Magazine "The color of Moscow." Read in January!
 In the new year feel and look - a hundred! We present our first 2014th issue of precious stones, gems, their unique properties and interactions with human energy, as well as jewelry and products from natural stone - "The color of Moscow."

Read in January:

Star guest.   Elena Sparrow: "You have to believe in yourself and in the miracles! "

Fashion & Style.   "Aida". Magic flight of an angel.

History in stone.   Amethyst suspension of Anne of Austria.

Sensation in the world of Faberge.   Found Cossack Pustynnikova figure, considered lost since 1949.

Special people.   The winner of the "Battle of psychics," Natalia Banteeva: "Do you want to be healthy and strong? Do not lie to yourself and others! "

Therapy of the soul and the heart.   Rose Quartz - everyone who dreams of happiness.

Stone of the month.   If there is a shungite - nothing hurts.

Workshop.   Maxim Shemelin: "I would like to revive the stone-cutting fishing ... As long as man has set a goal - he lives."

Health and beauty.   Ginger and minerals.

Bufet.   Christmas goose in Mamontov.

Lithotherapy. Youth, beauty and sexuality - that's what makes up a woman.

Examination.   Precious coral sea wanderer.

Geo-excursion.   Sri Lanka - great land gems.

And:   Feng Shui: malachite animal figurines - useful gifts for happiness, health and success; readers' questions: Tatiana's Day; tips from the experts: how to care for precious stones; beautiful things with their hands: Bracelet "Affordable Shambhala 'horoscope: the star of Veronica Rivva forecasts.

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 Magazine "The color of Moscow." Read in January!