev: "We need to constantly surprise its products."

Lithotherapy.   Home healers minerals.

Questions From Readers.   Magnet for Money - Agate! Avoid serpentine intrigues help! Nerve cells to regenerate aquamarine! These vitamins, minerals turquoise and agate from winter ailments!

Health and beauty.   Jade diet. Water with minerals. The main cleaning mechanism of civilization.

Bufet.   The creator of "Russian Gioconda" Roars portraitist. Beef cheeks in rokotovski.

Geo-excursion.   Watermelon Tourmaline dazzling Brazil.

And. Feng Shui:   bird figurines - the wings of luck, success and well-being; tips:   how to become a collector of minerals; Expertise:   Citrine - determine the authenticity of the lemon-honey-stone; forecasts star:   Horoscope for February from Veronica Rivva.

The magazine is distributed by subscription (can be arranged on site ), Specialized in the fashion shows, the network of salons General Partner "Gallery of Gems" ( ), A number of studios and beauty aesthetic surgery clinics in the network manicure studio Lena Lenina. Separate editions of materials presented on the site

 Magazine "The color of Moscow" - February, will improve the mood!